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No trophy, No prize, No Game

Quote from a skype room conversation:

"Read the essays until it clicks

big fucking won't miss it....honest...

they're all about the traps and how the legal name is the key to their whole


the "click" happens when you finally turn that key fully

no name, no game....if one is "in" Babylon say via a check or the like, one is not

of Babylon by using that to share the truth at the SAME time

the outcome,every outcome is reliant upon one thing...intent

if one seeks profit or if one seeks only survival to get the word out...that's

where i live...the ladder/latter

this game is ALL about you and your choices of intent

mine is to set all children free of this satanic realm

you, me, everyone that chooses that path

easy peasy....

when "they" try to shut you up, you're saying all the right things....lived there

for years and I'm still yapping eh?

because "they" can't cant their can't cant with me

a-post-trophy's???.....fuck dat

to post trophy's......I'm no trophy, no prize, no game they can hunt

they need the spiritual tracker one sticks to self or name tracker

thingy that has one in fraud the instant they THINK they're one


yup, that tore a strip out of me...good thing it wasn't overgrown with skin too

much when i ripped that bond-age off eh?

band-age bond-age...same shit

ripping a long overdue bandage off is the allegory metaphor to describe what

it feels like spiritually...same thing, less physically painful though since any pain

from this literal reality is illusionally thrust upon all of us collectively

and it is ALL based in the one name.....not an opinion, just a matter

of fact.....hope that's helpful for some in here..." - Kate of Gaia

The essays are here: