Kate-isms and Quotes

“This is Operation Jesus In The Temple!”

“I’m gonna tear you a brand new universe…ok, monkey meat?”

“Feng Shui The Living Shit Out Of Your Universe!”

“If I Were God,  And I Am, What Would I Do?”

“You’ll Get Over Me.  I did.”

“Use The Tools, Don’t Be One!”

“We Do This, Together.”

“To Be Blunt, Is To Get Right To The Point!”

“Have You Had Enough Yet?”

“Not On My Watch!”

“I’m Packing A Chainsaw And A Flame-Thrower, Baby!”

“I’m The Mouthiest Tranny On The Web!”

“Fear Porn!”

“Meat-Stick Media”

“Pick A Fight, Expect A Fight!”

“You Don’t Have To Do What I did.  But You Have To Do Something!”

“Baby Steps.”

“Mirror, Mirror.”


“Lose the Name, Win the Game”


“True Story”

“That judge has bowed so many times (courtesy of video playbacks) his back must be f*****g broken by now!” – Ninja   (The ‘judge bows’ video can be viewed here)