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YOUR CONTRACT NOW by kate u/v kaia

written with/in Phoenician/sonic definitions as defined only by me as per my intent, assumption and presumption of any/all possibilities other than my own are destroyed ab initio; Ignorance is NOT a defence, time to wise up

to Whom it May Concern, LEGAL NAMES NOTWITHSTANDING, where any/all names mentioned in this are not and will never be assumed/presumed to be LEGAL NAMES where any/all LEGAL NAMES are, in fact, AIDING AND ABETTING FRAUD. It is not my wish nor ever will be my wish to partake in any/all frauds ab initio, ad infinitum;

be advised that I am currently investigating an all too common situation of MISTAKEN/STOLEN IDENTITY/FALSE PERSONATION regarding fraudulent use of CROWN COPYRIGHT property, commonly known as the LEGAL NAME;

Inasmuch as all/any thing(s) LEGAL are without standing in reality or what you would deem to be the "real world", most of humanity is duped into this fraud via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD/DECEPTION/NON-DISCLOSURE/LEGAL NAME/FALSE IMPERSONATION etc. where "legality is not reality" as per "their" own MAXIMS of law. Please read attached "Babylon Is Fallen" for a brief synopsis of this scam of humanity as a whole and be advised that any/all use of a LEGAL NAME has you complicit in all/any CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY henceforth;

As an investigative reporter and FREE "LANCE" journalist I have an obligation to humanity to expose any/all of these crimes to my millions of listeners/followers worldwide to bring a full awareness to the consciousness of humanity as a whole. In short, if you're playing with LEGAL NAME(S) and harming anyone by "just doing my job" it sucks to be you in the same way that claim was made during the NUREMBERG TRIALS. Harming someone in the EXECUTION of your duties does not and will not absolve you of your free willed choice to do so under any/all circumstances where all are simply guilty in, by and of their actions in the INSTANT the crime is committed, no courts required to prove self-guilt;

It has come to my attention that YOU, the living spirit OCCUPYING a CROWN OWNED/COPYRIGHTED BODY (see G.I.F.T. Black's law pg. 757 GIFT. abbr. GAMETE INTRAFALLOPIAN TRANSFER. gift, n. (12c) 1. The voluntary transfer of property to another without compensation. [Cases: Gifts ~1.]2. A thing so transferred. gift, vb.absolute gift. See inter vivos gift.) INTER VIVOS means "inter vivos (in-t<lr vI-vohs or vee-vohs), adj. [Latin"between the living"] (1S37) Of or relating to 'property conveyed not by will or in contemplation of an imminent death, but during the conveyor's lifetime. inter vivos, adv.inter vivos gift. See GIFT" in short, the BODY is GIFT-dead/gifted via the REGISTERING/SURRENDING the GIVEN name, thus G.I.F.T/Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer or CONCEPTION POINT/ rendering the/any/all body(ies) CROWN COPYRIGHT PROPERTY by CONSENT of the CREATORS of that body, are therefore, DEAD BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION UPON ANY/ALL USE OF/BY/FOR/IN USE OF/BY FOR/IN ANY/ALL LEGAL NAME(S)/ALIASES etc. and therefore have NO CLAIM against any/all who KNOW otherwise. Truth does not require your BELIEF where doubt exisits, truth merely seeks denial or acceptance where IGNORANCE is fully removed; A fraud revealed is null and void nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc, ab initio, ad infinitum where the BIRTH CERTIFICATE fraud with INTENT to deceive is revealed;

Inasmuch as you are LEGALLY DEAD (proven with any/all CROWN CORPSE IDENTIFICATION use, you have no voice in this matter where only the living can speak since you are, in fact, a walking talking FRAUD/FALSE PERSONATOR by your willful consent by claiming to be/using any/all forms of CROWN CORPORATION IDENTIFICATION; (def; impersonation. (18c) The act of impersonating someone. Also termed personation. false impersonation. (1878) The crime offalsely representing oneself as another person, usu. a law-enforcement officer, for the purpose of deceiving someone. See 18 USCA §§ 912-917. Also termed false personation.(Cases: False Personation ~~ 1.]

* please note, it doesn't say someone pretending to be a law enforcement officer but rather states clearly that it IS usually a law enforcement officer...such is the letter of Luciferian law Here's a little something else for YOU to ponder with regards to BEARING FALSE WITNESS/FALSE PERSONATION/FABRICATING FALSE EVIDENCE;

Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of a capital offence 194. Whoever gives or fabricates false evidence, intending thereby to cause, or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby cause, any person to be convicted of an offence which is capital by this Code, or under any other law for the time being in force, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years, and shall also be liable to fine; and if an innocent person is convicted and executed in consequence of such false evidence, the person who gives such false evidence shall be punished either with death or the punishment hereinbefore described.

Any/all claims made to FORCE assumption/presumption is, in fact, fabricating false evidence/bearing flase witness where a living spirit is being LEGALLY MURDERED to entice them into commission of FRAUD and SLAVERY and is TREASON upon the living spirit of that being. Any/all AGENTS of/for/by/in their OATH to the owners of THE CROWN CORPORATION are, in fact, DEAD BY CONSENT where bearing false witness, false personation, fabricating false evidence is the very nature of their "professions"/ for-to make weary Latin; pro-fessio.

If you are holding, causing to be held, detaining, harming, imprisoning, arresting, injecting, force feeding poisons a.k.a. drugs, restraining, murdered, threatened, stolen from, raped, etc. any/all beings who have, of their own free willed choice made you AWARE that they are removed from any/all assumption/presumption of FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME(S)/ALIASES ETC ET AL you are GUILTY of the aforementioned charges that rule the DEAD BY CONSENT beings that think/believe/duped into thinking/convinced they are a LEGAL NAME(S) are, in fact, delusional and literally psychpathic/sociopathic in nature. Feel free to research and prove this otherwise. It is NOW incumbant upon YOU to remedy your own delusions in this matter and in this regard lest you harm/continue to harm another living being. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is PRIMA FACIA evidence of the owners of the CROWN CORPORATION of INTENT to deceive/commit fraud upon all/any humanity forced to use one for the purposes of procurring IDENTIFICATION to X-cyst/life-cyst in the "Whore of Babylon" COMMERCE using THEIR "Mark of the Beast" least now you know what those terms were referring to all along....have a nice day!

Please read the following:

Due to your in-cyst-stance to murder people spiritually every day along with your fellow parasites through the legal NAME soul trap, yours and every other servant of the dark's souls are now forfeit...You serve the "Whore of Babylon" commerce/CROWN corpse with your Mark of the Beast (LEGAL NAME) as your consent to be dead, of the dead, serving the dead and those that are YOUR masters through your free will choice to do is that choice that has your soul and countless other ignorant fools like yourself in the BOND-age....all harms you create are the same ones you WILL experience with this little note to remind you burned and etched in your mind every time you ask the question "why me?" least now you know, you did it to is my wish that you see this and stop your evil ways....the rest is NOW up to you so don't bitch about the pain from the nails in your own hands and feet because YOU are the one that swung the hammer to put yourself are nothing more than a Ba'al, the term "bail" is not a coincidence, it is your phonics clue to expose your selfdestruction....

have a nice day!

now you know what was really being said in Revelations 18 where the religio-chosis chosenitus priests of Ba'al taught you fairy tales in their churches, sin-a-GOG's, tempt-pulls and masks where the fools of humanity swallowed the kool-aid blindly....bottoms up fool or choose...kate

Just a little heads up for all privateers/dead by consent types being named and brought into the light as the criminals you are...your days of pirating/harming the people through their "vessels" are over. The "registered NAME" is the name of the vessel, as you are aware and all property joined to that vessels' NAME is cargo that you love to steal and pillage on behalf of your banking masters that give you treats. Here's a little fact for you all to consider; every action you do against another that harms them is permanent, one that cannot be erased and shall be balanced according to universal law, not man made statute nonsense. That which you have wished upon another is YOUR wish granted in return.

Your oaths have been sworn to your various fictitious corporations/dead entities and you are bound by/of and for them that make slaves of each and every one of you where you are become as children stealing from others in the playground. No, you are being watched and reported on, called out by name now as the hijackers you are. You may wish to read up on the Geneva conventions recently put into full force and effect worldwide. These apply to you all inasmuch as you are part of the Admiralty fleet and thus; military.

I would suggest getting up to speed on much of my writings as well to give you a better overview of your very weak positions on the grand scale as this planet awakens more and more every day where you have a choice as to which side you will be on, one of the creators of humanity, or one of the destroyers. Your actions of daily theft/harm/poisonings makes you fully the latter. What ye sow, so shall ye reap is the message I recall reading once in all the ancient tomes...find attached various truths to enable you to see your crimes against humanity as well as the links to further your own awakening. Regardless, you are now on the world stage for all to see and I do love making criminals famous, much love, kate of gaia...

p.s. i made a judge bow once on camera in MY courtroom, as you will bow to humanity as well is where you can further your educations on how to be human again and learn to stop raping others, especially yourselves serving those that make us all slaves...quite insane if you ask me and i do like to get the word out to millions worldwide....and i do so daily...neat eh?