Wrathschild’s Legal Death Cult

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Wrathchild’s Legal Death Cult by kate

Humankind have long been divided against their own humanity for each other and themselves collectively. Humanity doesn’t like being reminded of the simpler things about life either that may get in the way of their desire to enslave others to do their bidding. Some call them capitalists, kings, queens, popes, imams, pastors, evangelicals, politicians and rabbi’s etc. where they all share the same path in life which is, to enslave another for a profit. What humanity has missed, however, are the simple things that unify them all in the same death cult via their version of religion that all have one common religious denomination: money. It’s an easy game to rule the mind of a greedy lustful fool and their greedy, lustful and cowardly fearful followers…the fall lowers eternal.

All of man’s temples beg for it, insist on it, tax for it, pass the plate AND the buck for it and without it, their particular religion fails. No money, no churches, synagogues, ashrams, mosques, king-dumb halls etc., no weapons for their dogmatic armies, military empires, blood lust politics campaigns etc. and so on. All of humanity’s religions worship under one religion, one “God” called Ba’al and his Harlot called moon-eye worship. Lulled into complacency and security over centuries, humanity is now in a rather tough pickle spiritually and on biblical proportions no less.

What humanity has forgotten is the basic difference between good and evil where their ideas of good and evil are based on teachings that say thou shalt not kill yet on the other hand make it legal to do so but then that’s the religion of legal, truth in the mirror of the Levi Evil vile veil and then you just might see through the smokescreen. People would rather wave a flag and bomb a town then head off to their respective religious outlets and seek forgiveness like any man can offer forgiveness for a sum of 30 pieces of silver? Hypocrites and fools that can’t see that killing another is wrong on every level.

This is where the programmed pundits come out of the woodwork with their tuppence of an opinion but unfortunately, that opinion is permanently sku-ed while one thinks they are something that is, in fact, dead. It’s a simple chain of events that, if you have the stamina for accepting the cold, hard truth, you’ll see it as clear as the nose on your face or you’ll remain blind-dead as you were meant to be to be marked for death here as an original fallen offspring. Such is the nature of the legal name, the mark of the beast or how heaven and hell separate themselves where both are satisfied at the last bell.

Humanity can’t follow a simple trend of events or simple cause/effect sequences unless there’s money attached to it. As an example of a simple trend, follow this. Man drives to the forest and then goes walking through the woods, drops lit match, forest burns down, man drove home unaware until 6 oclock news. Pretty clear picture, easy trend to follow but whose fault is it that the forest burnt down? The immediate reaction is that this solitary being was responsible for it but then there were many actions that had to take place before the final outcome on some newspaper’s headlines the next day. Ultimately, it’s legal religion money and its’ creators that are to blame but that guilt is passed back to humanity through their legal religious practices of child sacrifice and that is achieved spiritually via the Birth Certificate/devil’s contract for your soul literally where they have parents killing their own children by being forced to register them but then the parents have no choice in that they’re already enslaved via the same birth certificate trap which is easy to destroy. Just like in an emergency decompression at altitude, when the oxygen masks drop, YOU have to put the mask on FIRST before the child or both will suffocate in a worst case scenario or the child is orphaned in the other.

But now the world is set up in such a way so when you tell anyone this truth, they panic because they see how deeply in Satan’s tangled web they are and are reluctant to let go of their Babylonian material world at all. Next, they will hate me or you for telling them the truth where apparently facts are offensive where a wrong opinion is simply that, wrong and opinion, not a verified fact. People are all too quick to react with a programmed since birth opinion because that’s how people are programmed until they figure out that the same people controlling them are the same ones that own the schools and universities and religious institutes that trained them. There’s a fine line between innocence and willful ignorance where one fact erases that line and it becomes an impenetrable wall from either side.

Meanwhile, the guy that set the forest fire is wondering if that fire was caused by him or someone else. In the literal, of course, he dropped the match that ignited the fire but who made the match and who made the car that got him there? What about the fuel for the car? What about the myriad of companies and corporations in place because that car exists and who works there? And on it goes until eventually, everyone in the world is involved in that fire and it all connects through one simple agreement, dependent on every individual’s choice to do so and it’s the legal name mark of the beast that renders all guilty by the same religious denomination association in Satan’s death cult called legal.

All religious institutions accept/demand legal tender of some kind or another to exist and they all fall under the legal religion banner. Satan’s headquarters is the CITY OF LONDON, STATE (fortress of the moon) where all things legal begin and end, from birth to death certificates and every religion is registered as a non-profit corporation, owned lock, stock and barrel by the Wrathschild Die-nasty of which, you are a bastard child by legal consent. I told you it was a cold, hard truth and few will accept that because the mark of the beast is already brand-dead in their brain-dead skulls and readily in hand when asked to I.D.-entity-phi (create entity, bring a dead thing to life by surrendering yours, literally).

All things legal are registered through the City of London, State as property of the CROWN (living to dead legal crown transfer 1694 Bank of England Act) specifically humans, then their attached mental constructs of corporations and a flat atlas legal world follow in tow. Take the United Nations for example more commonly called simply the U.N. where all corporations called countries of the world are registered and thus, owned, by the CROWN corporation and the dark principalities that control this world of death lust. So while lawyer types and legal mind trapped want to debate one point or another, a simple undeniable fact remains and one the CROWN was terrified being discovered inasmuch, once discovered, the sham of the legal death cult veil power system implodes instantly. Legal facts are what they are and the only fact then that remains is an even simpler one, yet much more bitter in the belly than on the tongue; how much of a criminal do you want to be is determined by your involvement based on your intent.

Humanity, as a whole, has not an issue at all with being criminals in a criminal enterprise reality called Babyloan. Tell anyone the truth about the legal name fraud and you’ll find out quickly who they really are and what truly motivates them. Then there are the fools that still want to argue one point or the other where the facts have long been established in countless scenarios with countless people experiencing the one truth that was and is keeping you in eternal slavery and that truth turns your whole world upside down. It’s illegal to use a legal name…..so now what?......simple….stop breaking the law or don’t. You’re not being forced to break the law, just bullied into thinking you have to break the law by the very ones that claim to BE the law in their hypocritical money and lust driven blue oyster boys cult aka cops. It gets real interesting when you hit them with the truth in one whisper blow: it’s illegal to use a legal name and then prove it by not claiming any titles and see a whole new handful of bits and bytes of scared, angry dogs scurrying like fools, desperate to get a legal name, anything out of you….nope…sorry…I don’t do legal….you need a B.A.R. card for that or a CROWN GRANTED legal entity you can toss in their face.

People have a hard time correlating simple things like Rothschild and wraths child where the truth lies bare before you in the SOUND mind of phonics/respell fractal reality versus your standard, by the Webstars book of deaf-eye-knee-shuns of literal, one language, one sound, one meaning split pins on every frame kinda bowler. The simple truth is, there are those that will never believe the truth because they’re ruled by their thing reality of all things like family, stuff, bodies etc. and all things of a material lust to the grave, devil may care, I’m having fun, screw everybody else standard norm for humanity’s societal personality psychosis and I’m just being polite here. If you can’t see your own greed, your own me, me, me attitudes and how everyone has been conditioned so perfectly to march gleefully to their graves, slaving it out and quite content to do so. So be it, death be theirs inasmuch as they seek death, not life. Life is truth, truth is life and all Wrathschild can promise his DEED Bastard Children killed wren is an eternity of business as usual only difference is there, the B.A.R.becue is real and YOU’RE the last supper every night…..Prometheus bled indeed but this one shot the DEED walking L’Eagles before they even got out of their s-Hells….Legal name means you’re Satan’s, not mine…..Suit yourself as to what you want, you always do anyway….right?......this one counts for ALL of creation and if you aren’t alive, then what’s to count?......

have a nice day, kate