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Watts in a Name...? by kate of gaia

Have you ever sat and just thought about your own potential? Put aside all the willy nilly things you've heard others say about you and how much more capable they see you as. What about you? What do you think? What shall you dare to paint on your own canvas now? We have all been faced with the same questions in our lives and the one that most people overlook is the one regarding their own purpose. Do we not have a purpose to be here? Was there not a reason we chose to play in this game called life. We each have our playing pieces called bodies and we move them around the board in much the same way as we would playing any board game. We make choices, we roll our own dies and then, we move our pieces accordingly.

The choices of our games varies infinitely from "character" to "character" but we did choose a role and our game piece accordingly although very few will ever get to the point where they see what their “raison d'etre” is or even was. Rest assured, you had a purpose and a role to play here when you arrived and your own choice now is to bring that into the now status of having a purpose versus had one. For many, if not all reading this, you are likely aware of the bonding of our names at birth through a birth certificate that created a separate corporation unbeknownst to the masses until recently, as in the last few years. Again, I am one to focus on the "why" versus the "what" happened.

In order to locate the why of any question, one must look at as many angles of the what happened as possible to give and outside the box overview. It's best to stand as far away from a scene as you can to bring the entire panorama into focus. This has not been an easy task and it is one that is relegated to those willing to simply give up all the distractions in life to get down to the nitty gritty. Granted, not many of us have that wherewithal to do that and I was no exception to that rule. The only thing I knew was that I had to do this, even with the limited resources on hand that I had and those are long since expended. In short, this minor quest has cost me everything I loved, knew, or had relegating me to the proverbial sidelines of everyone else's reality as it were.

This is what happens when you follow your heart, not the programmed mind. This is the intuitive aspect, the gut feelings and the inherent knowingness that things aren't quite what they should be. Within each one of us is the source of creation at its purest and rawest forms. You do not have a star within you, YOU are that star, that sun of god photonic light. Inasmuch as we've had top peel back the layers of the illusion here such as laws, governments, religions etc. we also have to peel back the layers we have placed on ourselves. Things like my heart inside me, the sun inside me, my mind and brain etc. are all layers that are placed on top of what we truly are. It's no wonder we've been walking in the wilderness for so long; we haven't known what we were looking for and continually placed layers of illusion over that most pure essence of total beingness.

I love asking religious beings what happens to their soul (layer) when they die. It's always the same answer...my soul goes to heaven...then I ask them...if your soul goes to heaven, what about you? Where do you go?...puppy dog head tilt reaction. To even try and explain this further will just result in utter confusion. You either get it or you don't. The ones that do get it just had their first dose of “religiochosis” healing. YOU are the life force, the light of creation and only in the void of darkness can all things be created in YOUR universe. YOU, like ME are all perspectives of a different "angle/angel" nothing more and nothing less. We have had some mirrors cast in our way to keep us bouncing in the same dilemmas here for eons. Had enough yet?

Every time we enter this "game", we enter with a purpose on a pre-determined flight path. As the countless layers of every word presents itself more and more, I see the importance of each and everyone's name. The name is a gift from our "parents" or those photons already in the game. The cosmic plan is perfect and is ready and waiting to be fulfilled. The gift is our name being "stolen" from us, not being given to us. The dark cannot exist without light just as in the light cannot exist without dark, one feeds the other equally and opposite so that existence can be had at all. Our names are OUR purpose here and in order to find our purpose, we must find the meaning and power in our names.

A watt is a unit of electrical energy. Regardless of how small a watt may seem to you, it contains all the power in the universe depending on YOUR perspective. There is no such thing as big or small, just big and small equally. One watt of power may not seem like much to you, in human form but it sure would mess up an amoeba's universe. Again, it’s all about perspective. Where are you standing and how are you looking at something? To a sperm whale, your living room might be a tad small whereas to a fly, it's a veritable aerodrome of vast airspace. It is all about the degrees or "of steps" from Latin. Where does hot begin and cold end? I suppose that would depend on where you're standing as well...For those who live in a desert environment, cold might be 30 degrees Celsius whereas to an Inuit of the northern regions, that is akin to a convection oven.

Your name is your purpose and comes from ancient etymology that means "way". So, watt is your way? It's very difficult to find ones way if one never sees the roadmap. Once you have a map, confidence in getting somewhere planned dramatically rises non? The game here has been simply to see why our names were bonded at birth and why. There are so many illusions surrounding that, it would be impossible to count. Darkness must feed on the light and light must feed on the dark. Those, whom we've called as the dark ones are the yang to our yin. They have been called energy vampires but are we not too the same kind of feeders? The light comes into the dark and consumes it where the dark must shadow the light to balance it out. There are many "watts" in a name. A purpose is a powerful force since it is pure intention.

The purpose is only as powerful as the perspective of you permits. If we shine too brightly, creation is blinded and burned and if it gets too dark, creation is lost to view. This is the ebb and flow, the pendulum balancing act. Nature abhors a vacuum and will do its utmost in perfection to fill that void with either light that is blinding or darkness that is consuming all light; it is up to us, the consciousness to find the middle ground. This is where we need to open the circle of life to both perspectives in balance and why, when we do, the "O" becomes the "C" or the holy C. When you finally begin to correlate all the "coincidence" you will soon discover that there aren't any; period. The note of love is the "Middle C" of the piano, the 528 htz (love hurts) in the 432 htz pitch of A and is referred to as the note of Te, the highest on the scale where returning to "dough/money" is not an option.

Only when we complete the scale as an octave do we end up infinitely in the loop of Groundhog Day here. The scale is seven notes with the eighth note as the return note. If you want to keep singing the same old song then carry on with returning to the bottom. Te, the note of love, conquers all so I'd suggest staying there long enough for love to manifest. As far as figuring out your name, just focus on it for a while, the sounds of it, things it rhymes with etc. The truth is, you picked it prior to getting here in that the parents have it in their mind and you resonated with that purpose/game to play. Intuitively, you know so I can't tell you what that purpose is, merely share what I found in mine. I also chose to change my name midstream but then I didn't change it from the original purpose, just reclaimed it via a spiritual back door if you will.

Wilfred Keith Thompson was the boy name given and sold three days later but that’s another essay to follow...actually the last name was already in place. If you do a search on the history of the name, you'll soon know why I picked this line to come into. The Wilfred Keith was pretty neat too. Will-Freed Key-Theos Theos-Ohm-P=Rho, S= serpent Kundalini/PS = Psi =spirit, O = creation, N = mine.....more layers than that but there's a clue into how to look. My own chosen name came from the initials, WKT which sounds like this....Double You...Kay-tee or double you katie. That wasn't really a stretch since I am a Gemini. Renee was my chosen middle because of my French heritages as well from France direct a few centuries ago. Re-nee means reborn and Katherine, the long form of Katie or Kate means purity...so...purity reborn means I have a large purpose to live up to...When the darkness claims the name, it is claiming the purpose because it needs to feed on that.

As man has evolved, it's gotten tougher for the dark ones to feed on the pure energy that was rife in the dark ages. One can garner a lot of energy from torture and procuring long slow deaths to feed from. As time went on, that ability was lessened when it was exposed and mirrored back to its creators. It evolved to the point where all that was left was duping us out of our purpose. Sure, there are wars here and there but nothing created energy like a good old fashioned crucifiction or burning at the steak/stake etc. Vaporizing a body just doesn't have the same net gain of energy for them. So they built altar-N-ate churches called courts where people go in freely and feed them via ignorance of self. Alas, in the curse was the equal blessing; if you could find it and then live it.

So, the more people/photons continue to feed them via their money and court/church illusion, the longer those playing remain trapped and then sapped of their energies via "cells" with "BAR's" no less. Just a coincidence again? In truth, the name is and was always yours, always will be when you stop thinking you have to fight for it or were wronged in some way. Your bitchslap is your awakening and I'm not sure how so many people can sleep through this. Thankfully, more and more are finally awakening to the reality that they have been duped, have been asleep and are not feeding the dark anymore where we can finally get into some sort of balance. Luckily for those that are still playing in the courts, the ass-ump-shuns of la are finally dispelled from source creation itself. Like I said before, you can't copyright creation. If you use the same tools to create something, the same tools can be used to un-create it if it trespasses the free will of other aspects of god, namely me and you.

No, there is a lot of power in your name and your purpose and it is my feeling that you need to go and reclaim that concept non? It's going to have to take each of us to choose our wars and our peace. If one sees good or evil in anything, one is still caught in the duality and will never return to the one until they get that notion and concept of good AND evil in all things. If you are at war within, you are at war without and you are creating your own problems, your own awakenings or sleepiness. There is no one and nothing that can change that perspective but you. For me, or anyone else to do so would be a trespass on your free will choice to rise or fall, ebb or flow, win or lose etc. This is your game to call, and yours alone. The good news is that you don't have to play the game alone merely allow others to play along equally and from their perspective be they "perceived" as good or evil. Truly, they are you as I am you and likewise. Best that we learn to power up and know watts in our name and more importantly, watts our intention....what you flow to, you create.....so, watts up doc?....

much love, kate