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Trading Prophets for Profits by kate of gaia

At what point does the benevolence of one become transformed into malfeasance? At what point does wanting to tear down an old paradigm become enslavement to it by virtue of greed and a misplaced sense of power? All too often I have witnessed many, who at first glance, talk a talk only to walk with a wobble, drunk with a new elevated sense of self importance. This is why benevolence is such a rarity. So exactly when does a prophet of benevolence become a profit of malfeasance?

There are many of us who have given our all and continue to do so long after our all has been used up, stolen and beaten out of us. Yet, we continue to put everything we have into what we know to be truths, simply because that is what it is; truth. If the goal is the uniting of mankind then the cost is borne equally, it is shared in the divine aspect of balance. I have seen many who, after going through trials and tribulations, preach one message and upon its apparent success, affix a debt note value to it. Is truth not the divine message that belongs to us all? At what point can anyone put a price on that which belongs to all once uncovered if the true goal is peace, love, truth and honour?

What is also ironic about this type of situation is where those that have moved from prophet to profit have done so with the help of people like me and many others. This is where the true exchange goes out of balance. Upon a truths' discovery, I do my utmost to share that far and wide with perhaps the hope that, when used, it has value with another and perhaps some of that value may be flowed back. I put my own "money" where my mouth is first. If I can't "prove it" or haven't done it or seen it done with my own reality, it's still just a theory.

I know many who have done and continue to do the same as I although we are heavily outnumbered by those who would simply take for their own benefit forgetting where their own truths and power came from. They are the ones that also typically come back and throw vile comments at us because they know in their own hearts where that true power came from. It is ego behaviour to "destroy" threats to one’s survival and those that actually have the power in benevolence get readily attacked by those that use that power and knowledge given them, and wish to claim it as their own. This is a pure ego function, pure ego.

I know of a few individuals that ride on the backs and coat-tails of others efforts, knowledge and experience. These individuals have their own abilities to a greater or lesser extent but they somehow fell short of a few "keys" or nuggets as it were to clarify their own positions. Some fall short of the ability to get the word out to many or fall short of the final bits of knowledge needed to get the "aha!" moment and, once they get that information from someone else, they are swift to claim it as their very own. Some don't stop there and actually attack those that got them where they are so as not to be exposed as a "child of a lesser god".

Again, this is the manufacture and construct of ego and proof that one is not in one's "right mind" fully where truth and peace resides and are somewhere out in "left field". It is not always easy to discern but with careful observation combined with intuitive reasoning, the actions of others become as self-evident truths. Once confronted with these self-evident truths, we all have the responsibility to see these traits within ourselves and what are we doing to correct ourselves versus casting stones in glass houses.

I have long been at the mercy of others who would simply take from me the truths that are freely given, gain from them and move on without so much as a glance over their shoulder. Some go as far as to profit handily by becoming the prophets preaching from a soapbox that others built for them while they vilify those that built it or make it possible for it to remain intact. I like taking old sayings and adding other layers of truth to them. Be careful not to bite the hands that feed you because they are the hands that set the table and will clear it just as quickly. When these prophets for profits begin making things exclusive versus inclusive is the time where I start asking about the original intent of these people versus the message they originally showed as their intent.

If I could show you how to reclaim your home, for example, that is vacant due to the contract of mortgage showing that a dead fiction "resides" there, not a living being, what would that be worth to you? If the property has a mortgage/death pledge, then whatever NAME that is on the contract is the one that "owns" it. As a net result of the Birth Certificate scam, EVERY single "person" is DEAD including the NAME that you think is you. If I could show you what you need to do to correct that, is that valuable to you? What if I told you that that was and is my intent and that I don't expect a dime from anyone? What if I said I'll put MY money where MY mouth is first and then offer that knowledge to all freely? Would you walk away with this and simply keep it for yourself? This is the benevolence that I speak of because when we can help everyone, we are helping ourselves in the grand game, not the one on one “gimme gimme” game.

No, I won't be holding seminars to exclude those that are destitute by charging money/debt notes or the like in that, once people can be helped, the team begins to grow. Benevolence is created when the needs are covered. I hold seminars nearly every day on my radio shows and in the emails and things I send worldwide. I rely solely on the notion that what I have to share has value and if people see that, use it and improve their lives then perhaps that value may be shared in kind reciprocated. I have also learned to not hold my breath on this one as well because if I did, I would have suffocated long ago. The fact remains however, I'll continue doing what I do regardless and take full responsibility for my own demise should that occur; I did say that was all in and I meant it. When the one can help the many, the many will have already helped the one by changing their own worlds as a result of the actions of the one; win: win.

When the one excludes the many by creating barriers called having truth for sale, the club of mankind becomes exclusive to the few and we end up with the same old same old greed paradigm shite fest that surrounds us already. No, there are a few of us that see beyond the immediate veil of self-service where we may bitch a little about our own situations but we plod on knowing that what we're doing has value, even if that isn't seen by the insanity of the masses ego program. Call it an ultimate pay it forward where we know that one day very soon, we'll all win as a result of holding this position. No, benevolence is a rare thing on this planet where the percentage of people helping people is slowly rising erstwhile those that have it within their power to effect worldwide change on the grandest of scales, still try to profit individually and are missing their own point they preach from the pulpit we ALL built.

If at any point you find yourself asking the tough questions of self while reading this, well done, you're beginning to grasp benevolence. If at any point while reading this you find anger and a desire to lash out, well done, you've spotted your ego program. If one truly wishes to effect change and I mean real change, all the truths you find belong to all, not the one who claims to have found "it". You see, as a net result of every interaction with everyone in your existence, your reality is shared as well as any truth you claim to have found all by yourself. Seriously, anyone who tries pulling that line "it's my truth" on me, gets a universal bitch slap from me and gets called out for the charlatan thief that they are or are becoming.

Indeed, prophets for profits?....I mean really, do you always sell someone else's belongings? Isn't that the problem we're trying to solve here? I promise, anyone who helps me get my house back just because they can....???....that has value far beyond paper illusions. The good news is, I'll figure it out myself and when I do, I'll tear the profits away from prophets where a brand new reality of value is concerned. I prefer to use the honour/gift way of living, no debts that way…..ever...besides, as a builder of platforms and soapbox pulpits, I’m pretty good at tearing them down as well….just sayin,…

much love, kate.