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* I have marked sections/parts/sentences that were referenced or derived from the book referenced here with an asterisk including the page number.

I recently (and synchronistically) received a document from a friend I had lost touch with over the last 3 years. Greg attached a pdf document entitled "Sirenames" . On opening this document, it presents a well-researched history of "Names" and was printed some time in 1860's. It is titled "SURNAMES & SIRENAMES. THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF CERTAIN FAMILY & HISTORICAL NAMES: With REMARKS ON THE ANCIENT RIGHT OF THE CROWN TO SANCTION AND VETO THE ASSUMPTION OF NAMES and AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE NAMES BUGGEY AND BUGG." BY JAMES FINLAYSON. * (pg 22 – it would seem it was written in 1863 “This was the law in 1160, the same law was held as binding in 1290, and it ought to be so held in 1863.”

This document when considered in the context of what we know about the legal name, will (unfortunately for some) burst all the bubbles of the “freeman” and “Sovereignty” movements where the general consensus is that we have a “Legal fiction” name and a “private name” and that somehow and by some process we can access a TRUST of some sort and that we as beneficiaries are being denied access to it. There is also a consensus (which I too admittedly believed), that the correct process could free us from this matrix by rejecting contracts in the fiction name whilst simultaneously claiming its benefits. The fact of the matter is, and the essay title of sorts referenced above will make it ABUNDANTLY clear that the FICTION name is a FRAUD from beginning to finish. It will make it clear that you should have NOTHING TO DO with this fraud and that it never had and never will have anything to do with YOU.

Kate of Gaia can genuinely now say. ”I told ya so”…and she may even throw in “you left brained monkeys!” for our entertainment.  🙂

You may also begin to see that any resistance by the courts is FEIGNED resistance to make you beLIEve that there is credence to the freeman and sovereignty argument. This is how they keep you IN the SYSTEM searching for a “solution” when there is none. If you don’t want your bubble burst and you want to continue playing in the matrix, then by all means…stop reading.

It is argued in the book referenced above, that the Ancient right of || the Crown and Parliament to grant license and have a prescriptive right to sanction all assumptive surnames before they can be considered legal * (pg 22) , and that any such sanctions should be carefully considered for its implications from the perspective that *a man's name is a man's property, just as much as houses and lands are property.* (Introduction. Pg3)

He gives a detailed & historical account of sire-names and surnames, their antiquity, purpose, use and abuse.

It is important to understand this, so that you may fully comprehend how you participate IN A FRAUD (which was in some parts of the world punishable by death) every time you use a name that is LICENSED to someone else, namely the State.

First, let’s establish some historical facts, then we'll examine the modern use of the name. Hopefully this will serve to create a clearer picture from which you will be able to "see" the MAGNITUDE of the FRAUD you are in participating in when you assume the LEGAL NAME, including the magnitude of the FRAUD perpetuated AGAINST YOU by CRIMINALS of the highest order.

It outlines and points to a well-known fact that *every person of any position, even in the most barbarous of ages, has had at least two names* (pg. 8) and no; it’s not your “LEGAL” name and your “PRIVATE” name. * The first being that which the person would be known amongst his family (the private name), otherwise known as a home name.* (pg 8) In my case for instance, my family and friends know me as Rena. This is a prototype of my Christian name being Irini or Irene.

However, as we "come of age" and *embark in the turmoils of life, another name would be given either from a personal defect, some characteristic trait, or from circumstances by which one would be known among his own people, a public name. This name became the first and most honoured surname of the bearer.* (pg 8)

*" I, THE LORD, HAVE EVEN CALLED THEE BY THAT NAME. I HAVE SURNAMED THEE." Isaiah xiv.4.*(front cover title page)

These "public names" could convey information about broad genealogical lineage as well as a certain individuals personality or physical characteristics.

For instance, GEORGIOU imbues a child or individual with the lineage having come from a family of landowners as farmers; whereas if the same name where preceded with PAPA to make the surname PAPAGEORGIOU, it now describes the same lineage with the additional information being an ancestry of priesthood.

Surnames, Sire-names & Family Names were often used in combination to precisely describe the individual in question.

*Mons. A. Bockh deciphered a contract of sale effected in Egypt , which bore the names of the contracting parties, being not only described in the deeds by their proper names, but by a detailed description of their physical peculiarities. (Salverte, 67.)* (pg. 5 – introduction)

In commerce, a good name was paramount in which a good name gave real value to a contract or agreement.

The usage of a proper names was also paramount in recognising kin and the same stringent laws were enforced by the Court of Chivalry, or *sanctioned by the Earl Marshal's Court, particularly on the occasion of Jousts and Tournaments which debarred any person from entering chivalry, who had dared to take upon himself the surname of another illegally or without Crown sanction or license. Not only this, but no Knight of France, Scotland, or Spain, would demean himself by raising a lance with a man who bore not his lawful name and arms. From these instances of fact, the writings in the book referenced above conclude to prove that this usage was established and recognized by the King in the year 1106.* (pg 22)

In matters of honour, a name served to remind people, *with perfect accuracy of detail, of the various events which had led either to a firm alliance or to deadly enmity between two tribes. Such was the influence of their recollections, that two warrior chiefs who chanced to meet in battle would conceal their names, lest they should be suggestive of some common tie of kin or friendship, which might furnish an excuse for avoiding the encounter. * (pg 17)

*A still more honourable fear dictated a rule, that no stranger who claimed hospitality should be asked his name before the expiration of three whole days, under pain of the most severe punishment the law could inflict. During that time, all hereditary hatred that a name might rekindle had to lie dormant. During that time a generous hospitality had to take the place of a thirst for revenge.* (pg 17)

*The most notable instance is that of the exchange of the name of Bugg for Howard. Mr. Bugg could not have been aware of the origin of his name, for if he had been, he might have exchanged it for one out of many to which he had an undoubted right, without infringing, as he clearly had done, upon the property of a noble house “for a man's name is a man's property, just as much as houses and lands are property.”* (Introduction pg 3)

*"there are three crowns—the crown of the law, the crown of the priesthood, and the Crown of Royalty; but the Crown of a good name is superior to them all." Talmud.* (Title pg)

*The idea that a man may assume what surname and as many surnames as he pleases is erroneous, where to affect that change is a confession of wrong in the event that it is not ancestral. * (pg 24)

In our times, a man can change his name indiscriminately and at any time, for any reason by simply making the application and paying the appropriate fee. This should in the very least raise alarm as to why the free trade of name changes are bordering on the prostitution of names. A far cry from times past.

*The illegal and unsanctioned assumption of names was not even tolerated in the days of Shakespeare, where in the play "Taming of the Shrew.'' He says: Petrucio.—" Why, how now gentleman ! why, this is flat knavery, to take upon him another man's name."—Act. 5. Sc. 1.* (pg 24)

It was further held to be unlawful to assume a name that was unsanctioned or illegal for the purpose of protecting a good name.

*As soon as a woman had become the mere toy of public debauchery, it was enacted by law that she should change her name. It was taken for granted that she had only been reduced to such a state of disgrace by some kind of force, and it was not thought right that she should prostitute both her person and the name which allied her to some honourable family. * (pg 26)

Today most people assume that the birth of a living child is a registrable event. The birth IS NOT the registrable event. The Birth event and the Birth registration are two DISTINCT and explicitly separate events. The criminals however, use this opportune moment to obtain a sanctioned License in the form of a DERIVATIVE of the NAME from your parents amidst the excitement and confusion of this wonderful joyous event.

Our existing Statutes requiring such a registration, are causing in fact to make what was, and has been accepted as a CRIME for millennia, LAW. The CRIME of deceiving a sovereign into granting SANCTION to a NAME that the licensee will with malice and aforethought use to COMMIT FRAUD.

This is the modern equivalent of a commoner assuming by SANCTIONED LICENSE from a SOVEREIGN the surname of ROYALTY for the sole purpose of claiming by NAME and therefore by ANCESTARY and FACT - a pecuniary interest in the estate of the sovereign; Effectively giving the deceitful licensee rights to the ancestral genetic property (body), characteristics and DEEDS (titles etc), and the PHYSICAL properties of the surname (the material wealth acquired by that sire-name).

The Birth Certificate application does not ask your parents for your family sire-name or patronymic name. Instead of the dignity and honour of your family sire-name, the state only asks for your GIVEN name but then ADDS your FAMILY name and encourages you to use it as a SURNAME. The State has effectively created a license for itself for the ASSUMED NAME, which you throughout your lifetime assume as your own.

It was decreed that people *were not bound to recognise the illegal assumption of a name.* (pg 27)

A name without Royal license or sanctioning was by all accounts illegal and *no amount of twisting the law bound others to accept that assumption.* (pg 27)

It was believed and it remains true to this day that "Free Trade" in names would be detrimental to society at large. *What right has any man to the property of another? A family name is an inseparably invested property.* (pg 28)

You only need to look at today’s strict trademark laws that punish enterprising criminals who attempt to use a name to trade off of the good name of a well-known brand, even if by loose association.

However, *Genealogy in name (illegally assumed), implies Surnames such in fact; that if an abuse of this nature is tolerated, it will eventually become a serious difficulty as the custodians of their own good names would be inflicted a great injustice upon those families* (pg 28) who might unfortunately happen to have their name stolen or prostituted.

*Convicts* for instance, who sought to assume a new name to escape their past and *make a new course of life* (pg 25) , sought to procure a license from the Sovereign to change their name. *In France an express law relative to the false assumption of surnames and changes of names was enacted (II. Germinal of the year XI);

Art. IV.—Every person who has any reason for changing his name, shall address a demand to Government stating his motives.

Art. V.—The Government shall decide in the form prescribed by the regulations of public administrations.

The Prussian provincial law (Landrecht), part ii., The Law title xx., s. 14, 406, enacts, "Whoever, even without illegal intention, assumes a family name, or arms without right, shall be forbidden the assumption under pain of an arbitrary, but express fine and this punishment, in case of transgression, shall be readily awarded to him."

A Decree of the 30th October, 1816 also enacts " Since experience has taught us that the bearing of assumed or invented names is injurious to the security of civil intercourse, as well as to the efficiency of the police force, we hereby order the following :

1. No one shall under pain of a fine of from five to fifty thalers, or of a proportionate imprisonment, make use of a name which does not belong to him.

2. If this assumption * (pg 25) *or invention of a name takes place with intent to deceive, the regulations of the general penal law come into force."

There is also a Royal Cabinet order of the 15th of April, 1822 to the effect, that no one may alter his family or general name without permission of the Sovereign.

"I (The King) do not consider it necessary, on the report of the Ministry of the 27th of March, to promulgate any further decree on the unchangeableness of family or general names, but determine hereby that no one shall be allowed to alter his family or general name without permission of the Sovereign, under pain of a fine of fifty thalers or four weeks' imprisonment, even where the act does not proceed from any unlawful intention." Coll. of Laws of 1822, No. 7.,S. 108.

In Scotland, formerly, the false assumption of a Sire-name was equal to the false assumption of coat armour, which was punished as forgery. On reference to Brown's Pari. Cases, p. 194, or to the Archceologia Papers, vol. 18, p. Ill, it will be found that the decision of Sir Joseph Jekyll to allow the assumed use of a name was reversed by the House of Lords. The Peers said upon their deciding the matter, "that the individual ought to have inherited by birth, or have obtained an Assumptive AUTHORITY for using the name"* (pg 26)

So what does all this mean in terms of your birth certificate, the NAME fraud and the crime you are committing & perpetuating against not only yourself, but your ancestors?

Instead of history, let's now fast forward into today’s use of the name.

As many of you may already be aware, the system we are being ruled and governed under is not what we all think it is. It has very little to do with the elected members of the parliament because the Governance of the land mass we refer to as Australia, is a Corporate Business Trust and is therefore under the same rules that control international commerce, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1936 US, Hague-Visby Rules and the Uniform Commercial Code.

This is true by virtue of the fact that the business trust, being the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is registered in the District of Columbia as a foreign corporation with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, making also what we refer to as States - quasi States; since they too are registered in the District of Columbia.

These States then require by Statute the registration of a Live born. The Birth Registration form IS NOT the registration/declaration of a LIVE BORN creation of source, but is the granting of a license to the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA to use a derivative of your sire-name as a PUBLIC ENTITY for the exclusive use of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and their quasi states. Your parents being the sovereigns (kings or queens) granting sanction to its use and license.

More precisely, the State licenses a derivative of your sire-name, with the sanctioning being obtained via your parents through the Birth Registration form. Your parents inadvertently participate in the States (usually successful) attempt to deny you your incorporeal and corporeal hereditaments of your ancestors’ personal and property rights. Your parents are then led to believe that the derivative license of the name and YOU are one in the same thing.

This belief serves to have you accept that you are the product of the political subdivision of the sovereign state of the Commonwealth of Australia, giving you, the living man/woman ONLY the LEGAL rights and title to your personal property.

Your LEGAL rights are bound within the same parameters as those that govern the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA...and since you have ASSUMED A NAME that is LICENSED to the State, you too accept to be governed within the LEGAL bounds of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA because YOU have bound yourself to the LICENSED NAME.

When however, you use your ancestral name and not the name LICENSED to the State, you are not restricted to the legal bounds of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. In any case the use of a NAME LICENSED TO ANOTHER (in this case the state) is CLEARLY currently AND historically a criminal offense.

You may wonder however, how the state derives any benefit from licensing a derivative of your ancestral or sire-name? The very things that made it illegal and punishable historically to use an unsanctioned name also applies today, namely the use of a sire-name to gain pecuniary interest in any ancestral estate, in other words to exact FRAUD. This is evident by virtue of the fact that the separate quasi states use the license of the assumed name, which was obtained from your parents, WITH THE INTENT TO DECIEVE AND COMMIT FRAUD via its eventual use as collateral to back state debts when they access funds on the Capital Markets off-shore.

The license is valuable collateral because almost 100% of the population will fall for the name scam by agreeing to utilise the ASSUMED NAME licensed by the state, thus you assume BOTH the role of obligor to the state debts AND the role of he who AIDS & ABETS the FRAUD by using an unsanctioned and illegal name licensed to the STATE, NOT YOU!

Again, I repeat for your benefit that the criminals use the opportune moment of your birth, amidst the excitement and confusion of this joyous event to obtain a sanctioned LICENSE in the form of a DERIVATIVE of the NAME from your parents. The STATE is secure in the knowledge for the continuance of the scam since your parents will forever TIE the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, to the event of your birth, instead of the REAL event, which is was the STATES LICENSING of an ASSUMED NAME SANCTIONED by your parents.

The issuance of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the issuance of a RECIEPT verifying THE AGREEMENT to allowing the derivative of your Sire-name to be licensed by the state. The details completed by your parents GIVE the derivative that they are LICENSING to the state. The purpose of encouraging you to USE this name is many-fold.

1.YOU become a willing participant and party to the use of a name NOT licensed to you, but licensed to the State - A criminal has zero standing in accusing another of the same crime.

1.The State has licensed a name that has no LIVING representative of that CORPORATE FICTION NAME they have acquired a license to. They need a LIVING man or WOMAN to perpetrate the CRIME against the NAME, the sire-name, so that they can extract the wealth and benefits through the ASSUMED NAME for and on behalf of the State which has LICENSED said name.

2.Since appointing a representative with no apparent connection to the ASSUMED NAME would make it OBVIOUS that the purpose of the birth registration and birth certificate is to gain a LICENSE. The States coerces you from an early age to ALWAYS use your SURNAME (the license), never your family name, sire-name etc , so that it eventually becomes habitual to the extent that you equate this licensed name as YOU.

3.Your consistent use of a name NOT licensed to you, is designed to implicate you in the CRIME of using an ASSUMED NAME WITHOUT LICENSE. YOU are now a CRIMINAL with NO protection of your true ancestral name, heritage or the LAW.

It was the intent of the state to coerce and deceive your parents in the granting of the licence for an ASSUMED NAME for the purpose of obtaining pecuniary interest from the patronymic ESTATE and PROPERTY, directly FROM THE DESCENDANT THEMSELVES, whilst at the same time encouraging and insisting on your use of an UNLICENSED ASSUMED NAME in order to implicate you in the CRIME of AIDING & ABETTING the FRAUD.

REFUSING the NAME not licensed to you is YOUR DUTY. Revoking the LICENSE or not PERMITTING its use in connection with YOU is not only your RIGHT since it was borne in FRAUD, but your DUTY in protecting the good name of your ancestors.

The Babylon whore should be more aptly named the BABYLON PIMP. The PIMP feeds the lustful greed ONLY by furnishing the name. It is up to the prostitute to fulfil the duty of the name, by answering to it and furnishing it with a “body”. It stands to reason then, that when we present our "bodies" in service to the name, it is WE who become the prostitute in service the Babylon PIMP.

We all inadvertently become collectively or individually the Babylon Whores when we assume the name FRAUD.

By rena from the sire-name Georgiou and family Iliades, sometimes known as mincess, kepala pisang or chicken legs 🙂


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