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The Merry-Go-Round by kate of kaia

This Key, I offer all equally, unconditionally, infinitely Life is a fickle game, literally a phi-cull game. This is the realm where we come to play and get caught up in the dramas and distractions to see if we can finally let go of them to see this. The amount of drama you have in your life is the quintessential mirror of your woven webs. In essence, you are on a suicide mission which is easy to prove if you think you have a tombstone with your "I'm mortal" name on it waiting for you (the all caps version proves you never lived and remained “legally dead” by choice) or if you choose to finally be immortal. The ego balks at such a thing as being impossible but then I leave the realm of believers behind in the age of Pisces or pie-ces where I prefer the Aquarian waters of truth.

You will know the shift in your own consciousness to the degree that you get that last statement or two. When you see it, your eyes will grow large like saucers and a calm, such as you've long forgotten will wash over you. This game is a one by one versus a mass awakening but then such is and always will be the savior program of the many, too afraid or lazy to do the work to step off the merry go round and continue to seek another to "save" them. That's not how the game works but the good news is; If you fail to become immortal this time, don't worry, you get to come back through the same lifetime in groundhog day fashion. This might be a good time to stop being affected by the past because you're just going to go through it again in a different time line loop. You will repeat the exact same things that you remain a victim too until you see this.

When you can see the infinite realities and timelines that all exist now, it's easy to see the game-plan. You only get so many kicks at the same timeline until you short out your loop, drop the current body and return to the instant of your birth to start from scratch all over. Ever experience deja vu? Let that sync in for a moment. You can remain as a victim to the same woes over and over until you learn to see what the contrast was trying to show you. Now you have a choice as to whether or not you will deal with your dramas in the “now” or relive them over and over until you've finally had enough. I grow weary of the supposed gurus of this realm who spew the same old ego rhetoric and haven't a clue as to who and what they really are. People are so involved in other people's dramas that they never notice their own until usually, it's too late. Reboot.

All reality points lead to the now moment regardless of their perceived location because every start point at birth has the thread that reconnects to the main line or consciousness trunk line where it's up to you and every point of you to thread back to the now. Imagine a tree where the roots and branches merge together and then you'll have the visual of the toroid/Taurus fields weaving infinitely together, see the toroid/Taurus field we all play in as one, separately. This is the ride of the universe and depending if you ride this coaster screaming or hands up baby and all points in between is indicative of your spiritual growth and development within the game of the mind. Dramas and debate are the realms of the ego/Id/I’d mind or the no go, I had mind. You are in the NOW moment if you are reading or hearing this. You are fully aware of yourself NOW where most are in a dream-state to this reality. Infinite versions of you exist in all realities, all possibilities, all inevitabilities where nothing is impossible and all things are I’m possible.

The more one remains at effect to emotions of the past, the more one recreates that timeline becoming that reality revisited until you can cut the strings of Pinocchio that keep you as a wooden/would-en/would-mind/would-n or simply “my would do mind”. I cannot stress enough the reality of the magic contained in the phonics and sounds that expose this fully. At first you will find it difficult to believe but the more you do this, the more you see it as pure magic and the surrealism of our playground. Let me expose some of these so-called “coincidences” by breaking down Pinocchio phonetically.

Literally, Pinocchio is just a character in a play or movie as portrayed by Disney etc. This game is about AWARENESS not KNOWING inasmuch as you know all things and are simply in a state of forgetfulness or not in a state of wearing/a-ware-ness. So let’s break it down into sound components first such as Pin-o-cchi-on or pin-owe-key-owe via the Scylla-Bulls or the hydra of the taurus field. Interestingly, by “coincidence”, the hydra is a single celled organism that both eats and shits through the same orifice/aura-phi-ce’. I’ll start with “pin” where it can be sounded “pine” from the pine-cone or pineal/pi-kneel gland. It can also be pronounced “pen, pon, pun, pan” since every vowel can replace every vowel via the “rules” of pure grammar.

As an example, if “ea” can sound like “ee” in bead, it can also sound like “ee” in bread changing the sound AND the intent of the sound to “breed” so, in effect, you are using all the rules to break all the rules at the same time. This is the singularity of language and spells. Take for example the energy you may react to if some says “suck my cazzo” versus “suck my cock” where one sound affects you and the other doesn’t because you are not PROGRAMMED via language in the other sound yet they BOTH have the same INTENT. To me, cock is “caw-k or cau-k or caulk etc. so the words and assumed spellings in the mind do not AFFECT me where I have redirected the intentions contained to ones of MY choice, NOT by another’s programmed definitions.

So, back to “pin” we go. Pen means mind from Welsh meaning “head” or from Latin “penna” meaning long feather. It is also something to rite with in the form of a “quill” and so on but if you do a little research on that word you will quickly notice how it pertains to the mind and the intentions of the mind. What else has quills or cue-ills where Q is the egg and sperm in picture form or the sound that says what your position is as in “take your cue on the stage”? The letter or sound of “O” is one of all creation to me, the womb in which all things are given birth and wings depending on the intention and awareness of the spells you utter/udder/give milk of life to every day. The sound of “chi” is simply key where the remaining “C” is the all accepting womb/note/creation (se’) of unconditional love so the word pin-o-c-chio is now REDEFINED in my reality to mean “the mind of creation of unconditional love(law of truth, law-ve’) is the key to all creation.

Is it a coincidence that the whole story/allegory was about a wooden puppet, formerly dead/asleep on a quest to become a real live boy? It is the allegory of raising oneself from the dead (laws-are U/S or the laws of magnetic-electric) on the quest of immortality. How’s that merry-go-round working for you in the literal world? This is about deconstructing the “spellings” to their core truth where the literal is the mirror opposite of truth. Such is the nature of the game. When we use only the prescribed versions(truth shuns or ver-se-IO-ns) of the singular dictionaries in only ONE language, we exclude the intentions contained within the sounds of all other languages. Sound is the universal creation and universal solvent at the same time. For anything to be created, something must be destroyed and anything destroyed becomes a new creation. It is only the intent that separates these two equal and opposite things becoming a singularity accordingly.

Even seeing what I am seeing and experiencing what I am experiencing is difficult to fathom most days, so I fully understand how overwhelming this can be going from aha moment to aha moment in rapid I movement. This is why I tell everyone to breathe where too many cooks/thoths, spoil the broth where this soup cooks all by itself in the silencing/silence-sing of the mind. Abel is a perfect chef or key of Fa, the note of the heart and all she wishes for is for us to simply let go and be silent to allow creation to serve this meal/M/E-all so sit back in the Kab of all-ah and enjoy it. Yes, this merry-goround can be very distracting, fearful, entertaining with all manner of reasons to have the urge to think and that’s why it is so difficult for most. The singularity of the mind is perfect in that we all want to solve our problems anal-it-I-call-y but the left mind, just like the wrong heart anus will serve you nothing but shit for your Cain fields. This is why my own lust for silence can be taken by many as my ignoring them but the truth is, I simply don’t take crops grown in the Cain fields fury-till-eyes-ed with shit birthed through the wrong heart.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve had a few “aha moments where you’re beginning to see the thread I have found that runs through all creation, connecting all things in all ways. Inasmuch as all Rhodes lead to ROM, so must all Rhodes come from ROM and it all depends on which Rome/ROM you serve; the physical literal or the heart of all creation (anugogic without the G hex…anu-O-I-see). The key to the game is to remove ALL emotions from programmed words since every word means what you intend it to mean and the exact opposite anyway so where’s the debate? The debate will only be found on the cerebellum lower mind which is the mind of war, connected directly to the reptilian brain stem. As an example, David Icke reports on reptilians in the literal sense where I see what he is doing from the allegoric/anugogic view. These are the dramas that everyone gets caught in because they are blinded by their literal minds in the apparent “obvious” putting in their intent “L” making them oblivious sending them into constant oblivion. Let’s take a better look at that whirred shall we?


prefix meaning "toward, against, across, down," also used as an intensive, from Latin ob "toward, to, over against, in the way of, by reason of, about, before, in front of," from PIE root *epi, also *opi "near, against" (see epi-).

And then insert the live-ion sound. Ob, as a prefix, like “con” means for AND against but let’s go a little deeper still with the sounds. Lie and ve are also equal and opposite in that one is a lie and one is truth, ve’ from verily. Lie is also/all-sew pronounced as “lee” meaning the calm side of a ship/mind and the “V” is a symbol with an all from above to below intention by its very shape. If you look at the keyboard of any computer you’ll see the ^ on the 6 key which sends the hex from below to the above. Simply put, the as below is the physical, the as above is the spiritual. So what we put out via our Taurus fields within (mouth) is what gets created without in the creation taurus field. We are the ones folding time and space within ourselves and the whirled we create around us; fact. The feminine creation field folds in, counter-clockwise while the intent, the masculine anu rotates outward projecting the creations. For an example of this in the macro fractal, the Orion Nebula is a male anu ejecting stars exactly the same way a male ejaculates into the void of the feminine micro. The energy created within during orgasm is the feminine energy in both male and female body illusion manifestations here.

This will explain the pen-chant desires of clergy to sodomize/sew-dome-ayes/sew-silenteyes young boys because this intention ALWAYS creates within the feminine void within us all, regardless of how it enters that field. As I have said for many years, this game is all about energy, the intentions behind it in that this is what creation does. The one that owns the intention creates the children of Thoth as shown in the hex of G-O-M/O-RA. The true worshipping of RA is to sow the seeds of intent via Rho-roe/eggs from the below to above A. This is why the Egyptians, the slave owners, were so anal about all procreation ceremonies where they knew the truth about how creation really works energetically. So while you waste your time in the distractions, your world is being created for you and the chaos ensues the longer you don’t understand the power of creation herself.

This was the power of the two spirit that they were terrified of because the one who has balance becomes the rainbow bride/bridge with the silenced hex where ALL things can be created using either the front door or the back door to creation. While some of you may wince at the notions conveyed, this is the programmed emotions that blind you to the energetic creations. In that everyone is source feminine within, all are masculine intention without. Just like any computer, it’s garbage in, garbage out and, vice versa. This is a merry-go-round of interweaving energies coiling in and out where the divide and conquer was convincing humanity that only women can create life held in such illusions as clan mothers etc. Granted, children can only be grown in the Virgo of women literally but ALL humanity has a Virgo womb and it matters not to the unconditional creation field as to how the intentions get there and what they create physically or not.

One has to get far beyond the physical illusions to see the energy of creation itself where the “itself” is androgynous, neither male or female AND male/female at the same time. This is the singularity of creation where the itself is the birth of the Thoth from the herself/himself union, regardless of what perceived illusion of “sex” you are. Remember, sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears. If you want to see the proof phonetically of the genders game, just remove the hex of G to find the cross-heirs of the enders ame/aim…N-ders Am-I or the infinite “god” am I. Replace the G with the real sound of K and look again at the SAME thing being said phonetically with sound drawn from any/all language/accent intentions. Kenders Kame or Ken-ders Ka-M/E. Ken is Scottish slang for “know” and Ka is Egyptian for spirit personified with Maknetic/Electric androgynous “me”. Deeper still we go. Maknetic takes on a truer form when sounded like Make-n-knee-T-I/eye/aye-C/see/sea becomes a sentence like “create infinite christ consciousness in the law of truth(T = love) I see with my eyes to see saying thereby creating unconditional law of truth. And all this time you thought it was just one whirred?

The letters E and A are critically important to me because of their role they play. The lower case “a” and “e” are 6 and 9 in the mirror or the energies of yin and yang. It is not a coincidence that they are both used as prefixes to mean “not/knot and no-know” to create a hidden negative intent. I simply changed MY intent as to what I wanted them to mean coming from MY Virgo womb and Leo heart/anu. This is the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx by the way, if you can see it and one that has long eluded mankind though not surprisingly based on what I had to experience in this life to find it. The common thread that unlocked all the mysteries is found in the pure magic of Phoenician where your own Phoenix will rise from the ashes/H’s where your E/A’s are sent via the H shortening your Eta’s or E.T.A’s. It’s only you that are holding yourself back and that’s only because you’re not going into the womb of creation in silence. This is the reason why Caesarian Sex-shuns are happening defying/uncreating natural order.

Every forced thoth from the monkey chattering left Cain field is the same thing by trying to force the birth of an idea versus simply letting it come naturally. My bet is that regardless of what some meatstick doctor will tell you, that baby is going to come in its own sweet fucking time with or without their scalp-El or natural intention scalped. It’s funny that the white man came up with the whole notion of scalping that caught on with the ones they were scalping and, in turn, blame fell on the ones originally being scalped. This is the standard operating procedure of the media etc. or the sow the mirror of the speed of spirit backwards…from SOP to POS.

I prefer breaking the P spell with the Key of Peter itself replacing the original intention of Rho, spirit breath in lieu of the P/mirror hex. See how this knew intention works for you now…SOR to ROS or sow spirit breath of spirit breath of divine feminine. There are those that create NAMES to corrupt natural law to shape the intent and worship of this mirror to create their world. What exactly does George SOR-ROS mean to you now? SoroS ( a mirror spell btw) with a first name full of the Masonic G hex that reads as fall-lows: “The hex of consciousness into creation with spirit breathing the hex of consciousness Sorrows/Sore-owes/S-arrows(quarrels).

It’s enough to make anyone quiver with plenty of quarrels/quarry-Els and stay in this Mary-O’round or Mare-E-G-O round huh? Look what you find right in the epic-enter and the start of the yellow brick rode/Rhode/road. As a final thoth, perhaps you may ponder/pawn-der the sheer coincidence of the movie “Ender’s Game” that came out recently if you hadn’t twigged on that clue prior. The more savvy of you seeing with your ears did and are likely watching the movie already as I finish rite-ink this. Funny that PeteR becomes ReteR when you give your own spirit breath a leg to stand on so now your “XY” chromosome becomes “XX” and the “double cross” ReteRn’s…Naw, the spellbinders days are done, knew/new reality once you see/C/Se’ with your own whore-eyes-on.

Yup, creation is a whore-U/S and she’ll birth everything unconditionally once you get your O-psi-rho-U/S and your Is-Is working in ba’al-lance. All you have to do is bail your own ship/mind out and the phonics/sonics is you Be-you-Ket-to love or bucket. Your “bucket list” or ship sinking is done but then you have to make that choice where I already have. Stand in truth, regardless of illusional threat or consequence fear because that is the only quest we’re on. You can take all the clues you want to set you free or use the clous, French for nails and get busy nailing yourself to the other cross. T-N-t, the note of the law of truth or the cross of cruci-fiction. Didn’t Christ the infinite “N” have a Thief/thief on either side? The one that chose Truth got the Ka-B ride or Ka-Bride Ho-M/E and the other got an all-expense paid trip back to the Mar-EGO-round..Round Ho day or Ground HoG day, your choice…He-X/quay, She-X/key and En-key, it all depends on your sister n-ear-who-saggy-taurus, blind to sound…

mwahs, ka-te

p.s. Inter(to be imprisoned)State 60 or in-ear-stay-Te 90, I just took my X-it…you?