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The Fifth Element (part 1) by kate of gaia

We can talk about the four fold nature of man and reality as illustrated all day long via earth, water, air and fire and claim love to be the fifth element but I've never encountered much regarding the true definition of love. We can begin to put love in the mirror and see “evol” which sounds a lot like evil so then both must be equal and opposite. So very few of us are able to actually confront that which is evil inside us and, as a result, have a lesser and skewed concept of what love is.

Nature is a perfect allegory in all ways once one sees it and simply allows it to take its course to the full circle it represents. I'll use a seed to illustrate this hopefully a little clearer. We can hold a seed in our hand of an oak tree in the form of an acorn and know that all the elements of building an oak tree are programmed into that seed. We then place that seed or acorn in the earth, cover it and place it in complete darkness void of light and air.

We then water that seed to activate the program where water is the allegorical truth that seeps deep in the earth and the seed. It is at this point that the seed begins to reach for the light and thus, the air. Upon breaking through its darkest time, the fledgling oak breaks through to the surface and enters the sunlight and the air and begins its long walk to full grown oak building ring upon ring over many decades getting life from both of its branch systems; as above, so below.

At the end of its life cycle, the oak tree in all its glory ceases to give forth buds that create leaves and acorns and eventually falls back to the earth from whence it came. This is the point it begins to become immutable where all of its energy collected still remains where it cannot be destroyed, merely transmuted from one form of immutable energy to another. This can be a long drawn out process as it returns that energy to the earth or it can experience a quickening.

This quickening of sorts comes in the form of the fourth element called fire. It can be the result of a forest fire or someone collecting the wood to use as a fuel source but one fact always remains. Even when the oak wood is burnt, its immutable nature remains as ash converted by the heat of the fire and that ash, in turn, gets returned to the soil to begin the cycle all over again. Such is the immutable nature of the physical universe made manifest in all its glory.

I'm not sure why people think of themselves separate from this process where the very earth we live on contains all the immutable aspects of all life that has ever lived on her. Some of us choose the transmutation of fire over the slow decay that the vast majority accept until they too, have chosen their own quickening or trial by fire. This is why the Phoenix rises from the ashes, from the fires of its own immutability where it has been pared down to its most basic form; pure essence of spirit where all the illusion of physical reality is burned away.

To further illustrate this, let's look at the true Phoenix or phonics to shed more light on the sound based nature of creation itself. Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will fully grasp what it is that I am trying to show and tell. The words of our reality contain all the clues if one is willing to break the spells of the pre-existing definitions we have long been programmed to accept as immutable where they are not. I have heard many variations of "why did the chicken cross the road?" where I have answered that to my own satisfaction; because it wanted to and had no reason not to save the former fear seeds planted by another.

It is not coincidence that the letter "H" is pronounced "ash" in French nor is it a coincidence that the Greek letter "Eta" is written as an "H" in its upper case form and an "n" in its lower case. One needs to get a little more creative to see beyond the surely bounds of an indoctrinated mindset. Just by chance, Eta is the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet where its 7th position in the western alphabet was supplanted by "G", ironically the Masonic symbol or the Mother-Sound temple. Seven has long been considered the "god" number favoured most where the master number 22 divided by it gives the true Pi value of 3.142857 to infinity.

The letter "H" is also symbolic of the dual nature of magnetic and electric bridged and can also be seen as a single piece of the DNA strand I like to refer to as "Jacob's Ladder". If you are not beginning to see the magical nature of this world then you are truly blind to how all things are ultimately connected. Let's now go full circle back to the seed, the oak, the Phoenix, the fire and the ash and have a slightly more creative right brain look again.

The "ash" after the fire is the metaphor that shows that only your true god self is left and only then can you be the Phoenix to rise from those ashes. If god is love, truly unconditional love, only then can you rise from your trials of the fires of experience that ultimately forge your own reality. The ashes that remain are the immutable parts of you, the unchanging and purified elements where all the rest is burnt away where you become the most fertile of spiritual soils where creation can begin anew in much better soils for your seeds called thought.

What gets burned away are all the things that stop you from rising and they are aptly named; emotions which is to say, no motion or no mote-ions. Inasmuch as a mote is a spell and something that surrounds your castle to protect it, the intent contained in the commonly accepted definition, phonics and rules keeps you in a perpetual state of defeating yourself. I think it's time for you to break this spell if you so choose. The fifth element gets exposed when you do and only you will know when you have finally grasped the magnitude of this concept.

Concept or con-sept to me, means "with god" in that "con" means for AND against and "sept" is the French word for "7". Are you starting to hear the picture yet? It's quite simple really when you start to defy (de-phi) or un-create your pre-programmed rules created by another and take on more self-responsibility and self-realization. Only when we can see both good as evil and evil as good can we begin to get to the zero point, the neutral zone where all creation begins where we have created a new seed, with more information and experience than the original tree itself.

Unconditional love accepts all things equally, without judgment and only pure observation where, in order to experience anything fully, one must be willing to accept its opposite fully as well. If you desire love then you must experience hate to the same extent, such is the nature of reality. We have no concept of brilliant white without its blackest counterpart to have any notion of what either of them are. The rungs of this ladder are experienced as emotions to give us the opportunity to either climb, remain static or fall. Most choose the status quo of the static only to find themselves typically pushed down the ladder.

Where emotions rule you, you will descend and never climb. That is not to say one cannot experience emotions since that, to me, is the point of the game, the only point. It is more a question of do emotions rule you or the other way around. When emotions rule you, you are in ego or, no-go mode and when you rule the emotions, you climb where the e-mote-ions replace the e-mote-shuns. When we take a word for granted, you get your wish, unfortunately, in the ignorance of the deeper meanings and intentions placed there by the one who created the original spell, you're granting THEIR wish intention, not yours.

Even the word Phoenix can be pronounced as phonics so what really has to rise from your ashes? Even the ashes are considered the waste by product of the fire where the phoenix is risen containing both creation and destruction at the same time. The only thing that will ever differ is one's perspective or angle of seeing things. This is where one can see the fallen angle or angel based simply on where one is on this proverbial and infinite ladder. If our perspective is controlled, so then is our ability to see things from a risen angle or Ra.

Do you not wonder why the Masonic uses the compass and the square as part of their symbology? The square creates the Right Angle or Ra and the compass symbolizes the "with pa/ss or father (pa) and Mother (Isis) or simply with electrical INTENT AND magnetic void in balance. This is to me what the ancient teachers were and have been teaching all along. Unfortunately, with the childlike emotions running amok on this planet, most will be a long time in seeing this at all. To see both good and evil, one must place both concepts in their respective mirrors or you will be polar-eyes-ed and trapped in the war of duality of the mind and are guilty of worship or warship of one side or another.

The fifth element is being unconditional in regards to all things. It is finally being the phoenix arisen from your own god nature that has been purified by the fires of experience where the silver lining is omnipresent and it is only those who fail to accept this will ever get this. It is when we are willing to just ask why something happened from a neutral position without ego program interference will we begin to see the most precious seeds of all and those are the seeds of the next far better creation where we can build greatness upon greatness or defeat upon defeat. You are the only one that can choose and this is the difference between free will choice and true will choice.

We have safeguards in this realm where those that cannot control their thoughts are relegated to neutered status and will endure being at effect until they get a grip on what's really going on here in this infinite of games. Since you are god, you could eliminate this reality with but a thought but I know me and if I was god, and I am, I'd make sure that that wouldn't happen as part of the immutable laws of this game and called it the golden rule as the failsafe. No, there are many in this realm that have squandered their abilities and used them foolishly but then that's the nature of the game where new seeds require a ring or two of experience to create the ashes for their next incarnation.

Some of us have been in the game for a while and have been through many fires and wrings where humanity is both an entrance point to the game AND an exit point at the same time. It is pretty easy to spot the saplings here and the mighty oaks so now it's up to you to decide how many more fires you need to endure to climb up and out or if you're willing to burn up yet again. Either way, you win and either way, you lose, it just depends on how you're looking at it. Are you seeing through the eyes of the child of god or as the god mind itself? When you get this, you're not so angry at the saplings knowing full well they will have to experience the same fires you did by their own choice. At the end of the day, everything you experience is your choice and yes, you're only doing it to yourself and aren't you glad you're not a sapling anymore? Yeah, I thought so be

continued....mwahs, kate!