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Attention: Teachers/Any/All School Staff;

While this information WILL come as a shock to you, it is FACTUAL and requires YOUR education in these matters inasmuch as education is your claimed "forté". No-one is more enslaved than the one that claims freedom while in ignorant blindness of unseen chains.

My fundamental position is to never lie or accept lies from others inasmuch as I was raised this way and maintained this position of my own free will choice and maintain this with my children as well. If you are challenging my child, you are, in fact, challenging me and here are a few facts that you need to know lest you harm me or any child in any way, even where you can't imagine how you could be harming anyone by just "doing your job" and "following the status quo" which I simply call the "Lemming mindset", something that all of humanity has been lulled and duped into.

1. My/Any/All children are NOT a LEGAL NAME/legal entity regardless of your "legal brainwashing" and/or "beliefs", I only deal in knowing, not believing blindly.

2. Any/All attempts to insist on a LEGAL NAME from any/all human beings, regardless of age is AIDING AND ABETTING ANOTHER INTO THE COMMISSION OF FRAUD.

3. Any/all attempts to CONTRACT with a MINOR is FRAUD and DECEPTION and is NULL AND VOID, even by your "system's" own rules and every time you "take attendance/ROLL CALL" is CONTRACTING with a MINOR. (This is a basis of/standard charge for any/all PEDOPHILES btw...just an fyi.)

4. Without any/all LEGAL NAMES, the school/s (CROWN OWNED CORPORATIONS as REGISTERED) the CROWN CORPORATION has no jurisdiction. Do not be deceived; every legal entity be it person, government, court, school, corporation, country et al that are REGISTERED are ALL property of the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON, STATE. In short, they "rule" the paper fiction world that humanity has been duped into thinking exists in reality.

LEGAL MAXIM: LEGALITY IS NOT REALITY. (Their words, not mine.)

While this may be a lot of truth to ingest just be assured of this: I, as well as countless of millions of others are awake to this deception and fraud upon humanity where we teach our children NOT to lie and deceive others and the simple truth is; the LEGAL NAME is a lie! So do NOT force children who are expressing this truth to lie.

Please feel free to do your own research on




and feel free to contact me for any information/direction you may need to avoid undesirable situations, thank you.....

Please note; there is a fascinating and true story of a social worker being arrested in a school on the charge of kidnapping and attempting to aid and abet a child into slavery. This social worker was only released from police custody by using the "no legal name" truth, supplied to her via her father, a judge. She is no longer allowed to exist in the legal name realm (work, bank, credit cards, etc) because if she ever uses that LEGAL NAME again, she will be instantly arrested on the original kidnapping charge....fact...the arresting Sergeant states that, to date (September 2014), she hasn't returned to work or used any legal name perks, like banks, etc. In chess we call this, "rooked"...check it out.