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An Open Letter to kate of gaia

Solstice 2013- Cruci-fiction to Rebirth

While the huddled masses gather around to obey the traditions that each of their respective religions demands they follow, I choose the road of truth without exception. While you think you are celebrating one savior or another's "birthday", you have got it spiritually dead wrong. For the less astute and the less awakened, this is the time of the allegorical cruci-fiction, transplanted by design to have people flowing their full energy in the completely wrong direction but then that's what your masters want you to do.

It is far easier to buckle to peer pressure and keep doing what everybody else is doing but then that's because you're spiritually weak; a child of Babylon. Inasmuch as many of you who will be getting this may be offended, I care not since to you, I have long been dead in your reality and your actions and choices bear this out in your own mirror. So many of you ran for the hills, attacked me, stole from me and with intent on your part, tried to harm me. That was your choice and I accept that as fully as you must also accept that reality.

The only guilt or anger you feel while reading this is one of your own creation because only you can look in your mirror and accept or deny your actions by which you are known to the universe. Yes, I've had my shortcomings, my failures and have done things never to be repeated; that to me, is the real lesson. Every action or lack thereof is full proof and evidence of your intent and only you can see your reflection. There are some of you that didn't run yet so very few but I am now surrounded by millions that also chose to stand in defiance of our fears, our system indoctrinations and chose a different reality more sane than the one the masses lust after.

What is happening right now is not a birth but rather a rebirth where those of us awake to see this truly know what "ye must be born again" was really all about and it's not some fictional fairytale regurgitated year after year by robed deceivers even more ignorant than you. Alas, you are what you believe where I choose to be what I know. Oh, you will whine and rant like any typical fanatic that is emotionally attached to some ridiculous dogma unwilling to accept the fact that you are wrong, dead wrong. You are the literalists, lost in a sea of illusion and wander as children seeking a master to wipe your noses and woe betide people like me ever pointing out your infantile ways. Do you not pay taxes and vote for the psychos that love killing others through war?

That is the exact same thing as donating money to your local pedophile club and getting angry that children are getting raped and how do you stop them. Yes, you are that insane and are causing your own woes with glee. You worship the Whore of Babylon called commerce and feed her constantly, especially at this time of year. You are her child, the dead one since "she" has NAMED you and you fully accept your Mark of the Beast. A legal NAME makes you a child of this dead whore, the CROWN/Crow-n/Crone.

I am gifting you truth, one in defiance of your wayward lusts. Your gift awaits you at if you actually have the stomach or the desire for truth. Go to the writing's page for that or the songs that so many of you know and even had written for you. Perhaps you prefer the insanity of this world and prefer to remain ignorant but you will do so of your own choice and consent. Unfortunately for you, if you choose to look away, the next child that dies as a result of your willful act renders you guilty by association.

I could be gentle about this but the time is over for gentle where I simply love you too much to care about what you think of me. Besides, most of you have already left me for dead anyway. Even the closest and dearest in my life only react when I make an effort to communicate, some with silence, indifference and even malice where I am still seen only as a source of money value. Such is the nature of one who chooses infinity over a seemingly one pass meatstick life only to be repeated since you didn't find the way home. To many of you, I was only important based on what I could give you, be it in material sense where some of you disguised this by actually claiming to be helping me but then, ask yourself your real motives and you'll see for yourself. Did you really want to help me or was there something you wanted to gain by feigning that? Many of you have blamed me for your woes even when you knew my real intent but then, discomfort is not, nor ever will be your forté. Again, may I suggest a mirror since it has been so effective in showing me my own way.

The cruci-fiction of the sun was on the 21st of December, commonly called the winter solstice where the sun is placed upon the Southern Cross. It is "in the tomb" for three days, the three days of darkness referred to by the ancient Mayans where the sun stops moving on the horizon. The sun is reborn on the 25th of December though your pagan masters would have you believe in some literal nonsense because you didn't have the eyes to see this. Well, now you do. My only wish for you is your own rebirth should you choose this or you can simply keep on doing what you're doing to the detriment of your soul where apparently, wars and the slavery of humanity are just peachy in your reality.

You see, I have been through my cruci-fiction where you now have yours to face. Fortunately, I cannot and will not judge another nor can I forgive because forgiveness can only follow judgment of another. Judge not lest ye be judged, and wise words to live by. How far would you go and what would you do to stop the wholesale slaughter of children daily and worldwide? If you knew that supporting any form of legal commerce, you are, in fact, aiding and abetting with consent for this to occur. Sadly, this education requires some effort though most are content to claim that these things are someone else’s problem while you chug back one form of processed poison or another.

Your mind-traps in fear were beyond evident where many of you chose to accept what was written in some news rag by those supporting their uniformed and hidden masters versus asking the one involved what really happened. Your programs went into overdrive only proving just how effective the schools, politics and religions have been embedded in your conscious reality. Given the overall compassionate and loving nature of humanity in general, it is far too difficult for you to actually believe things this evil could exist. That is exactly what this system and its creators thrive on; your apparent innocent naivety.

Don’t you find it odd that someone claiming to be free, asserts their honourable intentions gets instantly attacked, followed, harassed, kidnapped and their life destroyed by the parts of this society that are claiming to be the opposite? Such is the nature of this game where people like me, now in the tens of millions, have been attacked by those who milk you for every bit of energy they can. Here’s a little real world check you can do. Just read your mortgage agreement to see that you are only a tenant because the real owner is the bank manager you cut the deal with where you lent them the money to buy your house that your “interest” payments are the rent part. For most of you, you cannot imagine the level of deception that you are mired in but then you’re too busy punching a clock for a master in a job you hate and only have to pay this system your life. What little that remains, you lustfully go out and buy every manner of commercial nonsense further enslaving your soul, including processed foods that are killing you genetically via GMO.

It is insane that so many of you will be out spending even more money on Boxing Day because draining your resources to buy presents due to guilt isn’t satiated enough. Many of you have shunned me based on the things I shared but you always came to me first when you needed advice regarding many things that served your needs and the system illusions. You wanted to be close to me as a songwriter and performer because of what you perceived I could get and give you to further your personal gains. When you needed help or money with anything and everything you came to me because you could count on me. Yes, you reviled me, shunned me, used me and quite literally shat upon me from great heights when you’re ignorance, greed and fear finally revealed itself in all its putrid ugliness. Yeah, I’d have a hard time dealing with that in the mirror but the truth is, I did and actually chose to fix in me all the things I knew were blemished.

You could always come to me when you needed something, anything because you knew I would always help where I could and, in most cases, far exceeded your expectations but then such is my nature. Even my closest lifelong friends baled in favour of the one friend I trusted the most when he thought shagging my wife was a good idea. I guess I never should have shared my problems with him where he only saw it as his way in. Perhaps my own daughters prefer that kind of role model just like their mother does. Perhaps my daughters’ godparents may take a deeper look into what really happened and their own tenant situation regarding their home. It’s not like I haven’t been exposing the entire system for the corruption and soul slaughter program it is.

While most are still stuck in the silly and childish programs of simply following the herds of humanity via their pre-set holy-days, their rules of plunder and the like, I chose to ask a few deeper, more mature questions. My favourite question as a child still remains today and it’s an easy one word outreach; why? Are you content giving up 95% of your energy in the form of money while you giggle in the glee of insanity of getting to keep the remaining 5%? Far and beyond this literal reality tripe, there is a much bigger and more sinister game afoot where most can’t see the real magic of this realm. The ones that control you and their system know all too well about this and why people like me are so dangerous to their spiritual schemes.

No, you’d much prefer your physical luxuries, your looking good to your peers. You love to have something better than someone else because you have bought into the competitive ego versus the spiritual co-creator. You’re happy being the “dead by consent” legal NAME that owns you and not the other way round. Everything I’ve written here that may be a profound about face in your reality is covered fully, in undeniable and proven detail on my website but then you’re too fucking lazy, ignorant and selfish to even bother, being content with your assisting yet another infanticide. I’ve done the “being popular” game and all that got me was a massing of parasites greedily clinging to my apron strings. I won’t even get into my being transgendered either where that one is way too far outside the box for many. I know this because I spent a lifetime trying to be wrong about my very spirit, never mind the meatstick prison I’ve lived in.

I have learned that anything that makes people responsible for their choices and actions is as a vile poison best left in some closet somewhere and they will fight you to the death to keep it that, especially the cops, the civil servants, the lawyers, judges and politicians. Yet, you will stand in awe as everything I have shared and continue to share will bear out the truth and you will start singing a different tune like I did. Fortunately for you, I am the same as any catalyst; something that creates the reactions but remains unchanged in the process. I am no different in my heart’s intent as you have always known me. I am simply wiser and I flow my gifts on a much grander scale now. Don’t worry, you’ll see. I will no longer wait for those I love to call me, text me or care enough about me to ask if I’m even still alive. They’re far too busy getting on with their illusions, their lusts and all things that amuse them where they have forgotten all the things I did for them, gave to them and still have helping them as my wish.

There is a very rude awakening coming for the masses as this last veil is being shredded exposing the central heart of this darkest of systems where we are in a game of principalities that you are being duped into empowering. You are literally destroying yourselves while you are in contract with the Whore of Babylon. Your left brain monkey is chattering away uselessly keeping you anal-eyes-sing where your mind over rules your heart. Seriously, who are you going to call when you’ve been kidnapped, robbed, imprisoned when it was the cops, the civil servants, the judges, banks etc. were the ones that did it? Did you even know that you elect the chief magistrate for a city called the mayor and every official within their city juris-fiction is acting for them by proxy? Naw, I didn’t think so but now you do.

Morpheus in the Matrix was a pussy when you get to the game level we’re finally playing at but you’re all sleepy children needing your bums wiped by your chosen masters, duly elected and contracted with by your own consent. There are countless of us now who literally laugh at all those who are trying to get “justice” while still using their original sin legal name that has everyone committing fraud by using someone else’s copyrighted property. Yup, it was handy being a writer where understanding copyright fiction laws was required. Some of you, if you got this far, are probably thinking I’m being bitter where the truth is, I am deeply saddened knowing what you are doing to yourselves but then there is always countless lifetimes as a slave to suffer through to make sure that you might get this one day or simply vanish from existence and consciousness altogether.

While you may be celebrating an illusory savior’s birth that was pure allegorical, I am living my own rebirth. As a side note from the Bible allegory book; Christ was saying BE ME, not WORSHIP ME. I find it hilarious that so many of you claim to be a “christian” and follow churchianity dogma that teaches the exact opposite of what your supposed savior (who isn’t coming to save you btw) was trying to tell you. The allegorical Jesus was doing exactly what I’m doing now where “he” was crucified for the same things I’m sharing with you now. And you call yourselves “Christians”? Lol. We are now in Revelations 18 anagogically, not literally. That is also on my website. The New World Order that everyone has been saying is coming is actually here and has been for thousands of years. That’s the easiest way to keep people off the trail, by keeping on insisting that it’s coming when people are already under its spell.

Whether or not I hear from you now or later, you will be eating crow regardless, this is a foregone conclusion. There will be countless CROWN servants going to the FEMA camps we built for them where they had a choice up until now. Now, their door is closed and the harvest they have sown will be theirs to enjoy. What ye sow, so shall ye reap or the more common defining of the golden rule which is “what goes around, comes around”. You cannot escape your choices and your actions, that is an immutable universal law where the Maxim of Law states; “Legality is not reality”. Oh, Woe to ye lawyers and scribes indeed. If you can turn off your TV’s long enough to look for yourself, these truths will be borne out, difficult as they are to swallow.

This road is narrow and it’s no wonder why you missed it before but you are being given the ultimatum now of responsibility of knowledge where ignorance isn’t and never was an excuse for wrongdoings. I can make it even easier where you can tune in every night to my show and get information in real time as we destroy the whore of Babylon you worship so keenly. There is no fence here to sit on, no almost being pregnant where your very existence now is at stake. Congratulations to you if you made it this far where the most guilty of whore serving stopped reading or listening long ago. I am willing to let even my most beloved of people go since it is their choice. To them, as shown in their actions/inactions, I was dead long ago and of no further monetary use. To those that felt the need to pick me clean, kick me when I was down, betray me for their lusts and left me to bleed in the wilderness, I am eternally grateful because without those tests passed, I never would have gotten to this point of awakening this planet fully.

You will have to be the one to come to terms with your choices, not me. You will be the one to look in the mirror versus blaming me for your woes where my only intent was the betterment of all. I’ve been that way all my life. To my daughters, sue, my friends and family, I bid you a fond farewell until the day you come to terms with your own choices. Any replies to this will simply be deleted now since you are dead to me as well in the mirror you’re reflecting. To all of you, the very few, who actually stood with me, without ulterior motives in your heart, I salute you and thank you for your purity of spiritual intent. You are the ones that carried me as I carried you where this world will never be the same. Thank you for being a star in yours and my movie. For those closest to me, you have no idea how hard it was for me to not simply bow down again to send you notes but I had to see for myself just how much I really mattered to you where I now know I don’t.

These are the neutral reflections in my mirror, ones without emotion attached to let you see yourselves as I see you and myself. No, the songs I write now are for all, as they have always been but without any audible music. I assure you, my heart is singing but you have silenced yours and the strains of muse are lost to you fully. You have a choice to change your course that is being steered by another’s intent or you can be the Row-man for the slave Crone’s boat. Where I was always the one to call first, to be there when asked, I am no longer there in the same way that a certain character was asked to sacrifice their own child and everything they had. If I had known then what I know now as to what I would have to endure at the hands of the ones I loved the most and those serving the Satanistic legal/religions (literally), I likely would have never walked this road but hindsight has taught me better and why I’m glad I didn’t know. I likely wouldn’t have had the guts to walk this road given the perceived cost of it. The good news is, you won’t have to where many have cleared away the bullshit of this reality. All you have to do is choose either of the following; love or fear, you cannot serve two masters in any realm of singularity.

I bid you all farewell and fair well since I only ever wished the best for each and every one of you. My actions of benevolence have shown that clearly. One last question for you all. If you knew which cards were coming up and you knew you had a winning hand, how much would you bet on it? The only winning hand in any reality is truth and the seeking thereof where the universe loves a courageous being and destroys cowards via free willed choice. Enjoy your lusts, desires, ignorance, hate, fear, greed and the like while you destroy your spirit here in the physical illusion but don’t look for me in your next lifetime because I won’t be here. Would you waste your time trying to help you again? Nope, me either….London’s bridge is fallen down and Rome is burning while Venice/Venus sinks into the Adriatic Sea never to rise again, at least not in my reality. Now, back to your pre-sents and celebrating, the dark masters that have you duped are loving all the energy you’re feeding them to keep them in existence for you who are enslaved, where they’re long gone from me…Demons?...Yes, they are the de mons, the “of me’s” so time for a little spiritual exorcise non?....

much love, kate….