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Silencing of the Law-mbs by kate of gaia

If every letter can be silent in one word, therefore it can and must be silenced in ALL whirreds as one sees fit/phi-Te, the creation of love which is the law-ve’ or law or lah which becomes the know-Te of love.

1. a is silent in each, earth, ear. 2. b is silent in bomb, lamb. 3. c is silent in where k, s, ch, f, ph, are corresponding letters creating same sounds or silence. 4. d is silent bridge. 5. e is silent in bride. 6. f is silent in where g and h are silent (laughter). 7. g is silent in laughter. 8. h is silent in laughter. 9. I is silent in void/vowed. 10. j is silent in that it mimics g and is an h in jorge’. 11. k is silent in know/now, knew/new. 12’ l is silent in should or wood/would. 13. m is silent in mnemonic and always silent at the beginning of a word with mn. 14. n is silent in damn. 15. o is silent in colonel. 16. p is silent in phone. 17. q is silent in all aspects of the k sound. 18. r is silent in lever’. 19. s is silent in island, aisle, debris. 20. t is silent in debut, ballet, castle. 21. u is silent in blood. 22. v is silent in of. 23. w is silent in double you and know. 24. x is silent in faux pas. 25. y is silent in say. 26. z is silent in rendezvous.

Inasmuch as every letter can be silenced, therefore, so will the intent be silenced. We have long assumed and presumed the sounds of our whirreds by another’s definition and the habits deeply ingrained in us as children. There are no grammatical notes regarding the pronunciation of any letters where we assume what is written versus knowing what is written and our intent is owned by someone else’s intent. For me, all definitions must be made clear where no assumption or presumption is tolerated.

As a measure of how much programming we are involved in, simply lift a piece of paper with writing on it and see if you can hear the words. So what is the paper really saying? Nothing, it is we who give life to someone else’s spell by agreeing that sigils can actually talk. Sheer insanity and easy to see how we can be steered and heard-dead where our ka-te-el/cattle is used against us and it’s our own doing. There are no enemies here. YOPU are the n-M/E…the magnetic/electric mine who creates your reality.

It’s as simple as holding any document up to your ear and really hear what is being said and just who gives life to the spells after all? You are spellbound to the degree that you accept and only accept the literal definitions created with the intents of another as their spell. Remember, spiritual contracts are made and sealed in the mind first, then the physical effect is displayed. In this regard, one is also a psychopath to how polarised one is in seeing only good or evil versus the singularity of them both existing at the same time where only your perspective changes the interpretation. If you accept a word as only a positive or a negative then you are a psi-co-path to that degree so keep that in mind any time you call someone or anyone a psychopath because that will be your contrast AND the M/E-roar or the mire-au-r…Only the most polarised fill jobs in government offices, uniforms and the like because they are following and obeying things that harm not only others, but themselves. These are the five year old mental retards I refer to walking around the playground with flamethrowers and Uzi’s going off and they think that’s a good thing. Psychopaths of the lowest order.

When you understand that you can change the very intent of a word using sound, you’ll begin to see your spellbinding and thus, your freedom from it. Let me share a few words written solely based on sound and toss the spellings to the wind. What you will hear is far from what is spelled and the literal jibberish I see any single language as being versus the god tongue we all can speak and thus, change the intent and the very creation of the whirled or spiral around you; literally. Take four exam-pull watt ewe are here-ing know?

Duhs it sow-nd N/E diff-errant than watt eye was just se’ing bee fore? Ewe like-lee halveent herd N/E-thing re-mote-lee contra-sting in the for-M/E’s U/V the sound butt aye assyour ewe, gnaw-thing eye halve writ-10 hear is eve-n clause two watt aye am se’-ying know is it?

This is Y won must play shoe and tell with M/E too full E gr-asp mai in-10-shuns. Are ewe star-ting two get the picked-your yet? This is Y the let-her chills and only the whirred will sept U frea. Wyle watt I am se-ying is cle-ar E-nuff, won can knot beg-in to X-plane the grave-I-Te knorr the cigg-niphi-cants U/V thys po-wear. This is wear dreams cum tru ore wear knight-mayors X-cyst. When eye rite any-thin-g now, it is writ-N as purr my de-Phoenicians wear the in-10-Te is quept se-cure and awl uther spiels are de-s-troy-ed remoo-ving the oar-ridge-in-all psi-N. This is the ma-ster quay of create-IO-n verses createshun. Aye will Cher a phew che fray-se’s that eye luck four and then billed the sent-ents’s bach-wards. There is know plaice lie-k hohm.

Since the literal world is created with anagogic allegory, it becomes easier to create your reality with this simple understanding that is intricately complicated. The first thing we all have to do is realise that this is a game of “can I get your goat” show and nothing more. All of the emotional strings connected to you are as the strings on Pinnocchio and what was that quest all about? It is about the journey of a puppet or puppa, depending on how you pronounce it but once you start resounding a whirred you begin to see what a resounding success really is. Remember, this about listening, not reading since any words on a page are dead and only your agreeing to speak them as is, creates the life within them as per someone else’s definitions. Ity is time for us to redefine our realities according to making god in our own image, after our own likeness as was so clearly stated but mirrored by organ-eyes’d religions.

Here are a couple of key things I listen for. All these prefixes and suffixes mean “mind” as per the ancient mystical ways; ship, mined, hood, ment, meant, ent, ents, ence, ants and every inst-ents they appear in sound, regardless of spelling. It is the SOUND that creates, not the words and why one must begin to hear things as only sounds and not whirreds or you’ll get spun back in where I’m trying to spin you out. Anytime I see (se’) the spellings/hearings of say, se’, ce’ I use the latin form of himself, herself, itself or simply; creation. As alreadty shgown, every letter can be silenced where YOU se’e phi-Te/fit. This is the 180 turned spell of “fight” into “phi-te. The letters “e and a” are used as their corresponding sigils of 6 and 9 in the mirror, the yin and yang.

The word/sound of love is the law of truth when you know how to pronounce it where “lo” can be sounded as law as in to lob a holy hand grenade at the crucified rabbi (rabbit) where “T” can be the note(know-Te) of love or the cross of cruci-fiction, thus, the true double cross. The letters “ve’ “ is truth from verily as shown in the open arms of “V” into 9, consciousness. The spelling of “nine” se’s it all. N is a letter to show infinite (nth) and is used as a con-junk-shun meaning “it’s mine” so nine means my i/eye/aye, my creation/t-Io-n. I’m going to keep this one short because you have a little playing to do for yourself to unlock your own spellbinding where I can only show you clues as to how to see it. I’ll close with pronounce and show you how critically important pro-Nun-seehex-shun it is. Pro, means for in latin and an expert at something. Noun becomes now-n or now mine and ce’ becomes se’/say which is create-ion itself so that word now means exactly what it intended to mean from source; for my now creation, for now, my creation where the sound of shun is removed and the goddess void IO becomes mine and my intent as I choose it. There is much more but then the book of life is infinite and the one I am writing where I’ll leave those who only read from the book of the dead to carry themselves out. Easy peasy,

much love, kate, the spirit of law-ve’.