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Reply from and to BC government

Dear, I, who shall not be named:

Your email dated September 17, 2013, received by the Ministry of Justice, has been forwarded to me for response. I am responding on behalf of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Of course you are because no crooked boss will ever take the heat for anything they can toss down onto one of their dogs like you. That is merely a statement of fact, not a personal slight since your bosses have many dogs to throw under their busses.

Your email and the assertions made in it do not create any enforceable rights against the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Government of British Columbia or anyone else. Whatever enforceable rights you may have arise from and under the law of British Columbia and Canada as interpreted by the courts. Those rights are always subject to the limits of the law.

You see dear Geoff, you're truly missing the point but then anyone who responds with a "nyah nyah you can't touch me/us" as their opening statement only confirms what I know to be true where only the guilty of crimes against humanity are concerned. I need no courts to "prove" anything inasmuch as your own heart as well as the hearts of others enslaving humanity is already known by your actions; those acts cannot be taken back, only balanced via universal law, not your "man-made” illusional ones. In short, what goes around, comes around, no effort on my part required, quite simple really.

As for your obligations under law, while you are in this province you are subject to all of the laws of Canada and British Columbia, including those with respect to your conduct while you are here or any property you may have here. If you engage in conduct that is contrary to the law of Canada or British Columbia, you will be subject to whatever penalties or remedies that the law may provide.

Unfortunately for you and the rest of your fraudulent system, you need a "PERSON" to be "subject" or to "re-side" in one of your fictional "regions". I have no sworn or oathed allegiances, pledges or the like to your fictional corporate governments, to do so would render me a dead fictional character in your silly little play called Admiralty/Phoenician/Mercantile/Commerce courts/churches (same thing btw, look it up).

As far as "property" goes, anything claimed as owned by me, the living being, would instantly render me a thief to claim something "REGISTERED" to the CROWN silly. The same thing applies to you but then only B.A.R. TEMPLE members have "right of copyright use". I find it amusingly ironic that you and your fellow deceivers are concerned about mine or anyone else's conduct when you should be more concerned with your own mirror and how you and those enslaving humanity are conducting yourselves with things like human trafficking, fraud, child kidnapping, grand thefts etc. against those you purport to "serve". Where you are concerned with laws contrary to fictional states, you should be more concerned with the injuries these delusions are causing your fellow man, not some dead fictional corporation created in a back room somewhere for fools to pledge their souls to because of their own personal greed and tendency towards sociopathic psychopathy.

This letter constitutes a specific refusal by the Government of British Columbia and any other officials of the Government of British Columbia to whom your email may refer to accept, agree to or be bound by the alleged legal outcomes asserted in that email. It also constitutes a general reservation of the rights of the Government of British Columbia and its officials in response to your email.

Of course it does because truth in this matter is a terrifying thing for those, like you, that have something to fear being exposed. Since you are preaching your "laws", you are obligated to them and one of those is contract is deemed accepted via the mail, be it physical or electronic. There can be NO legal outcomes where universal law is concerned and where no contract is in place to bind or create "joinder" with anyone that is not one of your "persons/surety" where that consent MUST be in place BEFORE the law has any effect. In short, to play YOUR game, one must be a willing and consenting "legal person/fool etc." You see my friend, this is not about you or your cohorts being dethroned, this is about taking down your entire house of cards worldwide and unfortunately for you and your "team-mates", the masses have this most basic truth now on a most spiritual of contracts level.

That refusal and reservation of rights also apply to anything in or arising from any similar correspondence that you may have sent to officials of the Government of British Columbia in the past, or that you may send to them in the future, without any need for future response by any such official.

I am not interested in yours or any other fictional entity's "response" inasmuch as I'm used to watching cowards run when faced with the most basic of truths that undermine their illusional authority. This is the fundamental flaw when a system is built entirely on a deception and fraud to literally steal the minds, bodies and souls of those you and your cohorts insist you are serving. It is only important to me that I let you and your worldwide partners know that I and countless millions of others are awakened to this ruse and treachery. I truly understand your fear inasmuch as there are countless millions that are less vengeful than me where I wish no harm upon anyone and where much harm has been done to myself, my family and the rest of humanity under this yolk of slavery you defend, support and uphold with your spiritual consent. No, my friend, this isn't about me and you anymore, this is about you and humanity as a collective whole and how YOU conduct yourself with regards to YOUR choices to continue or help end this slavery of your fellow man.

If you commence or are otherwise involved in any legal proceedings in which you intend to assert positions of the sort referred to in your email, you must deliver notice in accordance with Rule 4-3(devil) of the Supreme Court Civil Rules. For more information on the rules of the court and how to access the applicable forms, you may wish to access the Clicklaw website at: In addition, a guidebook called “Transition to New Supreme Court Rules” pertaining to civil, non-family, claims is available at the website of the Justice Education Society at:

Again, I have no interest in "legal proceedings" for that is the realm of the dead and to engage in such things is merely a continuation of the frauds I and humanity have been deceived into performing via the original sin of the CROWN (VATICAN CITY, STATE, CITY OF LONDON, STATE, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE) which is the deception of mothers and fathers to REGISTER their children and render them dead fictional persons unknowingly as a result. I have no need of any of your fictional church/state courts to "assert" any position where my position is quite clear to me, and as well to yourself or you wouldn't have spent so much time trying to "assert" your feigned authority redirecting everything back to the very courts that have NO jurisdiction over me. Such a typical lawyer tactic and one that is quite visibly in fear of this truth otherwise your obvious "side-stepping" of this most critical truth that sets man free would not make up the entire body of your RE-PLY. It also helps to know Phoenician law" as it pertains to the trickery contained within the sounds of the words where "spellings" are indoctrinated into mankind.

You may be interested in a ruling of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in a case known as Szoo’ v.

RCMP 2011 BCSC 696. In her Reasons for Judgment dated May 31, 2011, the Honourable Madam Justice H. C. Hyslop found that Wayne James Szoo’s claim against the RCMP, which relied on assertions of law and legal rights similar to those asserted in your email, failed to disclose a cause of action known to law.

An electronic copy of those Reasons can be accessed at:

Actually, no, I'm not interested because it is a ruling based in fraud from a fraudulent system where the ruling could not exist without the courts knowingly aiding and abetting anyone via the LEGAL NAME fraud. Unfortunately, the being fraudulently acting as WAYNE JAMES SZOO did not know how to expose the system/court's fraud at the time of that fictional ruling. This is the "failed to disclose a cause of action known to law" you are referring to which is the INTENT by the CROWN via REGISTRATION deception/aiding and abetting via non-disclosure of this little fact of law. If there is anything that interests me, that is it and now that that fact is DISCLOSED and thank you for making it so easy to show you. Perhaps you'll pop by that link and add this "new to you" information. There is but one law I stand in and that is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" where I choose to make my mirror reflection stainless whereupon I have no wish to harm or injure my fellow man. By your actions, YOU are known and there is no legal NAME to hide behind.

If you need advice about your legal rights and options, you may consider contacting a lawyer in private practice. If you wish to consult a lawyer in British Columbia, you have the option of calling the Lawyer Referral Service at: 1-800-663-1919 (604-687-3221 outside British Columbia). This service, provided by the Canadian Bar Association, can refer you to a lawyer in this province who can be consulted for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus applicable taxes. Information about the Lawyer Referral Service is available from the Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch website at

No, I do not need nor do I wish for any advice from you or anyone who has sworn an oath of fealty to a corporate king/queen/master etc./ a dead fictional character that is placed above their duty to their fellow man. Again, I see these as sociopathic and psychopathic in the same way that I view a serial killer or child rapist. Those that aid and abet in these crimes of omission are as guilty as the ones committing the crimes themselves. I also found it amusing in how many times you deferred the responsibility of your actions AND the ones you are speaking on BEHALF of thus rendering your words, theirs. In effect, one stone, three birds so thank you for making that easy as well. All B.A.R. TEMPLE members serve the fictional CROWN wear I choose to wear my own real one.

I trust that this information will be helpful. Very.........

Sincerely, (sin-cerebrum-lie....phonics made easy)

Geoff Moyse

Acting Assistant Deputy Attorney General (indeed you are ACTING though unfortunately, your performance doesn't rate an Oscar nomination. I'm afraid acting of this caliber doesn't even rate being an "extra" in this movie where all the world's a stage. It's funny, the very NAME your fictional world seeks is the very proof of the INTENT to commit fraud anyone needs to expose these crimes against humanity and fortunately for humanity; we caught on. Interesting to note that Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter of July 11th, 2013 effectively removed ALL immunity under Roman Curia, the very basis upon which ALL corporations could exist at all. So much for that final layer of protection eh?)