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Registry Fraud Letter and Acceptance

From: katherine of gaia []

Sent: 13 April 2013 22:49

To: GRO General Enquiries

Subject: Non-disclosure and fraudulent deception


To whom it may concern,

Where intent of my words belongs solely with me, assumptions otherwise are fraud. Find attached two documents written by myself outlining the nature of the fraud that has been perpetrated, first upon my parents (deceased) with non-disclosure of the facts surrounding registering an offspring, and perpetuated, through them, to me, where this fraud is brought into view whereas the CROWN/VATICAN is concerned and guilty of misleading by means of non-disclosure of the ramifications of all licenses, birth certificates, negotiable instruments etc. by church or state, that they felt, but we're never obligated to enter into and never would have entered by free will choice if full disclosure had been offered. As a result of that deception/non-disclosure, my parents unknowingly aided and abetted myself and my sister into lifelong fraud/contempt of court in all our actions with any and all use of the NAME sold/registered to the CROWN/VATICAN my sister and I were made to believe was ours when, in fact, is CROWN COPYRIGHT, as stated clearly on the copy of the birth certificates where any use of that NAME is fraud, false identity, stolen identity, contempt of court etc. ad infinitum. For further clarification of this, the attached documents outline this clearly where it has been my wish to not commit fraud where the AGENTS of your state insists I do based on its ignorance of this fact and are thus furthering the commisions of fraud via all and any documents thereafter. This information was duly confirmed by the British High Consulate in Ottawa Canada whereupon I was able to procure an emergency passport to take my dad's ashes back home to Ireland in 2011. Also note that I have my own name and is not, nor ever will be given (gift) to any state or church in any legal sense and does not resemble the one owned by the CROWN

COPYRIGHT where a mistaken identity or gender may or is concerned. I look forward to your correcting this fraud immediately and await correspondence confirming your actions in this matter lest the fraud leave you with "unclean hands", kate.



Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:42:07 +0100

Subject: RE: Non-disclosure and fraudulent deception


Thankyou for your correspondence.


To/for ALL this concerns

On/for all records, your complete and absoute acquiesence in this matter is accepted whereby ALL use of the TITLE/NAME etc. et al of WILFRED KEITH THOMPSON as registered CROWN COPYRIGHT via fraudulent and deliberate non-disclosure upon my fiduciary Mother and beneficiary Father is rendered null and void, nunc pro tunc since its inception on Gregorian calendar date of June 18th, 1964 where all contracts entered into on/before/around that date by myself/me or any living being/soul that has been/is aided/aiding/abetting/abetted in this fraud's proliferation by using this TITLE/NAME in any/all contracts with WILFRED KEITH THOMPSON have done/are doing so by omission or commission of the true facts of the fraud that it is/has been/will be from the inception/intent to commit fraud knowingly/unknowingly where ignorance is not nor ever will be a defence from/of universal laws of nature or any man made "laws/legal statutes" that defy those of creator/creation itself.

This TITLE/NAME now must be purged from all records and all profits/monies created must be destroyed/returned whereas it was never placed in a lawful repositoy, nor full ramifications ever disclosed where all those that have laid claims against WILFRED KEITH THOMPSON have done so in absolute fraud by commission/omission ab initio. My fiduciary Mother and beneficiary Father, now deceased, gave me my voice where I WILL speak for them as their last will and testament as the true fruit of their divine contracts/labours/intent where they were wilfully defrauded, without disclosure, for the entirety of their lives where I was aided and abetted to commit fraud by them as a result of their/my bein wilfully deceived . May the creator of all have mercy upon your souls for wishing ill upon all living men/women/chidren a well as those who are now deceased. I wish and will upon you the divine golde rule that you receive abundantly all that you have wished upon me and all who have suffered under this fraud now exposed for the mis-take it is. A fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc...kate.