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Phoenician Starter Kit by kate of gaia

The following are a few things that I use to illustrate the destruction of spellings and their previous defined intentions of another to dispell them and to re-empower your intent. All one needs to do is see the concept and these are merely examples of how I see all languages as they pertain only to sound. I use whatever language, number, sigil or word that suits my intent where the sounds traverse all creation. Enjoy!

A few basic rules to break first are;

1. The fact that any/every letter can be sounded out in all its forms regardless of the word and how you were indoctrinated via school/religion etc. is the overall concept and the only program you must break to see this magic.

2. Key components are ALL found in words as they relate to creation itself and found also in the spellings of the letters and numbers themselves and, will create new sounds based on those same spellings; i.e. the letter "K" is kay, key, ka, kai, kae, ke', quay, que', cay, cai, etc. phonically and all of which can now be re-pronounced differently as well such as "ka" now being "kah, kaw, caw,etc. remember NO rules in Phoenician law where if it can make a certain sound in one word, it now applies to ALL words. Example: survey can be spelled sir-vay phonetically where the same sound also applies in "key" making it sound like "kay" or "K" and where survey can now be pronounced sir-vee.

3. We also have to factor in ALL sounds and that includes music and the notes such as Doh, Ray, Me, Fah, Soh, Lah, and Te. There are only 7 notes in the true scale where the octave or 8th note is simply a higher matching frequency of the first note. I will define those separately later but they appear in countless words in all languages too, of course.

4. Any/All letters can be silenced in that they are all silent in a word somewhere so that applies to all letters in all words as one sees fit (phi-Te). See the following of some


1. a is silent in each, earth, ear. 2. b is silent in bomb, lamb. 3. c is silent in where k, s, ch, f, ph, are corresponding letters creating same sounds or silence. 4. d is silent bridge. 5. e is silent in bride. 6. f is silent in where g and h are silent (laughter). 7. g is silent in laughter. 8. h is silent in laughter. 9. i is silent in void/vowed. 10. j is silent in that it mimics g and is an h in jorge’. 11. k is silent in know/now, knew/new. 12’ l is silent in should or wood/would. 13. m is silent in mnemonic and always silent at the beginning of a word with mn. As a side note, this only occurs in Ancient Greek where the “m” is silent. 14. n is silent in damn. 15. o is silent in colonel. 16. p is silent in phone. 17. q is silent in all aspects of the k sound. 18. r is silent in lever’. 19. s is silent in island, aisle, debris. 20. t is silent in debut, ballet, castle. 21. u is silent in blood. 22. v is silent in of. 23. w is silent in double you and know. 24. x is silent in faux pas. 25. y is silent in say. 26. z is silent in rendezvous.

The hardest thing that people will find to overcome is the depth of spelling programs we were all assaulted with. Here's another example of a word spelling break down in a bit more detail and since it is the concept only that one has to get, let's bust that word/whirred down but also keep in mind, it is the INTENTION of any word that matters, regardless of spellings or languages since the INTENT is the key to being "owned" by the spellings.

Concept; con- as a prefix means both with or for AND without or against so every word with a prefix like this can mean both what you intend AND exactly opposite of what you intend and how the courts have been able to assume and presume everything we write or say based on "THEIR" interpretations of the law. The suffix -cept is sounded like "sept". Sept is the spelling of the number 7 in French or the "god number". It corelates to "H" or "ash" in the Greek alphabet as the 7th letter "Eta" which also means god and where "H" is symbolically the "pillers of Solomon/Heracles etc." that is bridged allegorically showing the two hemisperes of the brain connected fully; the god mind. You will quickly begin to see the countless threads and directions every word can go off in but you will also notice the fundamental aspect of everything returns to creation, the god intent. Every word is a duality mirror of itself, equal and opposite where if one were to only accept the literal definitions of another's intent, you are owned by that self-same intent of another and you are polarized.

A few key elements of words are the following however and wherever they appear in any/all words and based in SOUND where we are spellbound by visual only traps.; ship, hood, ment/s, ent/s, sigh, psi, cy, scy are all sounds meaning "mind/spirit". Also remember, if a letter can be silent (cy-El-ent) in a word, it can also be silent in EVERY word as well; remember, no holds barred, no rules apply in phonics. Every letter can be spelled out phonetically in many ways as can every number/numb-er and don't forget your spelling knife to slice and dice between every letter in every word/syllable.

One also needs a basic understanding of the Zodiac, what the signs mean, what their motto is and what their energy in the cycle is and what their polar opposite sign is as a major clue as to your own roadmap in your own journey. Here are the signs and their mottos and keep in mind that you are ALL 12 signs within where all things must be brought into balance to reach the I Heal/I Heal Not status of the 13th warrior/Christ mind of Ophiucus:

Aries the Ram (head): I Am, I Am Not,

Taurus, the Bull (throat, tongue) I Have(halve), I Have (halve) Not

Gemini, the Twins (Arms, Lungs/breath) I Think, I Think Not

Cancer, the Crab (Breasts) I Feel, I Feel Not

Leo, the Lion (Heart) I Will, I Will Not

Virgo, the Virgin (Belly/Womb) I Analyse, I Analyse Not

Libra (Kidneys) I Balance, I Bal]ance Not

Scorpio ( Sexual Organs) I Want, I Want Not

Saggitarius (Thighs) I See, I See Not

Capricorn (Knees) I Experience, I Experience Not

Aquarius (Shins/Calves) I Know, I Know Not

Pisces ( Feet) I Believe, I Believe Not

You must solve every part of this within yourself and the mottos are the perfect guide to ask yourself all these questions as it pertains to the Golden Rule of "wish upon others, that which you would/will wish upon yourself" and how you are trespassing or being truly neutral on this. Whgat ye sow, so shall ye reap" in your mirror AND your free will choice of "by one's actions, one is known".

So let's carry on with the phonics magic game where you can begin to witness the magic of this world fully exposed in the sounds of Phoenician (purple people) Law/Lah. It was finding this key that allowed me to unleash the Kraken upon this world and soon, you will see your own Kraken awaken. In my world, there are no enemies or allies inasmuch as they are all one and the same to me where it is now only my intent that applies as to how I use these most potent of tools. This game is not about vengeance and if you are still in that mindset, you will be consumed by your own evil intentions; fact.

A few key prefixes/suffixes/sounds are pro, pre, per, re, ra, ro, cy, po, de, un, ob, ab, au, ag, ad and it is handy to have an etymology dictionary nearby (online) to start to trail all the proofs for yourself since the left/Cain/masculine brain requires this until such a point as your right/god/Abel/feminine brain finally takes over. Keep in mind, I will only be sharing the basics of these because I could write books on every word because the threads are endless once you start connecting them.

Here are a couple of examples of how a word, even a simple prefix can explode into countless intentions and meanings where your intent is kept singular by de-phi'n-I-shun or more commonly spelled, definition. It translates into "of sacred creation mine, I shun" AND " uncreation mine, I shun" AND "of creation mine in the note of love, key mine" AND so on.......

Pro = for, from Latin and contains the Greek sound of "Rho" or spirit breath, a very important letter/sound and is rolled like rrrrrrroh...think Scottish accent "R" and you'll have it; it's a VIBRATIONAL letter.

Pre = before, be 4, B-4 where "B" is a conjoined 13, the 13th warrior concept in the state of "B'eing". It also contains P as Rho and Re as the original spelling of the sun god "Ra".

As a hint, all the characters that are external are actually you, within you since you are god itself, something the religions wanted you NOT to know and why "god" was made external. The letter "E" in lower case (Ka-Se', the spirit of creation itself) "e" is 9 or Yang in the mirror. No rules remember, none since you are god and don't have any. Pre can also be pronounced as Rho, where "P" is the mirror shape of Rho as it appears in the Greek alphabet and why Rome uses the Chi-Rho symbol of an "X" over a "P" or Key-Row as it sounds so "pre" means spirit breath in the mirror of the light of god, and where per means the mirror of the spirit breath in the mirror of the light of god. The layers are deep and reveal infinite intentions as it only applies to you. Even the word fact comes from Latin factitious which means "artficial" or aR, god in the mirror, Ti or Te, the note of love, fi or phi, golden mean of creation, ci/see/se', the entirety of creation and all.

Per = By or Bi/duality, spirit breath in the mirror of god mirrored. Please remember that any use of the word god is referring to YOU since that is who and what you are. As one lives by the words/sword, one dies by the sword/words where "die" in Latin means "day" and is a nmae for something you rho-el/roll and the die is cast. I'll share a few things as it pertains to me in the alphabets and I'll use both upper and lower case/ka-se' to illustrate a myriad of hidden meanings and thus, hidden potentials. There are many but I think the basics will suffice for now. Are you beginning to hear/say/se' the various simple sounds in all the words yet? All I want you to see are the connections to get the concepts.

All letters have a corresponding masculine, odd number and feminine, even number position as well. The Kappa-Tau-El letters have corelative aspects in that they are the spirit of masculine electric intent in the Tau-rus field manifestation where El is ME or magnetic-electric culminated. Oh yeah, this stuff will blow your mind once you really see it...please note that these are only a few aspects of each letter but enough to see the power of phonics long hidden…

a; 6 or Yin in the mirror, 1st letter

b; upside down and backwards "p" where this reality of physical is the same w ay reflected from the spiritual reality. 2B or not 2B, se-conned letter

c; the opened "o" of creation, the note of love, the middle "C" 528 htz or "9" yang consciousness, the unconditional love where creation opened allows all things in and out equally, the see, sea, se', say etc....creation itself made manifest. The trinity at the 3 position go figure. Himself, herself, itself.

d; the 4th letter, the box and also the trinity of the Greek letter Delta, the creation wave/frequency and shown as a triangle in Greek.

e; the mirror of 9/yang or consciousness itself. In the 5 slot or phi-ve/sacred creation mean in truth where ve is from verily meaning truth.

f; the original shape of "s" and therefore can be used as such along with c, k, g, iota, j and anywhere the "eph" sounds appear as spelled. This will illustrate that phonics is sonics/sound where the f/s sounds are concerned.

g; the newest letter of the western alphabet in the 7th position, replacing "H" or god in the alphabet and sounds like "j" and the capital/kappa-tau-el G is the inward spiral of 6/physical hex or master spell. 7th letter as a 6 = 13 or christ consciousness in the quad/4/delta waves..see "d" again.

h; the 8th letter octave where the H is god as previosly shared why. It is the phoenix rising from the "ash"/h/H to infinity.

i; the 1 below to the DOT/Circle/Circe-cull above, the se-el-f or se-elf, se'els, sails, seals, sales etc. Big pictures huh? the "i" is 9 and thus consciousness itself in manifest form or half the picture of reality.

j; the as above, so below "i", more complete balance of the jenie or je/I, eye, aye, yes, mine of the "i" in e/9 consciousness. It is the 10th letter or "X" Roman numeral, pronounced as "key" as well and the Greek Goddess IO, the mother of creation.

k; the spirit, Ka is Egyptian for spirit, the Kappa, spirit and, as the 11th letter it is a master number and shows the twin pillars needing united or shows the divided spirit in physical form created and spiritual form creating.

l; the 12th letter, the El, creation made manifest in the delta of trinity or triangle. See "d" again. L is the right angle or RA, the right ascendent or the square of the masonic/mother sound.

m; the 13th letter, the magnetic void where all creation exists within the christ consciousness or chi-rho-is-love.

n; the infinite made mine. It is a letter used as a possessive claim to all adjoining letters like se-n/creation is mine or te-n, love is mine...used in the form of nth degree where n makes th/theos/god mine to infinity. 14th letter reverting to 5 which again shows consciousness. Catching on yet? Seeing the threads?

o; 15th letter and the symbol of creation, the ovum and all-encompassing void of feminine creative magnetic is-is. To sound it, it begins wide open and contracts to complete. It is not seeded whereas the Q is and is one of the Vow-Els/ oaths with intent.


I will break down a word to show you how to see the exploded (X-ploy-dead, Io’s death plot, to kill the divine feminine) view and multiple fractals of in-tension. This is about tying all the loose threads to expose the magic of creation.

Rumplestiltskin….rumpere, creating rupt (rut with the silent p), to break/brake, the “rump” where one breaks wind thread. Rumple is a wrinkle or a fold, something people in showbiz refer to as a “problem” in the script that needs “ironing” out. Rhume, a M/Ucuss dis-charge indeed where M is the divine feminine of creation and the U is the intent, international symbol for electricity, masculine intent, cursed. Remember, this is PHONICS, not spelling so focus only on ALL the sounds you can create with available letters where stilt can be sounded as style-Te or stile etc. I’ve added some etymology breakdowns where you can start to connect these threads yourself to see how many intentions are contained within one word and therefore, give you opt-shuns to opt into a definition and opt out of it by choosing what YOU can spiritually contract with. Skin can be pronounced sky-n which means my sky and kin can refer to family or knowledge from slang “to know” where a kindom is to know silence AND/ORE ignorance via kin-dumb to illustrate the duality of not just this word but EVERY word.

This is where “stilt” (stile-Te) becomes the ladder of love where lo-ve can be pronounced as law-ve which means the law of truth. As soon as you can accept that you must stand in truth fully, you will be considered an outlaw regardless of how many fictitious “laws” of man you think you must obey. Man-made laws/lahs are the aberration of natural law and order. Take the time to really read the etymology and you will begin to see the threads from the nature of the game here; the divide and conquer. The spellings are the fissures of men where those that control the definitions accepted are the fishers of men: the Fisher King. Always look for things that resonate with YOU as per YOUR life path experience. This is what is meant by follow your heart because your programmed minds will try and doubt you out of the true reality.

rupture (n.)

late 14c., originally medical, from Latin ruptura "the breaking (of an arm or leg), fracture," from past participle stem of rumpere "to break," from PIE *reup- "to snatch" (see rip (v.)). Specifically as "abdominal hernia" from early 15c.

rumple (v.)

c.1600, possibly a variant of rimple "to wrinkle" (c.1400), from Old English hrympel "wrinkle" (possibly influenced by Middle Dutch rumpelen), related to

Old English hrimpan "to fold, wrinkle" (see ramp (v.)). Related: Rumpled; rumpling. As a

noun from c.1500.

rheum (n.)

"mucous discharge," late 14c., from Old French reume "a cold" (13c., Modern French rhume), from Latin rheuma, from Greekrheuma "discharge from the body, flux; a stream, current, flood, a flowing," literally "that which flows," from rhein "to flow," from PIE root *sreu- "to flow" (cf. Sanskrit sravati "flows," srotah "stream;" Avestan thraotah- "stream, river," Old Persian rauta"river;" Greek rheos "a flowing, stream," rhythmos "rhythm," rhytos "fluid, liquid;" Old Irish sruaim, Irish sruth "stream, river;" Welsh ffrwd "stream;" Old Norse straumr, Old English stream, Old High German strom (second element in maelstrom); Lettishstrauma "stream, river;" Lithuanian sraveti "to trickle, ooze;" Old Church Slavonic struja "river," o-strovu "island," literally "that which is surrounded by a river;" Polish strumień "brook").

stilt (n.)

early 14c., "a crutch," a common Germanic word (cf. Danish stylte, Swedish stylta, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch stelte "stilt," Old High German stelza "plow handle, crutch"), though the exact relationship of them all is unclear, from Proto-Germanic*steltijon, from PIE root *stel- "to put, stand" (see stall (n.1)). Application to "wooden poles for walking across marshy ground, etc." is from mid-15c. Meaning "one of the posts on which a building is raised from the ground" is first attested 1690s. As a type of bird with long legs, from 1831. Stilted in the figurative sense of "pompous, stuffy" is first recorded 1820.

stile (n.)

Old English stigel, stile "device for climbing, ladder," related to stigen "to climb," from Proto-Germanic *stig- "to climb" (see stair). An arrangement to allow persons to pass but not sheep and cattle.

style (n.)

early 14c., stile, "writing instrument, pen, stylus; piece of written discourse, a narrative, treatise;" also "characteristic rhetorical mode of an author, manner or mode of expression," and "way of life, manner, behavior, conduct," from Old French stile, estile"style, fashion, manner; a stake, pale," from Latin stilus "stake, instrument for writing, manner of writing, mode of expression," perhaps from the same source as stick (v.)). Spelling modified incorrectly by influence of Greek stylos "pillar," which probably is not directly related. As distinguished from substance, 1570s. Meaning "mode of dress" is from 1814.

skin (v.)

late 14c., "to remove the skin from" (originally of circumcision), from skin (n.). As "to have (a particular kind of) skin" from c.1400. In 19c. U.S. colloquial use, "to strip, fleece, plunder;" hence skin-game, one in which one player has no chance against the others (as with a stacked deck), the type of con game played in a skin-house. Skin the cat in gymnastics is from 1845. Related: Skinned;skinning.

Perhaps another look as to what stigmata really means. Stig, to climb per-sun in the creation (Ma) in gratitude (Ta, thank you slang). All sounds, slang etc. factor in. You may start to see what’s at “stake” here and why a stake is used to impale a vampires heart. You have a choice to be a vamp-ire or a va-M-pyre; one who ramps up anger and negativity or one who goes to the fires of creation herself. You will see so much more when you can finally accept the duality of every word and stop dividing yourself thinking only in terms of one thing means positive and another means negative. This is the polarised psi-co-path. To the degree that you are polarised, is the degree you’re a psychopath versus psi-co-path where co is polarity of duality AND singular shared creation. Once you can see/hear the singularity of a word which means you can show both sides of a word +/- at the same time, NOW you have the free willed choice to decide/of kill/un kill which IN-10-Te/in tent YOU want/wont(need/kneed).

If you take only the pre-scribed definitions of another, you will suffer from THEIR illness or I’ll-ness to mean I will-ness or in a state of being I will A/C-sept (alternating current/cure-ent of sept/7/se-ve-n, creation of MY TRUTH/god) empowering the-Ire/their intention. I’m from Ire-land for a re-sun and I know why because I asked myself that question regarding every aspect of my experience. Every word is a se-n-ten-se, every sound has a hidden de Phoenician, of phonics-Io-n, sound of creation mine so you/U/ewe need/kneed to/two/tu/too slow down to HEAR this. I mean, seriously, you are an infinite and immortal being so what’s your hurry/her-e/he-rho-e he-rho-9/consciousness?

I write/right/wright/RITE the way I do to force people to put on the breaks/brakes and actually/A/C-tu (you, French) ally/all-eye/all-lie pause long enough to THINK about watt I am creating and the neurons/new-rho-n’s/knew-rho-n’s begin to reconnect to open heaven’s door within to your kin-dumb/knowing silence where the rivers of creation flow. It is only THEN that your “aha!” moments begin to un-rumple where un- means not versus the French sound for one becoming the won-rumple or the victory over that wrinkle/ring-cull. The sound is the ring to rue-El them all; the street or path of true intention.

Every single legal (lee-gull) document is perfectly shown in the definition of “gull” as follows where “lee” is the calm side of the ship/mind and the weather/whether introduces the duality of doubt in whether or know you should “do” something. Every sin-gull/psi-n-gull/spirit mine duped (sea watt eye mene?) thing ever written by these loons is full/fool of babble-on-Io-n/Babylonian where all they have is OUR acceptance under assumption and pre-sump-Te-Ion. You may want to check on what a “sump” is and how you are being mined of your truth by accepting the lies of another point of you eh? Every single sound in a word has a meaning con-tain-ed (with mirror) within it and if you don’t understand the meanings, you are spellbound into EVERY meaning where the intent of all things sent remains hidden and, like a gull, you will swallow anything and those that control the intent KNOW this. Now, so do I/eye/aye and so/sew/sow due/do you/ewe/U if you take the time to simply absorb this truth in silence.

The left brain is the decoder, not the decider; that is the realm of the hear-t to make things rite/right. The literalists are all caut/cot/caw-Te/caught in the stories of the buildings of someone else’s creations. For me, the letter “t” is a master letter to illustrate the double cross of love and cruci-fiction.

The kappa-Tau-El “T” is simply the lower Ka-se (spirit of creation) “t” with its head bowed to creation to allow nature to take its couer-se. It is also the master letter in Phoenician as shown with both an “X” for the lower case “t” and an “X inside a circle/ovum/se-rho po-in-T” in U-per-Ka-se’. The joy in this knowledge is the fact that this works in all languages including spirit mine tongue pledge or sign language/languegage. A gauge/gage is both a pledge and a measurement of things and is simply the measurement of what we say/se/create from within our couer/core and pro-ject into our Taurus phi-El-d’s creating our realities. If you have a lot of conflict in your life, perhaps begin to see how YOU are creating that reality based on all your agreements ( agree-ments) that are your “no step minds” and/or to step minds from “a” in French meaning “to”.

I’ve added quite a few etymological roots/routes of words below that I urge you to REALLY read from a phonics position where your ears can see and your eyes can hear. I have listed “caution” at the bottom and I want to shed some phonics light on the sounds first before you read the “actual/act-you-all de-Phoenicians. Caution sounds like caushun…. caw-shun…cause-shun…caws-shun…cost-Io-n…cause-T-Io-n etc. just to stress the point of getting deep creatively where your creativity has been th-wart-ed and where you can see how a word swings both ways where it’s up to use to swing that pen-dullummmm….We can speak of the CROWN or the crow-n (the crow mine) that owns all your cause/caws/the spirit of intent into creation of Ka-U-se’ until you regain your own crow-n and caws a-chording-lee/to singing calm. While this may seem complicated, it’s not, where all you have to get is the con-sept of how the specific spellings of words, with the hidden sounds of intent, have owned your caws and your crow has no abel-I-Te. If you can change the intent of the SOUND as to how YOU will accept it, you have changed the spell in YOUR favour. Get this, and the universe is your oyster. Just look for the common/with me threads that work for YOU and you all-one. See you on this side of the mirror when you do…mwahs and love, kate!!!

p.s. I added both Greek and Phoenician sigils charts at the bottom. See how many threads you can connect with each “aha!” moment you experience…time to throw cause shun to the wind non?...Caveat Emptor indeed. Buyer beware or another will Empttorus/empty your Taurus/whirred creations…you getting the picked-your yet?......enjoy!

gull (n.2) cant term for "dupe, sucker, credulous person," 1590s, of uncertain origin. Perhaps from verb meaning "to dupe, cheat" (1540s), earlier "to swallow" (1520s), ultimately from gull "throat, gullet" (early 15c.); see gullet. Or it is perhaps from (or influenced by) the bird (see gull (n.1)); in either case with a sense of "someone who will swallow anything thrown at him." Another possibility is Middle English dialectal gull "newly hatched bird" (late 14c.), which is perhaps from Old Norse golr "yellow," from the hue of its down.

lee (n.) Old English hleo "shelter, cover, defense, protection," from Proto-Germanic *khlewaz (cf. Old Norse hle, Danish la, Old Saxon hleo, Dutch lij "lee, shelter"). No known cognates outside Germanic; original sense uncertain and might have been "warm" (cf. Germanlau "tepid," Old Norse hly "shelter, warmth"), which might link it to PIE *kele- (1) "warm." As an adjective, 1510s, from the noun.

leech (n.1) "bloodsucking aquatic worm," from Old English lace (Kentish lyce), of unknown origin (with a cognate in Middle Dutch lake). Commonly regarded as a transferred use of leech (n.2), but the Old English forms suggest a distinct word, which has been assimilated to leech (n.2) by folk etymology [see OED]. Figuratively applied to human parasites since 1784.

leech (n.2) obsolete for "physician," from Old English lace, probably from Old Danish lake, from Proto-Germanic *lekjaz "enchanter, one who speaks magic words; healer, physician" (cf. Old Frisian letza, Old Saxon laki, Old Norse laknir, Old High German lahhi, Gothiclekeis "physician"), literally "one who counsels," perhaps connected with a root found in Celtic (cf. Irish liaig "charmer, exorcist, physician") and Slavic (cf. Serbo-Croatian lijekar, Polish lekarz), from PIE *lep-agi "conjurer," from root *leg- "to collect," with derivatives meaning "to speak" (see lecture (n.)).

sump (n.) mid-15c., "marsh, morass" (from mid-13c. in place names), from Middle Dutch somp or Middle Low German sump, from Proto-Germanic *sumpaz, from PIE *swombho- "spongy." Meaning "pit to collect water" is first found 1650s. Sumppump (1884) originally was in mining.

lectern (n.) early 14c., lettorne, lettron, from Old French letron, from Medieval Latin lectrinum, from Late Latin lectrum "lectern," from root of Latin legere "to read" (see lecture (n.)). Half-re-Latinized in English in 15c.

lectio difficilior Latin, literally "harder reading," from phrase maxim difficilior lectio potior. In textual reconstruction (of the Bible, etc.) the idea that, of two alternative manuscript readings, the one whose meaning is less obvious is less likely to be a copyist's alteration, and therefore should be given precedence.

lection (n.) 1530s, from Old French lection, from Latin lectionem (nominative lectio), noun of action from past participle stem of legere "to read" (see lecture (n.)).

lector (n.) late 14c., "reader, a cleric in one of the minor orders," from Late Latin lector "reader," agent noun from Latin legere "to read" (seelecture (n.)). Related: Lectorship.

lecture (n.) late 14c., "action of reading, that which is read," from Medieval Latin lectura "a reading, lecture," from Latin lectus, past participle of legere "to read," originally "to gather, collect, pick out, choose" (cf. election), from PIE *leg- "to pick together, gather, collect" (cf. Greek legein "to say, tell, speak, declare," originally, in Homer, "to pick out, select, collect, enumerate;" lexis "speech, diction;"logos "word, speech, thought, account;" Latin lignum "wood, firewood," literally "that which is gathered"). To read is to "pick out words." Meaning "action of reading (a lesson) aloud" is from 1520s. That of "a discourse on a given subject before an audience for purposes of instruction" is from 1530s.

cauterization (n.) c.1400, from Old French cauterisation (14c.) and directly from Late Latin cauterizationem (nominative cauterizatio), noun of action from past participle stem of cauterizare (see cauterize).

cauterize (v.) c.1400, from Old French cauterisier, from Late Latin cauterizare "to burn or brand with a hot iron," from Greek kauteriazein, fromkauter "burning or branding iron," from kaiein "to burn" (see caustic). Related: Cauterized; cauterizing.

cautery (n.) 1540s, from Latin cauterium "branding iron," from Greek kauterion (see cauterize).

caution (n.) c.1300, "bail, guarantee, pledge," from Old French caution "security, surety" (13c.), from Latin cautionem (nominative cautio) "caution, care, foresight, precaution," noun of action from past participle stem of cavere "to be on one's guard" (see caveat). The Latin sense re-emerged in English 16c.-17c. Meaning "word of warning" is from c.1600.

Phoenician alphabet -- note their writing reads right to left, and that some symbols were later re-used and made into vowels.
Promise; pro-mi-se, for my creation, pro-M/E-se, for magnetic electric creation where you control both the creation AND the intent. Time to promise yourself a knew reality eh? Kate.