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Know Thyself..Ye Are Gods by kate of gaia

All too often I find myself saying the same things over and over again. It's a very simple concept, but I always find myself sharing analogy after analogy to try and get this idea home and, for the most part, to no or little avail. So deep is the program and so solid the fear. The instant you come close to inhibiting their comfort zone, no sooner does the Cain ego program jump in and bares its fangs. It's a very simple discernment to see the ego, the carnal Cain left mind. It's the one that knows nothing of the neutral zone of motion called love. Emotions are the perfect trap every time and live fully up to the negative aspects since e-motion means stopped, no motion.

Until this paradigm of confusion ceases, they will never know who and what they are. When will you begin to see that where there is emotion, there is no love? To see Cain, all you have to do is think about the times you said something that you later regretted because that truly wasn't how you felt. It was merely a reaction to the emotionally charged environment you were in where Cain thrives and feeds. Only in retrospect was I able to see this nether side of me where I can stay more clearly in the now moment and fully real eyes when I am dealing with someone's Cain reptilian brain stem program. Cain needs to be right, needs to defend and needs to judge. How else can it pump up its chest in glorified pride and arrogance? Cain is all about meatstick aka body survival.

There is nothing spiritual about Cain and there is nothing physical about Abel. For clarity, the Cain I'm referring to is the left hemisphere, carnal, analytical programmed lower mind fed directly from the reptilian, fight, flee or freeze brain stem. It is both the operating system for this physical reality and it is also the virus that allows for survival and destruction. To grasp the power you, the divine god within, has over this physical, just ask someone who completely over-rode the program and committed suicide. That is merely the analogy of comparison as to how powerless Cain really is to stop you if your intent is strong enough.

If your intent is love, same rules apply. It's as simple as holding your breath to see how you are superior to the program of the meatstick. A favourite analogy that I like to use is comparing the body to a car in the driveway, parked. There's nobody in the drivers' seat so what's it doing? It's parked and lifeless until someone gets in, turns the key and puts it in gear. The same concept applies to your body you are driving. If you're not in there driving it, you'll find the body in a morgue or funeral home, permanently parked. You are the photonic life source, the sun of god within. Physics has finally located that particle and it is like a tiny sun burning at between 3000 and 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. Science has also shown a physical drop in body weight the instant YOU leave it. YOU weigh 21 to 23 grams and coincidentally, phi and psi are the 21st and 23rd letters of the Greek alphabet.

You are NOT flesh and blood, the body is. The body is not alive, YOU are. Without you, the body is just like every other collection of physical matter from the periodic table. You, my friend, are an entirely different "matter". You are anti-matter retaining an aspect of measureable mass only while occupying the body. If you seek proof of not being the body, my challenge is for you to take it with you when you decide to leave this earthly plain. Just as the old saying of "you can't take it with you" bears this truth out as well in that the same compounds that made this computer I am writing at, are the same compounds used to build these meatsticks, carbon heat engines. The only differing aspect is the 250 genomes in the human body that exist only there and nowhere else on this planet. You'll find those genomes are the building blocks for the reptilian brain stem. Yup, someone has messed with the program at source DNA code. I imagine you won't think too long on that to figure out why.

By now, hopefully, you are starting to get a conscious 'out of body' experience when it suddenly dawns on you this complete separation. Alas, it’s a difficult concept to take to heart if truly a simple one, once you can take a step back and shut Cain up long enough to look. The biggest tool that Cain uses is one of fear and it’s mostly fear of ourselves and our own abilities. We all have our fears and dreams...tis the way of the universe working through the is to what extent that we let one of them override the other, in how far we allow the pendulums to swing and for how long we let them remain in the wide sweeps that keep us on our own roller coasters in life.

I was born with the biggest fear in my life...the fear of being me...just was this, however, that allowed me to baby step my way from the small fears up to the biggest ones. Some people fear roller coasters and I only suggest they go for a ride on a roller coaster built for children until they lose the fear by getting bored of the ride...then move to a slightly larger one...etc. I chose to deliberately do things that scared me to overcome them even though they scared the life out of me...this is why I became a scuba diver and a confront the world at different levels..

Playing on stage terrified me yet I did that for over 3 decades. You’ll find, that as you confront the little fears first, overcome them, you'll see the once bigger fears as the same size as the early little ones...the only thing that changed is the only thing that can change...perspective, where the intent to overcome fear remained constant. When we fail to see who and what we really are, we find that another has shown us what our abundance is and usually at an hourly rate THEY want you at versus the priceless creator you are. This is also a symptom of those that do not know who they are. This is the full effect in action of the programmed Cain mind, the one that keeps you in a constant state of body survival where the only cost is your spirituality and god status. I’d say that tradeoff is a bit more expensive than I and others are willing to entertain any longer.

Until one can see the separation of them and the body, they will be forever trapped in this circular paradigm of fears and someone else’s beliefs. The largest control factor is the one where people defend an idea that was never theirs and was merely taught to them via family, tradition, religion schools etc. Very few will have ever had an original thought in their life, at least not since they were small children creating worlds of their own imagination, not someone else’s. I taught my own children the importance of being able to stand alone, in their own ideals and in their own choices. The fact that I haven’t seen them since February is a testament to their strength and conviction to stand in their own universe where I am not needed. The lesson sunk in well where I know, although separated from them and most of the people I love, I did my job. This is when the notion of good AND evil being equal, really sinks in and all judgments are rendered neutral.

I have had many discussions with people regarding the carrying of ID when they’re adamant in their claims that they know who they are. I beg to differ. The same old same old paradigm of debate appears in the statement of “I’m a flesh and blood living man/wombman” etc. A dead body is still flesh and blood after one exits it but it is certainly not “living” in the common understanding of the word and is in the state of decay, returning to whence it came from; the physical matter of this realm called earth. Just because you’re walking around in one of these meatsticks doesn’t change the physics, just the perspective. The body you claim as yours is only borrowed, never owned by you. To claim ownership of a body is in direct violation of all natural laws. Where the true free will choice resides is in YOU, the photonic sun of god that gives it life and direction via your intention. This is the free will that cannot be violated. This is why the universe is all about contract and it’s my contention as to what has trapped us for so long. In short, we take the bodies more seriously than ourselves. Imagine, that after an “accident”, the police start writing up charges against the car and not the driver? That to me, makes more sense and is the true separation of your “church/spirit/court” and state/solid matter/inanimate.

This is the illusion we have been caught in and will remain in until we real eyes that we are the drivers, not the cars. This is why it is critical for them to get you to surrender your consent via believing you are a meatstick, not a god of pure intention and creation. And you wonder why the elites are so wealthy? They’re feeding off your god aspects of creation to get there and until you wake up to this, you will be consumed by your own delusions and their greed. It’s only when you awaken to this can you wield any form of illusional ID of your own making because it is your intent and knowing yourself as the god you are and is only for the benefit of the sleepy ones who still think it “matters”. Ye are gods. While there are those who may look at what has happened to me and scoff at my apparent foolishness I will, in kind, challenge that notion with asking them if they think this world is sane and normal with all its wars and strife?

What has happened to me was the bare bones, stripping down and raping of my proverbial camel that has allowed me to slip through the eye of the needle and enter the Emerald City for the first time in who knows how long. This is the heaven on earth and it is in this knowledge, not belief or opinion, that I can have peace and finally see the ludicrous trap I and everyone else were in. Stay here in this reality if you wish, hold fast to your beliefs, religions and dogmatic excuses for conflict, I’m done with it. It took me a long time to get here; all those moments of now have finally coalesced into the singular now where this place actually makes sense. As in all perspectives, there are other aspects of myself that have had far more to go through and experience but then it is also my contention that, I too, was there once and have only moved to a level where it has become the wisdom earned and learned equally. Much in the same way a man will complain about not having shoes until he sees another man with no feet.

I do not linger in those realms for long, the realms of self pity etc. I do allow myself to experience the emotion but no longer allow it to control my every moment of now, just long enough to get the lessen. This week saw the final harvest in that my purest love and mate has moved on in another direction without me and that is ok. All I can sense now is gratitude for having shared what I did and it also showed me that I cannot be “owned” by another again. We have choices of sharing adventures with others, not owning them or being owned by them.

I would suppose the only measure of sadness is that there were so many other things I would have liked to have shared with my soul resonance in that form but then I don’t write the script of the divine plan; I simply follow it and garner the “lessens” to be had. That only adds to the previous experience, never detracts from it and why all I feel is gratitude in that regard. Happiness can only be granted to be shared and the natural law of balance is maintained. One of my main driving forces is simply that; to grant that which people wish for. Unfortunately, in this paradigm, it is always taken to mean something else. Can you dare to share more than you get? There is also much to say about the electro-magnetics of this universe as we experience and create those very fields around us. One of my own biggest issues was being able to turn off the power in my own magnet especially when it had become misaligned with those around me, be it those I was in a “relationship” with or otherwise. I would just ask others to measure themselves from that perspective as well.

Once you begin to see the effects you create, you will become better at seeing your own power within. I am, and always have been a free spirit. I seek the betterment of all and, in the mirror, the betterment of myself as the result. This is knowing your god potential beyond the meatstick you were indoctrinated to be and perform as good little salves to someone else’s commands. Again, the most difficult thing for me is knowing how beautiful YOU are and seeing it far beyond the veil of the Cain most think they are. Cain is someone else’s canvas, someone else’s idea of reality. If you are enjoying this reality with all its wars, destructions, fear, hate and anger then carry on as you were. This is the id-entity’s realm, not one of your god stature.

If that id-entity is what you choose then please keep doing all the same things that reinforce the illusion as you want it to be and truly, it is what you want because nothing changes on the without world until you change the within one first. You, like me, are the universe of singularity gone exponential into our different perspectives with me just being one of yours as you are one of mine. I truly know you are beautiful because through it all, all my trials and tribulations I got to see that I was beautiful too finally. This is why I can see you, the real you, the purest divine nature that you are….know thyself, ye truly are gods…..

much love, kate