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Judge Bows To Sovereign video and Court Transcript

KT = Keith

 JP = Judge

 BL = Bailiff

 BB = Bald Bailiff

 FC = Female Clerk

 OC = Off Camera (unknown)


~ 0:00 mark ~

KT: No…

JP: Alright, sit down please sir.

KT: Just Keith

JP: Pardon?

KT: Just Keith

JP: Just which?

KT: Keith. I'm here to ah… correct a mistake by the court. [inaudible] First of all, the court has made a mistake.

JP: Are you Wilfred Keith Thompson?

KT: Ah… no that's not what I normally go by, no.

JP: Can I see the information?

KT: …That's a fictitious entity as in person, legally speaking sir I've tried to  clarify this a few times but apparently the level of incompetence at the…

JP: So your name is Keith Thompson?

KT: My name's Keith, that's all, nothing more, nothing less.

JP: You don't have a last name sir?

KT: I have a family name, a clan name. But that's irrelevant today.

JP: So, you are not Wilfred Keith Thompson.

KT: Okay, one more time, on/for the record, I am Keith... nothing more…nothing less

JP: Then sit down sir. I'm looking for a Wilfred Keith Thompson. Please sit down sir.

KT: Actually I…

JP: Please sit down sir. (loudly)

KT: Sorry… can't do that. I served ah… into the court this morning…

JP: Sir…

KT: Bailiff…

JP: …I'm looking for a Wilfred Keith Thompson

KT: …Bailiff… this is, this is a…

JP: …you are not that person. Sit down sir.

KT: Bailiff… I…

JP: Please remove this gentleman from the courtroom.

KT: (Keith hands papers to official in white shirt and addresses him) Thank you. (white shirt hands papers to Bald Bailiff)

KT: That's the person you're looking for. (pointing to paperwork put to desk in front of the Bald Bailiff)


~ 1:16 mark ~

 (in response to the judge, female Bailiff approaches Keith from his right)

JP: Leave sir.

KT: Sir, that is the person you're looking for. (again, pointing to  paperwork now with bald Bailiff)

KT: I'm trying… I'm trying to remedy things… touch me and you'll be  charged… I'm a Peace Officer. (addressing male officer standing to  Keith's left) Do you want to dishonour a court official? Go ahead…

OC: The ballot's on the Bailiff's desk.

JP: Sir are you here on behalf of Mr. Thompson?

KT: I said I was the administrator for that account.

JP: Are you here as agent for him?

KT: (to the two Bailiffs on either side of him) Could you guys please back up? Thanks.

JP: Are you here as agent for him?

KT: Not as agent, as administrator, much like you are an administrator of this ah… this court.

JP: Sir you are either him, or you are here as his agent… [inaudible] can speak on his behalf. Are you either of those?


~ 1:50 mark ~

 (female clerk notices camera filming proceedings and points in direction of camera)

FC: This gentleman is filming…

KT: (to FC) Yes, it's lawful.

JP: Pardon?

FC: (pointing again to camera) This gentleman is filming… [inaudible].

KT: Yes it's in common law jurisdiction which I established as soon as I came in here this morning, and re-established again. The Bailiff  understood me, this other Bailiff, wherever she went, she understood  me as well. And this gentleman (Bailiff to his left) doesn't like talking to me.

JP: We're going to take a recess.

??: Thank you.

FC: Thank you. All rise.

OC: How long?


~ 2:12 mark ~

 (Judge rises and bows to the court, exits)

KT: How long sir? I don't have all day thank you, I have things to do…a life to get on with.

OC: We'll take the court.

KT: Yeah actually…

FC: This court will recess… [inaudible]

KT: (over clerk speaking) …please note that the judge has abandoned  the court. He has abandoned ship and I as the Sovereign in this room clear… claim authority. Case dismissed, with cause and prejudice. Have a nice day.

BB: See you later.


~ 2:35 mark ~

 (Keith exits courtroom)