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D.O.B.: JANUARY 1ST, 1900; (G.I.F.T) Mount Sinai Hospital; 600 University Avenue, Toronto, On M5G1X5 HONOURABLE CITIZEN: CITY OF LONDON, STATE


Docket/case file #: 



JANE DOE-755 (plaintiff) vs. (INSERT PERTINENT CRIMINAL/S) (defendant)     

   Notice of Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm/Death

Motion and Notice of Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm/Death With/By/For/Of INTENT (knowingly/unknowingly)

Inasmuch as a living human being can be a “legal person” (dead by definition legally in DISHONOUR) so must it also be true that a “legal person” can be a living human being.

Therefore, any DISHONOURABLE/Non-BAR member committing FRAUD via using CROWN COPYRIGHT PROPERTY without PERMISSION a.k.a Any/all LEGAL NAME/S/TITLES etc. et al coercing a FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME from any/all living human beings is LEGAL MURDER WITH INTENT to place a living human being into a fraudulent and dead legal name fiction, merely by ASKING/DEMANDING/FORCING by any/all means any/all living human beings and, by definition, MURDERING them LEGALLY.

*see attached NOTICES

“Babylon Is Fallen, As Per Your Fraud, Motu Proprio Pope Francis, Midas touch, Loans and Mortgages who’s Who, Contracts, Did you know you’re a criminal (all), I who shall Not Be Legally Named, The Long and Short of it, Attention Doc’s(all), Any/all documents/essays you have read (delete this section (ALL RED Parts) on motion where the files are attached, for your information only as to what to add to the motion…the more the merrier…adjust, do NOT re-write, this document to your own personal needs…kate)”

Inasmuch as any/all living human beings claim to be/use any/all LEGAL NAME/S etc. that are CROWN COPYRIGHT PROPERTY (body of works, not TITLE) without permission are, in fact, in FRAUD doing so unknowingly/knowingly whereas JANE DOE-755 is gifted from said CROWN CORPORATION owners, thus has full status as an HONOURABLE CITIZEN OF LONDON, STATE and I, the living human being/soul stand as an agent/administrator/last holder in due course etc. for this HONOURABLE LEGAL NAME IN-VOICE JANE DOE-755 G.I.F.T. (intra vivos, absolute) from/by/of/for the CROWN CORPORATION/CITY OF LONDON, STATE CITIZEN where those who use any/all LEGAL NAME/S fully surrendered by their “creators/intellectual property transfer” (mother/father) to the CROWN CORPORATION are in full Dishonour and fraud, without voice, void/devoid of any/all HONOURABLE LEGAL STANDING and have committed crimes both against me, the living, HONOURABLE CITIZEN, CITY OF LONDON, STATE and their oath/s to protect any/all HONOURABLE CROWN CITIZENS where they are not.

            Occurring on (INSERT DATE ) of aforementioned docket/case file number (evidence of fraud, intent to commit legal murder, high treason etc.) unidentified/IDENTIFIED DISHONOURABLE LEGAL NAME/NUMBERED persons claiming themselves officers/AGENTS of the (INSERT CORPORATE JURISDICTION..I.E. STATE/CITY) (FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME CROWN OFFICERS BY OATH) attempted to coerce/force/kidnap me into being legally dead by an IGNORANT consent through intimidation, interrogation, force, bearing false witness, sexual assault etc.et al where I am not ignorant of this LEGAL NAME FRAUD. Inasmuch as the LEGAL NAME G.I.F.T. and mine to use, JANE DOE-755 is TRANSGENDERED and NOT spiritually/physically divided and was/is, with intent ASSAULTED SEXUALLY (any/all physical contact by any/all male/female is, in fact, SEXUAL ASSAULT) to be made/DEEMED legally dead.


Inasmuch as I have HONOURABLE use of the G.I.F.T JANE DOE-755 LEGAL NAME, It is now YOUR obligation, as an HONOURABLE CITIZEN OF THE CITY OF LONDON , STATE to investigate this matter and set right what has been made wrong against myself, where I AM now acting in the role of HONOURABLE CITIZEN IN GOOD STANDING, VOID OF “UNCLEAN HANDS” where it is now YOUR obligation to PROTECT the CROWN CORPORATION and any/all CITIZENS IN GOOD STANDING to the furthest extent of law and PROSECUTE any/all FRAUDULENT DISHONOURABLE/HONOURABLE LEGAL NAME BELIGERENTS with “UNCLEAN HANDS” as deemed fit and REQUIRED by law. Those who make the laws, must obey the laws (catch 22).

Any/all CROWN ENTITY LEGAL NAME/S/TITLES attached to the aforementioned DOCKET/CASE file number that are guilty by/of/for their already KNOWN actions are to be brought by SUMMONS (only the living can be SUBPOENAED) to be prosecuted for these and any/all other crimes I deem relevant to this case.

In FULL HONOUR, the living WITNESS for,

JANE DOE-755 (raised DNA SEALED over-writer of this MOTION/document)