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D.O.B.: JANUARY 1ST, 1900; (G.I.F.T) Mount Sinai Hospital; 600 University Avenue, Toronto, On M5G1X5 HONOURABLE CITIZEN: CITY OF LONDON, STATE


Docket/case file #: 



JANE DOE-755 (plaintiff) vs. (INSERT PERTINENT CRIMINAL/S) (defendant)     

   Notice of Attempted Murder

Motion and Notice of Attempted Murder With/By/For/Of INTENT (knowingly/unknowingly)

Inasmuch as a living human being can be a “legal person” (dead by definition legally in DISHONOUR) so must it also be true that a “legal person” can be a living human being.

Therefore, any DISHONOURABLE/Non-BAR member committing FRAUD via using CROWN COPYRIGHT PROPERTY without PERMISSION a.k.a Any/all LEGAL NAME/S/TITLES etc. et al coercing a FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME from any/all living human beings is LEGAL MURDER WITH INTENT to place a living human being into a fraudulent and dead legal name fiction, merely by ASKING/DEMANDING/FORCING by any/all means any/all living human beings and, by definition, MURDERING them LEGALLY.

*see attached NOTICES

(Files/docs to attach: Babylon Is Fallen, As Per Your Fraud, Motu Proprio Pope Francis, Midas Touch, Loans and Mortgages Who’s Who, Contracts, Did you know you’re a criminal (all), I Who Shall Not Be Legally Named, The Long and Short of It, 'Attention Doc’s(all), Any/all documents/essays you have read.

Delete this whole section - ALL RED text parts - on the motion where the files are attached – this is for your information only as to what to add to the motion…the more the merrier…adjust accordingly. Do NOT re-write, this document to your own personal needs…kate)

Inasmuch as any/all living human beings claim to be/use any/all LEGAL NAME/S etc. that are CROWN COPYRIGHT PROPERTY (body of works, not TITLE) without permission are, in fact, in FRAUD doing so unknowingly/knowingly whereas JANE DOE-755 is gifted from said CROWN CORPORATION owners, thus has full status as an HONOURABLE CITIZEN OF LONDON, STATE and I, the living human being/soul stand as an agent/administrator/last holder in due course etc. for this HONOURABLE LEGAL NAME IN-VOICE JANE DOE-755 G.I.F.T. (intra vivos, absolute) from/by/of/for the CROWN CORPORATION/CITY OF LONDON, STATE CITIZEN where those who use any/all LEGAL NAME/S fully surrendered by their “creators/intellectual property transfer” (mother/father) to the CROWN CORPORATION are in full Dishonour and fraud, without voice, void/devoid of any/all HONOURABLE LEGAL STANDING and have committed crimes both against me, the living, HONOURABLE CITIZEN, CITY OF LONDON, STATE and their oath/s to protect any/all HONOURABLE CROWN CITIZENS where they are not.

            Occurring on (INSERT DATE ) of aforementioned docket/case file number (evidence of fraud, intent to commit legal murder, high treason etc.) unidentified/IDENTIFIED DISHONOURABLE LEGAL NAME/NUMBERED persons claiming themselves officers/AGENTS of the (INSERT CORPORATE JURISDICTION..I.E. STATE/CITY) (FRAUDULENT LEGAL NAME CROWN OFFICERS BY OATH) attempted to coerce/force/kidnap me into being legally dead by an IGNORANT consent through intimidation, interrogation, force, bearing false witness, sexual assault etc.et al where I am not ignorant of this LEGAL NAME FRAUD. Inasmuch as the LEGAL NAME G.I.F.T. and mine to use, JANE DOE-755 is TRANSGENDERED and NOT spiritually/physically divided and was/is, with intent ASSAULTED SEXUALLY (any/all physical contact by any/all male/female is, in fact, SEXUAL ASSAULT) to be made/DEEMED legally dead.

(INSERT CRIMINAL ACTIONS TAKEN BY CROWN OFFICERS/BAR MEMBERS HERE but keep it simple – delete this red text when done.)

Inasmuch as I have HONOURABLE use of the G.I.F.T JANE DOE-755 LEGAL NAME, It is now YOUR obligation, as an HONOURABLE CITIZEN OF THE CITY OF LONDON , STATE to investigate this matter and set right what has been made wrong against myself, where I AM now acting in the role of HONOURABLE CITIZEN IN GOOD STANDING, VOID OF “UNCLEAN HANDS” where it is now YOUR obligation to PROTECT the CROWN CORPORATION and any/all CITIZENS IN GOOD STANDING to the furthest extent of law and PROSECUTE any/all FRAUDULENT DISHONOURABLE/HONOURABLE LEGAL NAME BELIGERENTS with “UNCLEAN HANDS” as deemed fit and REQUIRED by law. Those who make the laws, must obey the laws (catch 22).

Any/all CROWN ENTITY LEGAL NAME/S/TITLES attached to the aforementioned DOCKET/CASE file number that are guilty by/of/for their already KNOWN actions are to be brought by SUMMONS (only the living can be SUBPOENAED) to be prosecuted for these and any/all other crimes I deem relevant to this case.

In FULL HONOUR, the living WITNESS for,

JANE DOE-755 (raised DNA SEALED over-writer of this MOTION/document)