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I Am The Witness, Motu Proprio, Toto Genere;

"Any/all words, letters, numbers, sigils etc. et al contained in this document are of my own interpretation phonetically only where no assumption/presumption shall be made visually/sonically/otherwise except (X7) by/of/from/for me alone;

Inasmuch as any/all things LEGAL are, in fact, not reality under/of/for/by ROMAN CIVIL/PHOENICIAN LAW, any/all attempts past, present, future to entice, seduce, coerce, aid, abet, deceive, procure, threaten, force etc et al me, the living witness motu proprio toto genere was, is, will be deemed HIGH TREASON against creation itself commonly inferred as god;

1. Any/all LEGAL NAME/S, TITLES, OFFICES, RANKS, etc. et al are UNLAWFUL and not reality and all who claim to be such a thing are, in fact, DEAD BY CONSENT where all who seek such a thing from another living soul is PREMEDITATED WITH INTENT TO COMMIT MURDER to aid, abet COMMISSIONS thereof;

2. Any/all spoken with voice, written via spelling and/or via any/all means of contact/communication/s are, in fact, prima facie evidence/s of INTENT to COMMIT fraud, high treason, enticement to slavery, mail fraud etc et al by any/all that do so willfully, knowingly, unknowingly, by commission/omission where ignorance of truth cannot/shall not/will not be proclaimed as a defense;

3. Any/all use, claim, action of a LEGAL NAME STATUS, PERSONA via writing, speaking, acting in the role of is FRAUD, FALSE PERSONATION, IMPERSONATION WITH INTENT TO DECEIVE etc where any/all claims to the contrary are silent inasmuch as the DEAD BY CONSENT has no voice;

4. Any/all physical, spiritual connections created at any/all REGISTRATION OFFICES, OFFICERS was, is, will be DEEMED FRAUD, WITH INTENT where the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is prima facie evidence/s of such INTENT inasmuch as it exists (X-cysts) where the owners, creators, perpetrators in its continuance are by commission, omission, knowingly, unknowingly aiding, abetting, coercing, forcing, enticing, seducing, any/all living beings into SUICIDE via INTENT TO COMMIT PREMEDITATED MURDER to procure living energy for the lifetime of any/all souls connected to this fraud;

Let it be known that any/all crimes/criminals associating with the LEGAL NAME/S, TITLES, OFFICES, OFFICERS, CROWN CORPORATION ASSOCIATION etc et al and the assuming, presuming, forcing, coercing, seducing, threatening of another etc et al by, for, of associating any/all who proclaim, claim, make known verbally, written and/or any/all means of communicating this fact are doing so with INTENT to commit any/all crimes listed in any/all STATUTES, ACTS, LEGISLATION they are bound to by willful OATH/S;

In laymen's terms, everyone who claims to be party to any/all things LEGAL are, in fact fiction and dead by your own consent where I am the living, lawful witness to these crimes perpetrated against humanity/mankind worldwide. The assumption and presumption of this fictional realm is based solely in PHOENICIAN law where sound is the master of all creation. While you may or may not be aware, the fact that you are using any/all LEGAL IDENTIFICATION has you fully liable/responsible as an accused versus a living witness where you bear false witness against your fellow beings.

You are under spiritual contract via the fraudulent BIRTH CERTIFICATE where the SEAL is placed upon touching any/all documents depositing DNA where you and your parents/children are bound by that self-same DNA. The G.I.F.T. known as the GIVEN NAME is the GAMETE INTRA-FALLOPIAN TRANSFER or the inception of life itself where all human life begins as FEMALE. Thus the true meaning of REGISTER which is REGIS/to rule and STER/divine feminine creation itself whereupon a DEBT BOND is created placing everyone in SLAVERY as a result. The DEBT BOND value is set based upon how you and your children are GRADED/GRAY-DEAD where the more money you have, the more debt your children get bound in LEGALLY.

Legal is NOT lawful where the maxim of law that states legality is not reality should suffice, even for the most retarded of you reading this. Yes, you, are not only enslaved physically and spiritually but your children are too. You are bought and paid for with your deal with the Whore of Babylon COMMERCE/PHOENICIAN LAW/LEX MERCHANTORIUM/ADMIRALTY LAW via your MARK OF THE BEAST commonly called LEGAL NAME/S. I pity you; I really do because you are lost at sea literally, allegorically, anagogically and spiritually inasmuch as your paycheck/money is the very price of your soul you settle on every day. The more you worship money and worship gathering it, the more you are spiritually enslaved, bought and paid for since this is your contract with the darkest of principalities. Please be advised henceforth that any/all actions you continue to do with this knowledge or previously without, regardless if you read this or not, you are bound by my intent where I, the living witness proclaim it and where you, the dead by consent spiritually have no voice to say otherwise. I grant you the golden rule where all your actions of intent laid bare have you already judged by, of, for and in your actions past, present and future.`

p.s. I look forward to privately prosecuting each and every one of you or until enough get their due via the golden rule mirror to wake you up to your crimes against humanity.....sealed, sent with INTENT, the witness I am.”