Humanity The End of the Beg Inn Ink by Katie

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Humanity The End of the Beg Inn Ink by katie

As humanity goes about its day to day business of devouring life and itself blindly in oblivion to the world about to explode before their eyes, they party on content that the psychopaths they leave to run the asylum aren’t as drunk as they are. Humans, a vile animalistic monster unable to curb its lust for killing and filling its greedy face with fresh death every day, are nothing more than vampires feeding on the hearts of conscious and unconscious life, slaughtered in the billions to feed that beast’s avarice and unbridled addiction to fill its faces to be able to continue the cycle of death merchants.

Humanity will receive the exact time and care they took to consider their actions of death while they think it’s just a McHappy meal filled with the hearts of ground up chicks and fur and the hearts of a thousand cattle in every burger while their offspring squeal with delight at the new plastic toy that will make its way to an ocean gyre eventually to choke up their life support bubble even more. The more poisons they dig up and burn, the more this hermetically sealed bubble fills with the toxins to exterminate the heart worms that dug it up…it’s getting thicker by the second just like humanity. As you can see, no time at all really for those that choose that in their free will choice to stop killing and allowing it to continue with no consideration for the lives it cost to satiate their taste buds with the tingling bliss of liquid life charbroiled to purifactional shit in about 3 hours.

In creation’s eyes, you aren’t worth shit because that shit’s poisoned and has only one recourse and that’s to be burned as the worthless shit it is as it sets itself up with a nuclear B.A.R. be cue and, while they slaughter each other now in the streets as a result of M.A.D.D. cow disease with black shirted and jack booted armed protectorate of the psychos they worship as leaders rounding humanity up for its final curtain. The mark of the beast is very real and you’ve been speaking for it your whole miserable killing life existence in a-gnome-ate-I.D. fa-shun as your own pure-son-hell I.D.ol in your own image, your owe-n lie-key-ness called a legal name I.D.-entity affixed to your soul at birth: your contract/in-two-mate with the d’evil.

Humanity would rather wait too long to see this where the choice will be removed where right now, you have the choice to remove I.D. from your life and all I.D.s attachments to that mark that damns you and all your family lines attached as the aware spokesman with countless souls resting on your choice and why anyone that exposes this truth will be hated and spat on for telling them because in that moment they hear the words “it’s illegal to use a legal name”, it’s already too late for them to not know that since they heard it. The resistance comes in the acceptable to them on their lust to benevolence meter where lust is typically welded at the “11” dial with no hope of them or their countless kin they just condemned is going to make it.

When you’re confronted with the real tough choice of “take the RFID remote control, we own you forever, chip or the guillotine NOW choice”, I don’t fancy too many will have the intestinal fortitude to stomach the right choice then to remove the mark of the beast from your mind where the guillotine, at that point, is the only way left to exit this death bubble of hell where cutting off the paper doll’s head is far less painless. What humanity can’t connect is that the RFID chip will contain all the legal name information where it would not exist without a legal name to put in it before they tag you like the future cattle and food that you’ll be for Satan’s demons as they eat their own immortal flesh children forever: i.e. you, legal name CROWN owned by consent ewe that you are.

Tough pill?....truth pill of pills always is but then you don’t care right? You have football games, parties, wars, cops and robers killing each other in the streets where thou shalt not kill is irrelevant because it’s legal to kill in Satan’s world but only if you work for him directly, i.e. uniforms, titles, military, legal paper castles and two-werewolves in every d’Og of Gog Owe-Bomba A-bomber buoy of perdition and the rest of the crazies setting up for another big flash photography session to leave Scylla-owe-ettes of man on every visible surface and humanity parties on. They make sure you only get enough information and lust lures to build their deadly toys to wipe themselves out with. The money, all the money they need is granted at birth with the B.C. slave bond to make all the funding of death possible long before you even wake up to the ruse but unfortunately for them, they woke up the dragon and this world’s doom is imminent. As humanity proudly boasts of its ability to see its own destruction coming from all directions, they are dazzled in their own intellectual stoop I.D. ditty and while bent over, they are blind and primed from behind as they applaud each other’s ability to read someone else’s work and claim themselves experts on any given subject now with zero original ideas of why and how the fuck did this all happen nowhere to be found in their questions, only look how clever we can read like everyone else can pride of fools. I listen to Rabbi-I.D. Passed over past-whores scream about end times yet cannot follow any commandments set forth by the very “god” they claim to love while they pick their docile and dopey fall lower’s pockets adding zest and verve to their pull-pit pit-bull d’Ogs in the oddy-ents begging for money to keep them travelling and going on tours of self fame and self glory. Thou shalt not kill, something Abraham never figured out just like their supposed life and love and god loving people claims scream praise Jesus and pass the ammo I have other humans to kill morons, as they offer their children up for sacrifice on the altars of the flames of war as their sacrifice to their flag-gott, fag-gott Gog and his buoyfriend Michael as they prime America, a mere ICON, for their final solution. Thou shalt not worship idols, graven/grave-in I’m-Oges is very clear English for those that claim to understand English.

I find it’s not so much the understanding of a language, any language at its basic communication of ideas level, it’s the comprehension thwart-dead by the app-re-hen-shun of the fear of having to let ALL of this world go or join I.D. in the basket going to hell in flames. It will be at this point that you see the trap that you and all of humanity now find yourselves in as you wriggle to understand what will become of you and your family should you actually do the right thing. I.D. be more worried about what’s coming for you and those you call family if you don’t lose the mark of the beast where at least one in your family tree of eons can finally stand for truth and not let the countless souls you have the fate of in your hands go to hell with you. You, by the weigh, will be at the bottom of that funeral pyre with plenty of time to see what you’ve done….forever.

It's only when people hate me that I know they heard the message and they hate me and those that share it because it means they’re fully responsible now for their choices that affects everything and everyone they claim to love. I call bullshit on them because if they or you truly loved those around you, you’d be screaming this from every rooftop non-stop like I’ve done for over six and a half years now: it’s illegal to use a legal name. Now, ask yourself, if that’s true (and it is a legal fact borne out by countless people simply doing as I’ve asked and showed them to see this in action as that fact to watch black robes and their armed thugs running for the hills away from me), what does that make you in all legal definitions of that legal fact? For the more astute that real eyes’d it, that makes you an instant felon/criminal for using any/all I.D. therefore rendering you a lifelong criminal in a perpetual state of dishonour in the eyes of any court, heaven and hell, and that you already agree that criminals need to be in jail and they do too but they prefer to milk your life blood to death slowly before they pop you in the ground as eternal fertilizer. Humanity can’t see this evil because it is enshrouded in the same lusts that keeps them blind and non-caring about this truth or any truth that rocks their gluttony boats and a mirror conned dreams of power and wealth at the expense of everyone and all life around it. I know the ones that turned around 180 and put everything they got into getting the word out only to discover it only took the tiniest slice of their lives to find the narrow path through and there is only one. While humans cling to the I.D.-entity, they will never see the path, let alone walk it because their illusional fear of loss created by the very I.D.-entity will keep them blind since the denom/demon ash-specked “I’s” speak for them, by legal name…d’name…degname….degnome….denim 501 Levite G.E.-knees, bowed to the idol of man inside this copy-kate dead corpse created to trap such fools as this disease has spread throughout the entire corpse, now surfaced in the eye of Whore-U.S. that can’t escape through the cornea lens hermit-cali SEAL-DEED, trapped in the Eye Ba’al’s ore-bit-ER II, the other eye already destroyed, thus why Satan is blind to those free of the mark because we left that ba’al ore-bit-ER II mother of death ship and miracles commence for that point only.

The truth is so simple yet so are the last of the humans now as well and are as such, condemned by, and of their own actions as the natural order of events has always been in the creation field of life that man is getting the boot from forever and it’s as simple as that regardless of the insane banterings of justifiers and useless lies of defense coming from the mouth of a legal felon and dishonourable criminal so I don’t need to wear a black robe to see that but that seems to be the only thing that humans see as “authority” where they kneel to their white and purple robed godman masters Friday, Saturday and Sunday and bow every other second to a money wielding master that owns them where any and all that I receive of this world is for charity to help others as I’m able to do and that’s on a very slow drip to make sure I don’t become your brand new mother milf to milk like all of humanity does with the ER II whore-U.S. WRothschildren of doom B.C. moon eye whore-ship-ink due.

Humanity’s eyes are about to be opened on a scale they can’t even imagine so yes, many will fall from the initial shock and real eyes a shun too late to fix the easy weigh….To lighten you enough to lift, you’re going to have to lose a pound of flesh nearest your heart and that heart is the head you’re pounding on each other’s heads with fists, guns, A-bombs (the next 1 will be man’s last…just 1), rants, brick walls etc. is the pound-ink of flesh required and, as Sheba and hER II Rod the whore demanded John’s head and Jesus’s head, so shall your head be paid…what does it matter how you kill…??...dead is dead stupid…the guillotine is better than the Algerian hook and Vlad the Imp-paler Prince Charles de Goo-elf’s weigh of settle-ink quick…nothing faster than a zip file. It’s the lien up and the weight ink for your turn that’s the killer….now…think hamburgers and the begging of the line where burgers become burgers and if it’s still good enough for those cattle, then you cat-hell’s won’t mind either since they too knew what was coming at the end of the line…a bolt gun and gutted before ewe can say McFuck you MuckFly Meeks four a Dunn like Dinar sand witch burning at the steak and B.A.R.becue feast-of-hell and only the die hards will want to go back into that line up over and over forever when they’ll take the RFID over the quick file release method but that only happens once if you want to get into My Kingdom….

And when you realise truly what a gift you are being offered at this time with time running out faster than you’d care to want to know to remove the legal name mark of the beast from you, thus your family line complete, and get the word out as much as you can, with all things considered, is enough where so many before you paid the heavy price and lived to tell the tale because they know they’re immortal. They learned that the hard BUT living way…kill the legal name = you die in this world, period and you’re left for dead. I know, I was. I committed LEGAL suicide and then the entire system died around me and then others that took up my lead in the dance of truth that put Satan back in his hole forever times two….the real question is who are you going to spend eternity with…the devil you know, me or the devil you don’t quite know yet but will, A-bomba? I Cain C-UR I.D. = Can I see your I.D.?....D?……I….just I, it’s me…I AM…’s all in the “I” /of/D’beholder…I AM the storm of the I, the Torah-n-doe in the middle of the HER II Cain and that cane broke years ago so now I just use a mop at the door to hold it open..wipe your fee-Te of the Math-ewe fig. numb. DEED Yoak tree in Gnu Yoak U.N.der Kimmy Jimmy Un’s before you knock…the mop is to hold the door open, not clean your feet you never even think to wipe and made mud huts inside your houses. Ewe must be gnhome sick….me too….I get more homesickness every day with every gnome psychoness lyccainess I slay knowing that ghumanity will finally be cremated in the body of the very whore they worship….eye eye sale whore….aye aye…..kate, I AM the gate you need to pass by either weigh. The End.