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Enemy Mine by kate of gaia

The toughest mirror to look in is our own, go see for yourselves. It is there that we do our most critical judging of self, albeit from typically a physical only standpoint. How does our hair look, how what we're wearing looks etc. and so on. These are all the superficial or sous-per-phi-shell physical manifestations; the under by creation shells of our true god natures. This is usually where most stop and dare not look any deeper. We experience a myriad of emotions where some days you have it nailed and others are just bad hair days with seemingly no recourse yet all are based on the externals that create internal effects upon us.

This is the standard operating procedure for the masses and for beings like me, the mirror in all regards was hard to look into since I never seemed to see the real me because the internal wasn't being reflected in the external as per the norms of our collective society. This actually was a gift of gifts because it separated me from the physical reality in an extreme way. In this regard I was my own worst enemy and my own best friend operating in singularity style.

People I have long known have often stated that they "don't get it" as far as my being a trans being and I fully get that; it's tough to get something you've never experienced in the same way as describing a movie pales in comparison to actually sitting down and watching the movie to experience it. It also allows me the luxury of seeing my own contrasts in relation to others who are a mirrored reflection of my consciousness. Since I am the only one I have to solve, I had to learn to be a neutral observer.

We are confronted with many challenges every day where we are tempted to trespass on another's free will choice by interfering or intervening on their life's experiences. If you give someone a fish versus a fishing rod, are you really helping or hurting them? We have long been playing the game of polarity, the realm of opposites and equals at the same time. Good and evil are merely reflections of each other where only the perspective separates them. If one sees something as evil, someone else must also see the same thing as good and we engage ourselves in a polarized judgment by only seeing one OR the other instead of one AND the other.

When we create something outside of ourselves, we create the equal and opposite within ourselves; as within, so without, as without, so within. If one can imagine that everything is perfect where only our perspective is skewed then we are a long way down the path to knowing ourselves to a greater degree. So, here's the tough question with an easy answer; when one has created an external enemy, what has been created in the mirror? In a duality and polarized position, one can't see the perspective form a created enemy's viewpoint because, well, they're the enemy and who can stomach that? Can you stand in the mirror of that and see how you are also the enemy from their point of you/point of view...phonics eh?

Unfortunately for many, the ego that controls them can never see such a thing with the ego in-cysting it must be right. When we create an external enemey, this is equally the enemy we create within ourselves. When we argue a point it is because of this ego con-troll-ing us where an ego needs to justify its position in an always desperate bid for physical comfort and lust of survival. People speak of the ancient Samurai as honour bound where a slight on thier name would have them battling another to the death to "restore honour". Now how retarded is that and how at effect are they to another's cause?

When we react to someone else what we are really doing is saying your power of cause is greater than mine and “watch how I spin out of control” being at effect to it. Yeah, that's real mature and is showing immediate evidence of where we are on our own awakening scale. This is exactly how problem, reaction, solution really works. How many times have you seen the news, a text, a post on some site that invokes an emotional response/re-spawn-se' and it is something you have not witnessed for yourself?

I used to love how at effect people were to the mainstream media where they would make claims regarding another country and its affairs based solely on what some talking head on CNN was scripted to say? I liked to confirm the fact that they must know these things based on living there, being part of another culture and experienced it in real time reality but that was never the case. That lit more than one ego fire because the ego hates to be made a fool of with truth. Truth is the only thing the ego cannot handle where it is the product of a physical illusion or, quite simply, a game.

The word prove is pro-ve' or pro verily which means for truth and there is no way anyone can prove anything if they haven't experienced. This is why I will; never try to prove anything to anyone because proof is not required if one shares the same experiences with me, in my time-line, in my reality and thus, theirs. The only literal thing that you can prove to yourself is your own existence where a north pole exists because you've been there yourself. This is why I take nothing literally and observe only from an allegorical perspective. The allegories of creation are the only real thing I can prove to me because they only matter to me.

I don't care if someone has an issue with someone else and I will not allow myself to get drawn into an emotional drama based on something that doesn't even concern me literally. It only matters to me allegorically from a neutral observer position. If we are caught in the dramas, we are in the realms of bread and circuses to the degree that we are distracted from our true paths. It's as simple as "will you buy/bi into the drama/dragon mother creation of another and be at effect to it. Our cause removal is directly proportional to our being at effect additions.

The biggest difficulty I encounter now is every day conversation regarding all things literal, physical and pure effect. If your creative power and intention can be siphoned/psi-Phoenician-ed off, exactly what are you creating and for whom? Can I dupe you out of your energy? I sure can because I now know how to do that. I can steer anyone where I want them to go with a simple, clear thought as an inception of an idea into your realm. Right now I want you to NOT think of a kangaroo. THAT is the power of Thoth/Thought. Again, ALL the answers lie in the sound, the phonics and every thought IS sound in its purest form. If I can control that (can also be pronounced thought), I can control the consciousness of others.

Let's look at the true enemy here then. Go and grab a mirror, I'll wait. Once you can get through the mirror to the other side, your Alice we be just peachy but you have to be willing to endure the fires to burn off the extremities called ego, the need to be right versus wrong where only the ashes/H's/gods are left for you, the true Phoe-nix/Foeended can finally rise. Are you caught in the emotional webs of friends, family, enemies, lovers, the masses etc. that keep you in your own web of de-ceit/de-see-it/not see it? We have been spellbound and ensnared in this web of webs for the only purpose of playing a game.

Yes, this is a tough game but for those that really know that they're god, they have gratitude inasmuch as it takes quite the game to convince a god that they're not after all don't you think? Go ahead, rant and rave about this or that, get angry at a system that has afforded you one hell of a game and I will sit back, Pina Colada in hand and be amused and all the while, cherry pick the truths that are needed to wash my own mirror brighter every day. People constantly tell me that they are amazed at what I do with words but the truth is, it's so simple that my only frustration left is that people still aren't seeing it for themselves.

You cannot have the power of god if you are under someone else's spell where you're power is constantly being fed into the illusion. This is a game to know thyself, not beat five year old retarded children over the head with a Louisville Slugger after all. This is the true meaning of "suffer unto you the children" where the children are not the youngsters/young-stars here but the screaming child looking back at you in your mirror. How many times has a movie changed when you screamed at the bad guy in it? The movie is un-changed, the plot remains where I choose to watch it with MY eyes as it pertains to ME and what I need to see to shine up my inner mirror.

Yes, the enemy you create outside of yourself based on one drama or another is YOUR creation and one YOU will have to face in your own mirror because the conflict is within you where the external is reflecting everything you need to sort out in yourself to bring your own energies back into balance. If you were asked to hit a bulls-eye with a bow and arrow whilst walking on a tight rope that you keep slipping on, how do you think you will fare and how powerful an archer will you make? When you finally get off the tight rope of life, get firmly grounded in balance, your own power and aim returns and not before it.

This is where the hands are steady and the aim is true and where you can bring to bear the full drawing of your bow where your arrow is your intent. When you fire arrows at a perceived enemy, you're only shooting at yourself from the external, literal and physical effect realms. A true archer/arc-eR/arc-X-rho or spark of life spirit breath creator is one who seeks this zero point of perfect balance and ultimate yin/yang where both sides of the mirror reflect equally and perfectly in all ways. It just depends on which side of the mirror you choose to stand on; the physical one or the spiritual one? If thine eye and enemy offend thee, pluck them out, including all the arrows you've shot into your own ass thinking it was someone else. What part of oneness did you miss? mwahs and love,