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The Doubters of Men by kate of kaea

As the story goes....rho, rho, RHO your boat (mind), gently down the stream....

Let's look a bit deeper....if you simply allow for this reality to row your boat for you, there are 3 oarsman rowing keeping the boat true on course in a CIRCLE but that course isn't YOURS until you grab the third oar yourself to complete the row, row, row imagine 3 of you rowing in the boat where you can now CHOOSE which side to row on to keep the course true to see, the system oarsman are robots, 2 on the left side and one on the right and that guarantees a circle (ever paddled a rowboat or a canoe?) because they never change positions in that boat....when you use the LEGAL NAME, that puts 2 on the left permanently and the one on the right is rowing against two.

This is not about steering left or right, it's about keeping your boat true to your course in a gentle slalom. When you lose the legal name, YOU get the third oar and you can choose either side as you see fit to keep you from the "Dragon eating its tale" infinite circles, be they left OR right, they're still circles. So, if you're veering too far left, you paddle from the left to veer right and vice's a double cross across the beam of the boat/mind where YOU steer via choice. Legal name contract has you tied up as a hostage at the back of the complete the "quad" when you tie one of the system robots (ego) up and put them at the back of the boat until you have FOOL control of your boat/mind again and get your boat on the right course; the one of truth only.

You only have FULL control of your boat when you stand in truth completely. When creation can TRUST that you have your own helm back, it throws the dead robots overboard, installs two 500 horsepower inboards AND two outboards as well...and then asks you...hey Captain...I know the perfect destination, mind if I take the helm? Being that truth is all creation and creation is all truth, there is only one course anyway to get home. That's when you sit back in absolute trust in truth in your captain's chair, drinkies in hand and let nature take ITS course...Rho means "spirit breath", creation itself so if you let another one rho for you that's a known liar, thief and cheat, THAT'S who's speaking for you....and doing all the rhoing for you...LEGAL NAME makes you a liar absolute in this reality so don't expect truth/creation to jump in this boat until YOU throw all the lies and liars overboard...

Yes, there will be that time where you think you're the only one rhoing your boat because, for a while, you are because it will feel like the whole world just abandoned you....only because you MUST reach this point to LOSE ALL HOPE...creation wants to make sure you've chosen the true and natural course ALL BY YOURSELF FIRST and it won't be long after you finally let go and say "Fuck it, I'll do this myself if I have to" and that's all creation needs to hear. THAT'S when the horsepower of creation steps in with a perfect helmsman and the ride becomes the true experience of life versus the former nightmare illusion of what you let go of and left behind.

It’s all up to you and your choice of trusting liars, thieves and cheats or truth itself. Losing the LEGAL NAME is the magic key so don't let the doubts programmed into you get the best of you because if you do that, the doubts WILL get the best of and the best of you is lost for as long as you accept to be a liar and hang out with liars. Since you're the only one you can truly trust completely, best that you sort the lies in you out or the lies will gut you from the inside out like any other Piscean Age fish-stick. Go in a circle to the left and Scylla picks you off little by little on every pass, circle too long to the right and Charybdis eventually swallows your whole boat into the abyss of non-existence. If you haven't noticed, the circles are spinning faster to the left and right with those still in the LEGAL NAME parasite game as everything is now coming to a head faster and faster.

Only creation KNOWS the true path through and will get you there lickety-split and you don't have to DO a thing, just BE truth and BE your experience in FULL acceptance of only that....everything else is FOOL acceptance and who the fuck wants Gilligan steering their boat? We all know how that ended up marooned on Gilligan's Island where all the brains, money and movie star looks couldn't save them where all they had to do was patch up the fucking hole in the Minnow, carve some oars and set sail again...the LEGAL NAME is Gilligan's Island with a LOOKS like an island of paradise but those are fake palm trees to make sure you never know you're actually on Alcatraz Island...and isn't it funny that to be "frank" with someone means to be completely truthful? The only ones to ever escape that island were Frank M/O-rr-is (truthful heart modus operundi rho-rho with creation) and John and Clarence Anglin (JC fishers of men/Cain and Abel) but that's just a coincidence AGAIN rite?

You will forever be marooned on this illusional island of deathly paradise or you'll stand in truth and rho rho rho the hell away from there once and for all....the alpha and the omega of this fictional game is LEGAL NAME and I don't fucking care if you believe this or not because there's one thing I KNOW and that's if you continue on the course of a liar, you're fucking toast anyway and I don't have to clean your floaters in the waters of truth. I left that behind in the rooster tails of four 500 hp rockets and, the wake that's coming off my boat that's rocking yours? That's the WAKE up call so don't be surprised if I don't show up at your WAKE, I don't do LEGAL NAME TOMBSTONES and co-ffins (duality endings) and don't get in the way either because this boats cuts liars' boats in half like a hot knife through melted butter.

It's always been our choice to walk in truth or run away from it so don't give me your whiny fucking excuses about why you still NEED a dead legal name/way because, very frankly scarlet whore, I don't give a damn, you already took all the damning upon yourself anyway and why the hell would anyone give a damn about anything in the first place? Not something nice to give anyone eh?...Dams are used to stop the flows of water and, my little jet boat? jumps those when I don't feel like smashing on through...Hey, I have to leave a little fun for everyone to be a damn-buster too....Rho, Rho, Rho your boat yourself....the upgrades only happen on the deep waters of truth, not at the piers and docks of this ported world and the LEGAL NAME keeps you PERMANENTLY in THEIR PORT...

And, like Frank and the brothers, they disappeared from this world forever, never to be LEGALLY seen again....just like me but then who'll believe that? Easy to spot the inmates...the ones that still cling to a LEGAL NAME Alcatraz, prisoners in their own minds...see ya on the beach, I'm waiting and I KNOW the only thing that's keeping you locked up....the real question that needs to be answered can only be answered by YOU....the simple truth is, YOU have to change your mind and YOUR choices to change your reality, and not one LEGAL piece of paper on this planet will save you, THAT'S what's killing you because it PROVES you are a DOUBTER/DAUGHTER and the fallen angels LOVE fucking you. They fell in love with the doubters of men didn't they?...true story...