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Did You Know……? by kate of gaia


1. All MAIL that comes to ANY address is deemed CONTRACT, not an OFFER by virtue of its willing acceptance by having a MAILBOX/ADDRESS/POSTAL CODE.

2. By having a MAILBOX/ADDRESS/POSTAL CODE you are accepting ALL CONTRACTS as binding when they are SENT, not when received. All MAIL is deemed CONTRACT.

3. ALL FRAUD begins and ends with CLAIMING/USING any/all NAMES that are CROWN COPYRIGHTED intellectual property until the INTENT of the CROWN to deceive is exposed and reversed with "I, Who Shall Not Be Named" document served into any court file/registry office.

4. All Post Office stations worldwide fall under the UPU jurisdiction which is VATICAN CITY, STATE owned with its courts at The Hague and headed by the Pope. All MAIL dealings are CHURCH/Spiritual CONTRACTS and are binding upon ASSUMED/PRESUMED ACCEPTANCE. Do you have a mailbox/address? If so, you are bound by ASSUMED/PRESUMED ACCEPTANCE via JOINDER to NAME/CLAIMANT.

5. All COUNTRIES are REGISTERED/CROWN owned corporations by virtue of contract through DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE/UNITED NATIONS and were controlled by the UNHOLY ALLIANCE of CHURCH/STATE aka VATICAN CITY, STATE and CITY OF LONDON, STATE and all fall under the UPU jurisdiction.

6. All countries/nations that have a BAR member operated COURT are CROWN owned jurisdictions and any/all lands contained are CROWN PROPERTY/jurisdiction by virtue of the consent of the people via ignorance of the governments they vote for/ruled by.

7. All PUBLIC OFFICIALS that are non-BAR members are with “UNCLEAN HANDS” and acting in fraud by virtue of fraudulently using CROWN COPYRIGHTED intellectual property without permission via first, their NAME/CLAIMANT slave status and second, the FALSE IMPERSONATION of TITLE/OFFICE whereas all BAR members are guilty by COMMISSION/OMISSION knowingly aiding and abetting this fraud against humanity enticing the living into SLAVERY/BONDAGE/BONDSERVANT via deception with INTENT.

8. Any/All POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES/AGENTS/STAFF etc. are GUILTY of AIDING AND ABETTING in FRAUD as the enablers of MAIL FRAUD first by having UNCLEAN HANDS by virtue of using a NAME/FALSE IMPERSONATION/IDENTIFICATION FRAUD claimed as their own and, secondly via the FALSE IMPERSONATION (UNIFORMED) as the aforementioned STATUS of POSTAL EMPLOYEE etc. The INTENT to AID AND ABET MAIL FRAUD is proven by virtue of the OFFICES built to enable DELIVERY/DE-LIVERY and profit from these crimes via paychecks received based on the money created via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE/DEBENTURE BOND/ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY/BONDSERVANT STATUS/DEAD LEGAL FICTION CROWN COPYRIGHTED AND OWNED NAME therein/thereon.

For more detailed information as to your criminal status, please visit http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com and pop by the “kate’s writings” page. If you are a non-TEMPLE BAR MEMBER, CITY OF LONDON, STATE FOREIGN AGENT, you are guilty of FRAUD and the BAR SOCIETY is using YOU to enslave humanity, yourself included. It’s hard to win any game when your opponent has you convinced to shoot goals into your own net. Nifty trick eh? A gentle reminder that all the money you think you're making is based on yours and humanity’s SLAVE BONDS. This is the true deal with the devil and your soul obviously has a price since you cash in every payday to prove it.