Comprehension, The Hell Am Meant in the Rhume by katie

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Comprehesioned: Hell Am Meant in the Rhume by katie

Humanity has a very simple overall problem….comprehension, the full and complete understanding of any idea of neutral observation from ANOTHER’S perspective without emotion attached to grasp the LOGIC of an idea looking at all attributes of the human psyche. Human imagination has itself making up ideas of life based on emotional only living with limited intellect enough to satiate humanity’s basest desires. That is to say that humans are only as smart as their laziness and greed dictate where their masters only train them in intellect to that point and no further. Comprehesioned means “comes pre glued to a pre-programmed by another idea”

Then you have those that break free of that rut knowing logically that no matter how great their lives could be or not, saw a world filled with evil and simply chose to change that by changing their means of comprehension. It’s very easy to control a religiously motivated people, especially since the ones ruling that guild have been teaching humanity’s children, parents before them, grandparents before that so it’s very easy to make a religion emotionally attached with the bonding of family by creating the same family separated into a new family or culture. Cult you are/culture, the shorthand of the noun/verb spell sentence in one word, phonetically hidden as is every letter etc. but that’s a different story, a different essay.

To remove some of the emotional mystique of religion, one merely has to say the same thing in a way that any given culture or language can comprehend it. Mush in the same way that a joke in one language, that relies on the slang within that language to comprehend the joke, doesn’t work in a literal scenario on a word for word basis. This applies in all languages, all cultures and it’s simply cultural slanguage where only someone intimate with an accent or language would pick up the nuances and “get the joke/fully comprehend the idea in an expression” and laugh while the translation into another accent/language just doesn’t work.

That’s the difference between literal understanding and literal comprehension, they are night and day when the cultures aren’t the same. This is why comedians use accents when they tell cultural jokes and just mimic the culture as it really is literally. That’s where emotions rule humanity in that they’d rather laugh, some nervously, some outloud with a racial haterd as the core motivator or out loud as the blinding truth staring you in the face kind of funny. Different cultures can laugh all day long at each other and the stupid things they do but when another culture does that, it’s racism.

I just see stupid humans that are blinded by the colours of fall law allah legal, just ask the jews that wear Mecca-know Set’s Jew-buy-quay’s Ruby-con on their heads. Legal is Sharia law…Ba’aliffs and Sharia-iffs in knot in ink’s Ham burger “my star!” temple tantrum mantrum mantree mantrial……Oh, it gets crazier but then the focus is calm, pre-Hen shun and this swan likes to lay a few eggs on her waddle’s the time travelling pig in Grave-I.D. falls. Let’s get to simple English comprehension. Do you know that you shouldn’t steal from anyone? Stealing is stealing right? Now, ask yourself what your opinion emotionally on a thief is and ponder that for a moment. Yeah, they’re not very nice people are they and you really don’t like when bad people steal your things right? That’s what you supposedly teach your children right? If you don’t then you’re not likely reading this anyway unless you’re a lawyer, cop or judge that’s shitting themselves knowing the absolute crimes against humanity and life they’re guilty of.

Mecca-n-eyes’d army, just ask any eyes in whore general jews-ewes-S.I.D. soul-dier, they’re the ones in the main office slugging back a few while the children they send to die slug back a few too….lead slugs…schrapnel slugs….money slugs….human slugs….slugging it out for what? It’s about stealing someone else’s stuff at gunpoint because some organization’s head jews-U.S.-I.D. general commandeering in chief thought they’d play “God”…that’s what. Just look at the billions of humans all busy making the things that will come back and kill them because making money for blood is what counts and well hey, it’s not your blood that’s being stolen at the receiving end of your business Modl’s now is it? No, but to you that’s a religion…a skin colour…a reason of a flag to kill…anything but anything but the child of life that I see that you don’t.

You only see your flags, your religions, your cultures, your excuses or whatever else it takes for any human to justify the killing of anything or anyone to their lustful and greedy satisfaction. No, society must have its toys, it’s wealth, it’s poisoned planet at any cost and woe be damned the fool that gets in their way because they have guns and the sold out souls of humanity to serve their evil ends. But that’s humanity in a nutshell. Their comprehension of what really is going on is occluded by the need and greed of their own culture based in id and ego. Freud the fraud was fix-ate-dead on his crimes where the id is the mind literal, devoid of emotion and the ego is the heart/mind thought emotion cocktail that get’s shaken or stirred. I prefer my whiskey sours shaken and my martini’s stirred so it’s an independent option at all choice points.

People are easy to separate on this basis that has bugger all to do with any external or verbal claim they or you can make: your culture is your culture, period. You gonna say it isn’t when you know it is? That is called the starkness of what is with emotional darkness removed. As an example of going too far in the real in fictionland legal literal sense in a situation to illustrate the “id” or pure logic think of someone who has a 2 dollar cloth stolen from their back yard by a new neighbour and they call and have them charged with theft under to the absolute furthest extent of two years less a day imprisonment. A clearly seen lack of any compassion yes? The game of passion versus calm passion versus compass-eye-on and how you steer your mind/heart relationship.

Comprehension is the key to grasping the balance of two current understandings that are extreme hot on one side and extreme cold on the other and holding those charges within until they neutral eyes themselves. That is the art of calm passion where the passion of life rules the heart where the logic of mind says that to take any life defies logic of life and where the heart begins to shut down as initiated by life’s logic safety valve. Think of I.D. as a built in self-destruct device that all must pass through to bring the mind/heart heart drive back into all eye in meant. Meant, the intention of will is always portrayed in one’s actions.

No, you didn’t mean to pay for those bullets that kill children every day but you do. No, you didn’t mean to kill that lamb with a short razor but your craving of rack of lamb in crème de menthe sauce always gets the bet her of you. People like to make Shakespearian words into religions like somehow it’s not just English in a different accent with different slang. That slanguage was used to make a religion but what it does even better is the phonetic code easily broken with a Belfast brogue, Canadian elocution and a few others picked up on my travels. It’s still English unless you can’t comprehend what thou shalt not steal or kill means. Any issues there? Says it pretty straight up?....Yeah but only half of them are in straight up English, the other 5, the first 5 are in Phoenician, the slanguage they tried to erase but I remembered and a few others have now as well. Life is written in the DNA code and only the living can remember, the dead are lost in Allah Lala Rowman L’eagle land. Simple questions, simple answers that only require the missing fifth or filth element in the rhume or knowing what the hell-a-meant-ari base is of the whole problem. I.D.s exactly what ewe didn’t eggs pecked: eggs been dicked.

So now that you’ve had a little experience with some phonics and comprehension let’s make it crystal clear as to the legal inference and literal inferences of the 10 commandments and why you’re guilty of breaking all 10 with legal name use from the pure id and balanced ego purrs specked I’ve.

1. Thou shalt have none other gods before me = do not legally/ever elect man/religion gods, they’ll screw you to hell for their crimes and give you all sorts of good reasons why just enough of you have to love them to stay in power for the next of their ilk to do the same. Some good advice that.

2. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

3. Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,

4. And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments = “is” is made to stand out for a reason…that’s the first thing you need to see. “is” means EXACTLY what “is” is with no layers veiling it from dilute-dead thinking. A picture I.D. “is” you not IF you think I.D.s you but rather BECAUSE you BELIEVE it’s you based only on what you have been told, never looking any deeper than your own well of need versus the need of all humanity. Pictures of animals, men, mountains etc. on money “is” an engraved grave-in image, a picture with no life “is” EXACTLY that and where the mind goes, creation flows as the basis of all creation in quantum form a.k.a. imagination move ease.Humanity bows to their mangod mango’d strange fruit they call awe-Thor-itties and serve them their lives on a B.A.R.becue platter and yeah, creation gets a bit jealous when humans get a gift from creation, they turn themselves into their own little starlet harlot empires thinking it was theirs and that they own it and that if you want some you’ll have to pay them dearly for it as they throw tantrums on all the stages of life, be it political, musical, religical U.S., holly sure wouldical or the like and carrion killing and raping the play-net they live on, another of creation’s little gifts like they think they own it and can charge admission to their little stolen from all others piece of land.  

Humanity has this modus opera and die down to a fin ale’ and the B.A.R. has been given its last caul. Creation really hates it when you spit on those that are trying to share the truth of life, literal life with you as well since they’re only doing their/our Jobs and sins you have your job two jew ass well, we comprehend and know who you stand under in your choice of understanding I.D.ols and LORD WRothschild’s your mangod master. That “thing” sitting on the thrown of England (nice toss out btw, definite throw back fish) is just some strange mango’d fruit that’s dead and shrove-helled ash wet inks dei. Having fun yet? Good. Non?........plenty of time to dig your own plot but no thyme like the present sins you’re already half in the Hague bag anyway right? 

5. I could write a book on keeping the “Sabbath” but in short it just means to be constantly aware of your “robes” to make sure they’re clean…one takesabbath every day but doesn’t lie around soaking in it while your kingdom burns approach. Your life is your kingdom, your reality and how big that reality is depends on how big your kingdom choice is so when it’s just your own culture or bias ply tyre slanguages that matter above all others, then one is pretending to be and acting like they’re god and they’re team matters more than every other team and will kill all competition, literally. Is that the world you wanted?Legal makes killing (wars) stealing (usury) adultery (performing marriage rituals, demonic and leads to souls being stolen from life and brought into a body guaranteed certain death in this realm) covetousness (material wealth monger-whores), bearing false witness (that’s exactly what the I.D. is, legal cult created fiction to enslave the soul) all peachy hunky dory for humanity to partake in their B.A.R.mitzva muse-slimey Ruby-con cube club and there thay go, dancing themselves into the grave-in mage-I’s hippo gnooses, sad.The entire world’s reality is built on the legal FORMS of a fictional mindtrap that has humanity building the temples and bombs of their own destruction, apparently unable to stop and look at the greater picture but would prefer to continue killing all life, each other and now, the entire planet is poisoned far beyond repair unless you think humanity is going to put down its guns and killer machines today? No, not likely because that’s what “is” the reality. Humanity supplies all the free soul money they need out of thine heir to build the bombs that always come back. Every weapon is a perfect boomerang so may I suggest not ringing that boom because rang is past tens….weigh passed 10’s…’s midnight hour and you’re still drinking and partying like it’s lunchtime in Paris,……waiter!....check mate please,