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Bryan Larkin Letter

All writings/ritings are based in Phoenician Law/Universal sound intent of my common law ( com = with, mon = my en Francais)

Hello Bryan.....I know you know who I am and what I'm doing to end the legal system corruption thrust on humanity, you included but I bet you don't remember me from your childhood, kudos if you do. You see, we go back a long way to Country Club Drive where my family and yours were at each other's homes for various things inasmuch as our parents hung out together along with the rest of the UK families. That's what likeminded/cultured people do. My Dad was a Mason too, albeit, not of any high degree like others in my family but let's say, I got the gist of things from a very young age and why I never followed that long family tradition. One, because I couldn't swear allegiance with some “born with a silver spoon in her ass child murdering enabler” and, two, because no-one made it clear as to what "supreme being" they were referring to, being as this, is a duality realm.

I'm not known to beat around the bush about things so I'll keep it fairly simple here and will discuss more in voice if you actually have the stomach for truth whereas your predecessor lacked that and a pair of balls to actually confront me where he liked to send his little knee pad boys like Craig Nigh and Kevin McCart to do his "dirty work" for him, cowards do that. Just ask Brent Eden the former deputy chief why he was suicidal but, I have to also mention that because you're sitting in the false personation role of "CHIEF OF POLICE" for the CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF GUELPH POLICE SERVICES" that is a subsidiary of the CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF GUELPH that is headed by the CHIEF JUSTICE/MAYOR, an office currently OCCUPIED by the false personator MAYOR KAREN FARBRIDGE that, you already KNOW what's really going on as far as how the system you serve works. The good news is that I do and likely to a far greater degree than you.

Unfortunately, all Mayors don't grasp the responsibility of the office they are holding in that they are fully liable/responsible for ANY/ALL actions of/by all their "by proxy" agents/officers/judges/lawyers etc. and literally every corporation operating within their corporate city boundaries. The list of people who have been in the loop with me is long where each and every one of them is fully accountable for their actions where your corporate veils were stripped last September 1st effectively stripping any/all spiritual protections, the realm I play with inasmuch as you're likely familiar with the "golden rule".

I've added a few other folks to this letter so they can get a grip on what they can now expect because, being of a benevolent nature, I like to hand out enough rope to use to climb out of the pit one is in or, use that same rope to tie a noose for themselves where the choice is always another's, never mine. Kevin McCart made a promise the night (February 11th, 2012) to “take me anywhere I wanted to go” and I said home and he choked on that…I accept his intent regarding anywhere.…so, too late, offer accepted. However, you, and many other agents from various police agencies, by association commission, kidnapped me at gunpoint in front of my home by non-uniformed agents in their private vehicles and then, my family via a SWAT raid. Attempted murder is easy to prove in a private prosecution (no lawyers allowed since they only "practice law") with the simple fact that you all use full lead rounds in your guns in defiance of the Geneva Conventions (full metal jacket) also recently established in full force/liability "Motu Proprio" by your master, Pope Francis.

By always having "one in the chamber" proves intent of the “shoot to kill” intent policy enjoyed by most, if not all police corporations/banking master dogs as they call you. Unfortunately for you and every cop involved, you were dealing with a lawful witness to these crimes and the fact that you use "legal identification" means you're "legally dead by consent" and have no voice in my court. You also can't undo the past where all actions are fully accountable as a living being. Yeah, you and everyone involved can't hide behind this corporate veil since the spiritual/ecclesiastical side of your courts was stripped away. That is what is called an "apocalypse" or "leather covering" and I do enjoy using the play book to manifest my/your reality. Sadly, most are stuck in the literal world where I chose the real one. You really should read my writings on my website to get a real handle on who, and what you're actually dealing with here. but I’m sure that one is in yours and many other’s favourites anyway…lol.

No, I wish no-one any harm because that is repulsive to my own being and why all the actions taken against me to destroy my life are so repugnant to me. What's ironic is that who can one report this to since it was the cops, the lawyers like Frank Valeriote and the courts of admiralty etc. that actually committed these crimes? But then, what can one expect when one is also dealing with a bunch of steroid and methadone jacked up thieves anyway? Incompetence comes in the fact that one of your guys had what? 28 syringes of steroids in his locker and NO-ONE knew or saw this??? hahahaha....that's some awesome detective work going on there but it's also the revealing of a much darker and sinister environment non? It only makes sense that people of this stripe would steal countless belongings of mine and my family’s because that’s what criminals do after all non?

I won't get into the gory details of what I went through since you guys have been kept up to speed every step of the way and not once has any of you acted to do the right thing. Now is your chance and it’s the only one I offer. Otherwise, I'll save that for your fully liable status in a common law court via private prosecution. You should see the team we have assembled for that…wow. As you can already imagine, I'm a meticulous being that leaves no stone unturned (including the rock one of your guys served in August 2010 with video evidence no and keeps record of EVERYTHING. Well, here's a little push for ya! You have 72 hours from now to contact me on my cell phone at 226-971-9675 to chat or not. Either way, YOUR choice will be made and cemented for all eternity. Fortunately, I fully understand Phoenician law which is the basis for all laws both legal and universal where I'm going to bet that you don't. Regardless, I have no vengeance in my heart and it is only my wish that others do the right thing because it's the right thing to do or suffer the consequences of their own spiritual contracts made in free will choice.

This is what is called the "domino effect" and it will be up to you as to which domino I push over; the one that makes you and all involved villains or the one that makes you heroes. I told you I'm benevolent but I am also in full causal state too where I accept all things and simply tip the dominoes of intent to manifest my reality as per another’s free will choice. I am hopeful that you will call and that you will be the hero (this applies to anyone else tagged in this letter sending) but either way, it's going to be one hell of a game. One with you and countless others rotting in jails having all your possessions stripped (you wished that on me) or as one with you stepping up to the plate with the rest of us to make this a better world. Both work with me because both versions have a better world anyway. Savvy?

As you are already aware, my writings and intent are shutting down admiralty courts around the world but if you weren't, they are. It's the same effect as when that false personation judge bowed to me on video which only proves the intent to try to aid and abet me, the witness, back into slavery by committing fraud by claiming to be a legal name that is the trap of humanity where the original intent to aid/abet fraud belongs to the living controllers of THE CROWN CORPORATION, your oathed to masters, not mine. I’ll be using that video and the actual camera that shot it as prima facie evidence in his prosecution as well as the other videotaped entities. The evidence and proof of intent of that fraud is the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

It's funny how cops and courts can't do anything when shown this proof because it is WE that have to aid and abet our own fraud eh? It’s as simple as when you or anyone asks for “identification” you are committing pre-meditated murder with intent to kill a living being into a dead legal status. If a human being can be a legal person then so must a legal person be a living being. I have my own crown I was born with and am my own master. Also, don't worry, you won't get a "summons" because that is for the dead; you will be subpoenaed as the witness to your own crimes. If you're at all curious, here's the line that kills all admiralty courts and invokes the common law one because only a "witness" can be alive in both versions;

I am the witness to the NAME fraud being perpetrated here and I have the prime facie evidence of that fraud in my hand. On and for the record, is it NOW your intent to entice me into slavery?

This is the best part of having nothing to lose since you and your cohorts did a bang up job and took care of that for me; with nothing to lose, there is no fear of loss. So, start asking yourself what you're willing to lose or willing to keep because my magic works in both versions where all debts are absolved or multiplied a thousand-fold. In 72 hours, hard copies will be going out to countless targets worldwide and I know I can put Guelph on the world stage since I've done it many times. It's all about what kind of star you want to be; a bright one or a dark so there's your only choice. In short, I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, a little something I've always said to everyone and it's funny how that works 100% of the time, every time.

The only perceived threat here is the threat of exposing yours and so many other willful acts of harm for your own gain and profit where I specialize in opening closets of criminals without fear and I am awesome at it! You see, just because no-one can see your dirty laundry and crimes of intent, doesn't make them somehow go away; that is most people's illusion. I really don't care if you call or not because either way I win and it is my wish that you and all involved can win too by making things right and putting things back in place that were robbed from me and my family based on the ego greed and slavery of so many. I have no expectations and simply allow one’s ego program to own them or not; their choice after all eh? What ye sow, now ye shall reap and what ye have sown is all ready for harvest. I guess that makes me the Grim Reaper in a that? Anyway, enough said, you get the picture and yours and other's fates are already sealed based on your spiritual contract choices where there is one last opportunity to change the road you're on. Beyond that, I await your choice. much love, unconditionally, kate

p.s. I remember your basement like it was yesterday, it was always fun at the Larkin's...My Mum and Dad always liked going there...Sad that your master's system doesn't allow me to pop by their graves in Ireland..Private prosecutions coming to a theatre near you..soon my friend,'ll see!

p.p.s. I have lots of video footage especially the one where Special Constable (notstable) Stevie admitted on camera that I wasn’t the legal name BEFORE the judge had his fraud ass handed to him on video…judge bows to sovereign…remember?...and yet you all went ahead and attacked my family…I think that’s pretty sad too, don’t you?.... Have a nice day!