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Did you know that?..........

1. You have oathed your living soul to a dead, fictional CORPORATION namely the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON, STATE and are, in fact, a FOREIGN COMBATANT and ENEMY OF THE STATE wherever you live outside of aforementioned "Square Mile"/CITY OF LONDON, STATE?

2. By virtue of you claiming to be the NAME on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, you are, in fact, committing FRAUD and furthermore, AIDING AND ABETTING/ENTICING INTO SLAVERY every living soul you demand a NAME from inasmuch as they too are committing FRAUD via COMMISSION/OMISSION of this fact through ignorance of it?

3. You are, in fact, committing the CRIME of FALSE IMPERSONATION by wearing the very uniform of a FALSE IMPERSONATION separate from your true, living self?

4. The very MASTERS you serve consider you "dogs" (dogtags ring a bell?) and will use you until your usefulness runs out and YOU become "collateral damage" like those that you kill, steal from, rape, entice into slavery etc. et al in the everyday "execution of your duties"?

5. The very people you are being told are your enemy are actually the ones trying to awaken you and the rest of humanity to the crimes you are committing knowingly/unknowingly by/for your MASTERS where you are guaranteeing your own slavery inasmuch as the very NAME you think of as you is a DEAD, CORPORATE FICTION/BOND/CORPORATION that is the PROPERTY OF THE CROWN CORPORATION that renders you and all NONTEMPLE B.A.R. MEMBERS/humanity D.O.A./DEAD ON ARRIVAL when you're/we're born?

6. That "I was just following orders" is not a DEFENCE from/of Universal Law whereby YOU are FULLY RESPONSIBLE/known by/for your actions of ALL injury you in-gage/in pledge in knowingly/unknowingly by/for COMMISSION/OMISSION of any/all CRIMES you perpetrate where, by virtue of your "UNCLEAN HANDS" STATUS, everything you do in the EXECUTION OF YOUR DUTIES is, in fact, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?

7. Inasmuch as YOU are not a TEMPLE B.A.R. (BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY) MEMBER, YOU are like the rest of humanity where using/claiming/acting as the NAME REGISTERED to the CROWN CORPORATION and all the ORDERS you give/receive are, in fact, done so in FRAUD under FALSE IMPERSONATION which is a CAPITAL CRIME and every ACTION you partake in, you do so to the detriment of your fellow NON-B.A.R. MEMBER humanity such as family, friends, kin etc. who are as ENSLAVED as YOU where you are AIDING AND ABETTING in that ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY which is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Yes, you are the enablers of those that control YOU and the lives of your family and those of every family on the face of this Earth. While the concepts may not be immediately visible, it is merely important to me to make YOU aware of your crimes of commission/omission where ignorance of these FACTS are known to you now rendering you WILFULLY CONSENTING where ignorance isn’t, never was nor ever will be a position of defense. Every act you continue to do make you the “undertakers” of Humanity, as a whole. Every ticket you write, every life you take, every home you help steal only shows clearly that your soul is for sale inasmuch as you do all these things for money that was created on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE/SOUL BOND rendering you as much a vampire as those you serve. You are the DEAD, CARRYING OUT THE DEAD. By your actions, YOU are known. For more PROOF of this reality pop by It might be an idea to bring a mirror with you to ask yourself WHO YOU REALLY ARE. It’s time you rose above your “dogs for the elite” status non?