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Please note: While I fully understand the motivations and reasons behind the passions of what you are trying to do, the instant you make any/all claims that include a LEGAL NAME, you are in IMMEDIATE FRAUD/FALSE IMPERSONATION within the system you are seeking to change/take down.

1. Any/all claims or usage of any/all LEGAL NAMES/TITLES/IDENTIFICATION etc. of ANY KIND (including homemade "I.D.", group I.D., status I.D. etc.) are, in fact, a FALSE IMPERSONATION and render you a DEAD MAN WALKING in the eyes of the COURTS where you are in CONTEMPT OF COURT for setting foot in a courtroom. You are effectively DEAD IN THE WATER and SALVAGE under their jurisdiction.

2. Any/all use of a LEGAL NAME (see above) places you instantly in the CROWN JURISDICTION where any/all claims of "your jurisdiction" are NULL AND VOID inasmuch as you are using a NAME that you did not create (intellectual property) and was gifted (G.I.F.T. = gamete intra-fallopian transfer) to THE CROWN CORPORATION UNDER COPYRIGHT AS REGISTERED willfully/willfully by its' creators; your parents.

3. Any/All claims via UCC/A4V/RULE OF 96/LAW OF NATIONS/OPPT/NESARA/DIVINE PROVINCE etc. et al are FRAUDULENT ACTS using a FALSE IMPERSONATION to engage (to pledge en Français) in these acts and will get you arrested accordingly for doing so.

4. Any/All claims made regarding being in/partaking of any/all ORGANIZATIONS/REPUBLICS/GROUPS/TITLES/ASSOCIATIONS/VOTING LISTS etc. render you guilty by first, use of LEGAL NAME to join, and second, by association and will get you labeled and targeted accordingly if they are REGISTERED/SYSTEM TARGETTED. The primary cause for your woes is rooted in the LEGAL NAME and your need for vengeance to "settle the score", "they owe me" or "benefits of a trust" aka "nanny stated" etc.

This truth is not an easy pill to swallow and many of you will already have dismissed it because it doesn't suit "your" wants. You have the choice to stay inside the cage and beat at the bars of your own construction and consent or you can simply step through the open door. May I suggest taking a further look on my website and read "The Long and Short of it", the laymen’s pre-amble of "I, Who Shall Not Be Named" which is a "servable-to-CLERK only" document. The "Apostolic Letter" dated July 11th, 2013 was the removal of ALL/ANY IMMUNITY via the corporate veil for all (lawyers, judges, politicians, police etc.) on this planet as of September 1st, 2013. Without the most basic understanding of how all of us have been duped into unknowingly committing FRAUD by using a NAME that was LEGALLY OWNED by a CROWN CORPORATE FICTION, we deem ourselves the same by CONSENT. The most common people that cannot grasp this truth are generally the most intellectually brilliant "legal" type "leaders" in the so-called "Truth Movement".

The only other truth you need grasp is quite simple. Since the game begins with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, so must it end there as well and it does. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is EVIDENCE/PROOF OF INTENT TO AID/ABET VIA NON-DISCLOSURE AND DECEPTION FRAUD and the system MUST get your CONSENT or they are absolutely POWERLESS since we are the true power behind their ruling by consent. I speak from experience, including making a judge bow to me on video 3 years ago where I already knew the power of this truth. The choice is yours, stay in their cage of illusion or set yourself free by knowing who you are, much love, kate.

p.s. This is not a gimmie gimmie nanny-state mentality; this is a keep what you've already got and make the thieves accountable for their actions game now. Put down your anger, greed and vengeance inasmuch as it owns you, so does the system you're fighting and you're doing exactly what the system wants to blind you from their "one-trick pony".