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YOU are committing FRAUD with "UNCLEAN HANDS" under FALSE IMPERSONATION and AIDING/ABETTING FRAUD, ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY, DECEPTION VIA NON-DISCLOSURE and countless other crimes knowingly/unknowingly by/for/of COMMISSION/OMISSION in the daily activities you refer to as "just doing my job".

Please note, what you are about to read will defy your belief whereas the facts prove your LIABILITY/CULPABILITY in EVERY TRANSACTION you partake in. Also note that any/all references to the CROWN are applicable WORLDWIDE regardless of borders, nations etc. inasmuch as all COURTS are CROWN jurisdiction and any/all REGISTRATIONS are, in fact, PROPERTY OF THE CROWN CORPORATION, TEMPLE B.A.R. CITY OF LONDON, STATE (the "Square Mile")

1. Any/All ACCOUNTS are, in fact CROWN CORPORATION PROPERTY and do NOT belong to you or anyone that has FRAUDULENTLY used a NAME they believed to be theirs where it was GIVEN up willingly/unwillingly at the time of BIRTH REGISTRATION via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and is the "sole" property of the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON ,STATE and COPYRIGHTED creating a DEBT BOND upon YOU.

2. Any/All LOANS/LIENS/MORTGAGES (Mort-Gage = death pledge en Français), ACCOUNTS, BILLS, FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS, INVESTMENTS etc. et al are, in fact, FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS when any/all CROWN OWNED/COPYRIGHTED NAME/S are used without the express permission of its owner that is the "sole" property of the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON ,STATE as REGISTERED, thus SURRENDERED wholly to the CROWN by you/your parents etc. et al.

3. Any/All IDENTIFICATION (passports, licenses, age of majority, student ID etc. et al) based on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is, in fact FALSE IMPERSONATION which is a CAPITAL CRIME whereas it, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, is the only document ever willfully sent by ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTS to AID/ABET, DECEPTION VIA NON-DISCLOSURE any/all REGISTRANTS, PROPERTY OF THE CROWN and places you in immediate FRAUD/DISHONOUR as a result of procuring any/all documents deemed IDENTIFICATION by using CROWN PROPERTY to do so. A "LICENSE", from "licentious" proclaims one to be "a sexually and morally depraved criminal” by definition and thus ARRESTABLE by virtue of claiming one or having any/all GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID-ENTITY/IDENTIFICATION.

4. There is no such thing as a "DEFENCE" lawyer inasmuch as ALL TEMPLE B.A.R. MEMBERS have sworn an OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to the CROWN first and foremost and senior to any/all agreements made with non-TEMPLE B.A.R. members WHEREAS the CROWN must be protected at all costs regardless of perceived justice/injustice where CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are involved. People do not "win" in court, they are "selected" to keep the "I can win the lottery" illusion, and thus, their system, operating.

5. You are GUILTY of FRAUD ABSOLUTE by knowingly/unknowingly AIDING AND ABETTING people into SIGNING/CONTRACTING all manner of FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS inasmuch as both PARTIES involved are FRAUDULENTLY claiming ownership of a REGISTERED NAME that belongs to the CROWN as REGISTERED. Any/All things REGISTERED such as your home, cars, investments, accounts, businesses, children etc. are PROPERTY OF THE CROWN upon the instant they are REGISTERED and they can be "STOLEN", in HONOUR, as a result of REGISTRATION/S.

6. YOU are LIABLE, in your living form for any/all CONTRACTS/LOANS/FORECLOSURES etc. et al that YOU have SIGNED your NAME to and any/all people YOU have AIDED AND ABETTED in these FRAUDULENT ACTIONS where any/all IMMUNITY from these crimes has been removed effective September 1st, 2013 via the APOSTOLIC LETTER (MOTU PROPRIA) of POPE FRANCIS where ROMAN CURIA, the basis under which any/all CORPORATIONS are created is removed.

The simple truth is this: Many of you had or have no idea what you have been doing in the day to day nature of your "job" but ignorance is not a defense of/from any laws. There is no "STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS" on FRAUD where "A fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc (now for then)". While you may not comprehend certain terms in this document, it's best that you get up to speed because I and countless others do know and we're coming for all the things stolen from us via YOUR aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. There is nowhere left to hide and that includes anything you consider your assets. You now have a choice; to continue committing FRAUD KNOWINGLY or be a part of the backlash from the countless millions coming on line with this truth now. I advise further reading on my website Please note, I made a judge bow once with far less knowledge and I have the video evidence to prove it along with hundreds of millions of others who saw it too. Everything you need to know is on my website - NOW CHOOSE. Have a nice day, kate*

p.s. My family was kidnapped at gunpoint, my home stolen along with my car, truck and tens of thousands of dollars of personal items/money stolen, 28 days solitary confinement of my life robbed, life savings/production stolen and my family destroyed as a result etc. by you and the armed thugs called police that are the dogs for the masters you serve. Ask me if I'm motivated? The worst part? You got screwed too and you too gave up your children to slavery by REGISTERING them like everyone else.

* non-REGISTERED signet, under MY SEAL.