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An Open Letter to Law "Enforcement" Humans

I remember you, you were the kid I liked to play with in kindergarten and the other one that liked to bully the other kids too. We went to the same schools, the same playgrounds and had many things in common long before you became what you are today. While I know you think you mean well and joined up with higher ideals to help keep other's safe, the truth is far from what you're aware of and even harder to accept once you're shown the truth of what it is you do every day. I'm still the same kid I was and I too want to keep people from harm so in that regard, we are not so different, you and I.

Many of you have attacked me and believed you were somehow doing right and good but the truth be known, you were only following the programs that have been embedded in you as part of the "thin blue line" club. You may have noticed that your uniforms are closer to SS black now and you're armed better than they were. You remember, the same guys we were all taught in history that were the bad guys? I've had a few of you as friends over the years but you were difficult to talk to after a while once the "god complex" set in and, due to your training, you started to see everyone in society as "them", not of your holy sect or cult of feigned power.

While it may surprise you, I never forgot the kindergarten playmates and sweet friends you once were where now I have to be dismayed at the monsters many of you have become. The irony is that you are attacking the very people that are trying to end worldwide corruption and slavery by the very ones you do the dirty work for. We are your neighbours, your families, your friends and your allies but your programming from these, your masters, is difficult to break through. You react with well indoctrinated terms like "freeman on the land", "sovereign citizens" and other buzz words designed to get you to react in a more violent way. While i am not of the freeman gimmie gimmie stripe, i have often been branded erroneously with that label and only due to your tunnel vision because of the blinders your masters like to put on their "dogs". Yes, that is what your masters see you as quite literally and you'll perform all sorts of tricks with the right greed and make-believe powers you think you have.

Unfortunately, many more of you are beyond violent now and will react to nothing more than shadows of your own pre-programmed imaginations as part of a finely tuned indoctrination coupled with controlled information to make sure you act in a certain way. It certainly doesn't help that many of your colleagues have literally gotten away with murder with nothing more than a warning sometimes up to the point of losing your jobs that somehow satiates public outcry. Then again, the masses aren't that different from you either, being easily distracted and conditioned by the media that the same masters own as well. The list of people I have conversed with over the years that have suffered as a result of the system's programming of you is long and very sad. I have a hard time remembering the beautiful, innocent child you once were and I can only imagine what some of your parents must think of the monsters you've become.

You are the armed go-fers that make sure your masters keep their castles, stolen from the people, and where you will only ever have the dog house in comparison. I know this for a fact because many of you attacked me for exposing bank fraud and court/police corruption both locally and world-wide. If you've ever watched the movies where the main character has been framed wrongly by corrupt officials then you'll know who I am. If you cheered for the "underdog" wrongly accused, take "The Fugitive" for example, then you were cheering for me and you get to be one of the "extras" chasing down the innocent, not the criminals. One day, you'll get to be the Tommy Lee Jones character at the end of the movie but that takes a lot of courage to realise you've been wrong all along and almost destroyed the one trying to help you. Imagine that.

I've seen videos of people tased or beaten to death by one of you for the heinous crime of not having or showing I.D. Is doing that to someone not a real criminal act? Is that a fit "punishment" that suits the crime and since when did society allow for a traffic cop to become the judge, jury and executioner? Unfortunately, your system lumps innocent people going about their lives in the same category as serial killers, rapists etc. but then you won't see "cop shows" about people not giving I.D. and getting killed at the roadside for it now will we? You are not serving a legal or lawful system; you are serving a commercial one where all of your rules are based in getting NAMES to create SURETY JOINDER to an account. After all, what's the first question every one of you must ask to gain "jurisdiction"? Indeed, no NAME, no game but even that won't stop you from ransacking a car or two or picking someone's pockets to get that ALL IMPORTANT, THE SYSTEM IS HINGED ON IT, I.D. now will it?

No, you get minimal training regarding laws and then you're sent out on the streets as the protection racket privateers you truly are. This is why you're all officers, regardless of rank which hopefully will shine some light on what a COMMISSIONED OFFICER really is. You are the same as Privateers on a ship where you get a small commission from all the ships/people you can board on a weekly basis. You get handed a few dozen statutes to give you enough to do your job and to give you a sense of "I'm a law enforcer" now and off you go to pillage the masses for your banking masters. This is the god complex I mentioned earlier and, depending on the level of intelligence or lack thereof in tandem with sociopathic tendencies, off you go collecting your "protection money".

It is not a coincidence that the vast majority of you have minimal education and cognitive skills because it takes a certain breed of human to do that kind of dirty work. Where else can you make the kind of money you make with all the power perks without a formal education? It's quite deliberate because anyone with any higher form of education wakes up to the fraud on humanity fairly fast. What I am seeing more of now is that some, quite a few actually, are waking up within your ranks and are beginning to see the truths being shared by those that know what's really going on. They're beginning to see that they were the keepers of their own and others slavery and are researching the very things we've been talking to you about for years. Only the truly psychopathic and greed oriented of you will be the last to see this but by then, it will be too late for you because then you're going to have to explain your actions to the masses you were willfully enslaving, stealing from, beating up and killing.

The reason your masters have targeted people like me is because we're right and we are a threat to their ability to steal from us any longer. You and I are nothing than STOCK to them and that one is the easiest to prove for even the dumbest jarhead to understand if they can take their hands off their phallic tendency to fondle guns long enough. It's funny because the very knowledge we know would remove your need to be a slave in the first place. Here's a few facts for you from a previously written handout intended to wake your sleepy asses up and I urge you, if you're mentally capable, to disprove these facts.

I caution you not to ask your bosses though because they'll get rid of you at the first sign of you catching on. It's either that or you'll get a promotion if your soul is for sale.


Did you know that?..........

1. You have oathed your living soul to a dead, fictional CORPORATION namely the CROWN CORPORATION, CITY OF LONDON, STATE and are, in fact, a FOREIGN COMBATANT and ENEMY OF THE STATE wherever you live outside of aforementioned "Square Mile"/CITY OF LONDON, STATE?

2. By virtue of you claiming to be the NAME on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, you are, in fact, committing FRAUD and furthermore, AIDING AND ABETTING/ENTICING INTO SLAVERY every living soul you demand a NAME from inasmuch as they too are committing FRAUD via COMMISSION/OMISSION of this fact through ignorance of it?

3. You are, in fact, committing the CRIME of FALSE IMPERSONATION by wearing the very uniform of a FALSE IMPERSONATION separate from your true, living self?

4. The very MASTERS you serve consider you "dogs" (dogtags ring a bell?) and will use you until your usefulness runs out and YOU become "collateral damage" like those that you kill, steal from, rape, entice into slavery etc. et al in the everyday "execution of your duties"?

5. The very people you are being told are your enemy are actually the ones trying to awaken you and the rest of humanity to the crimes you are committing knowingly/unknowingly by/for your MASTERS where you are guaranteeing your own slavery inasmuch as the very NAME you think of as you is a DEAD, CORPORATE FICTION/BOND/CORPORATION that is the PROPERTY OF THE CROWN CORPORATION that renders you and all NON- TEMPLE B.A.R. MEMBERS/humanity D.O.A./DEAD ON ARRIVAL when you're/we're born?

6. That "I was just following orders" is not a DEFENCE from/of Universal Law whereby YOU are FULLY RESPONSIBLE/known by/for your actions of ALL injury you in-gage/in pledge in knowingly/unknowingly by/for COMMISSION/OMISSION of any/all CRIMES you perpetrate where, by virtue of your "UNCLEAN HANDS" STATUS, everything you do in the EXECUTION OF YOUR DUTIES is, in fact, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?

7. Inasmuch as YOU are not a TEMPLE B.A.R. (BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY) MEMBER, YOU are like the rest of humanity where using/claiming/acting as the NAME REGISTERED to the CROWN CORPORATION and all the ORDERS you give/receive are, in fact, done so in FRAUD under FALSE IMPERSONATION which is a CAPITAL CRIME and every ACTION you partake in, you do so for the benefit of your fellow NONB. A.R. MEMBER humanity such as family, friends, kin etc. who are as ENSLAVED as YOU where you are AIDING AND ABETTING in that ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY which is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Yes, you are the enablers of those that control YOU and the lives of your family and those of every family on the face of this Earth. While the concepts may not be immediately visible, it is merely important to me to make YOU aware of your crimes of commission/omission where ignorance of these FACTS are known to you now rendering you WILFULLY CONSENTING where ignorance isn’t, never was nor ever will be a position of defense. Every act you continue to do make you the “undertakers” of Humanity, as a whole. Every ticket you write, every life you take, every home you help steal only shows clearly that your soul is for sale inasmuch as you do all these things for money that was created on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE/SOUL BOND rendering you as much a vampire as those you serve. You are the DEAD, CARRYING OUT THE DEAD. By your actions, YOU are known. For more PROOF of this reality pop by It might be an idea to bring a mirror with you to ask yourself WHO YOU REALLY ARE. It’s time you rose above your “dogs for the elite” status non?

You see, the vast majority of you do not know what's going on but there are many that do and they typically own the higher ranks of the "in the know" crowd. These are the ones that quite willingly sell their souls for a few more treats than you from the same master you serve. Again, don't ask them about this because you're likely going to lose your job or your loyalty to their system will be questioned. I know of a few cops that never climbed the corporate ladder because they were deemed too honest and too difficult to program due to their above normal typical police intelligence quotient. Many of you will likely be concerned that if I do the right thing, I'll lose my job, my house etc. There again is the irony of this in that you don't own a home, a car, a marriage, your children, your bank accounts, your belongings because they are all REGISTERED and PROPERTY OF THE CROWN regardless of where you are on this planet.

As a point of interest, THE CROWN is NOT a literal being such as the old hag that lives in London but rather THE BANK OF ENGLAND as it was set up by the Rothschild’s in 1694 as THE CROWN CORPORATION to replace the living "crown" for a fictional, dead, corporate one. The simple truth is, you are aiding and abetting not only yourself into fraud but everyone you beat a NAME out of because as you've been told; you MUST get a NAME before you can do anything. That's because the system/your masters absolutely require someone to willfully consent to being in fraud by using a NAME that they do not own (registered remember?) so that you can rape them financially or otherwise. What's even funnier is that you are committing an even worse fraud by FALSELY IMPERSONATING another with the very uniform you're wearing. It even states that clearly in Black's Law 9th edition and mentions YOU directly. Nope, you can't make this stuff up although many of you try to make shit up at the side of the road, too many videos to count to prove that one too!

impersonation. (18c) The act of impersonating someone. Also termed personation. false impersonation. (1878) The crime offalsely representing oneself as another person, usu. a law-enforcement officer, for the purpose of deceiving someone. See 18 USCA §§ 912-917. Also termed false personation. (Cases: False Personation ~~ 1.]

I mean, how crazy is that? They even spell it out for you in the legal book of books. There are many of us that cannot be bought and paid for as easily as a crooked cop or an ignorant one which is why so many of us, that you like to harm, are vastly more educated in these matters. I had to laugh once when I asked a rookie cop where he studied law...Harvard, Yale? I asked. He said he got two weeks training during police academy and it's no wonder they made a comedy years back with the same title. If so many people's lives weren't being destroyed by the likes of you, I would find it a laughing matter but unfortunately, the crimes and the real harm you do to others with "unclean hands" is far too deadly to even crack a smile. Where can anyone else get a potential six figure income with no formal education? If you were so all knowing about the law etc. why would any of you need to get a lawyer when you screw up?

So much for your ability to render road-side rulings or legal determinations but that's what you do.

The only reason you don't get jailed immediately for practicing law illegally is because you're filling the pockets of lawyers and judges and they don't want their money pipeline cut off so they will literally let you get away with murder; literally. It's also very difficult to have a conversation with a peacock pumped up with ego, a gun and a license to kill combined with jarhead anger and less than average I.Q. This is the main reason why people like me scare you. It's not because we're "armed and dangerous" like you; it's because we're smarter and we actually care about our fellow brothers and sisters that are getting screwed by people like you and more so, you're doing it to yourself, your loved ones and the rest of society for "puppy treats". Have you ever seen a dog chasing a car? They're easy to spot with a flashing red and blue set of lights to illuminate them. How confused do you get when someone will not give you the "mandatory" I.D.? That one is the trigger of triggers on an Uzi where your entraining really gets off.

I've seen it and experienced it too many times where if the I.D. isn't instantaneous, the accusations of trigger words like freemen/sovereign pop into your programmed mind and then the rest of the indoctrination takes over what semblance of a rational mind you have left. go ahead, tell me I'm wrong because you know I'm not. Who would you rather confront from your experience; a crack crazed criminal with a gun stand off or someone like me who knows what they're saying? Other than jamming your paper trail at a stop and setting off your Manchurian programming, how many freemen have you had a shootout with? Even the Joseph and Jerry Kane murders were a system set up to vilify a man who was showing people the fraud in their mortgages, something your banking masters don't want exposed and used a corrupt cop force to exact the "hit" on them. Then the meatstick media chimes in with the bought and paid for talking heads to sell it as something completely opposite to what really happened. In short, you're chasing ghosts in your mind on that one.

I've been the target of numerous intel reports where the spin is quite something to behold. It rivaled the media's ability to twist the truth to serve the corrupted one's needs. You've beat us up, stole our homes, jailed us, stole lives and all of it based on a lie and all the while, we never lift a hand. Don't you find that at least oddly compelling? Ask yourself why your masters fear us and it's because without you and your ignorance of what's really going on, they can't steal from you and me. Don't kid yourself, without that uniform, you are in the same camp as the rest of humanity where you live under an even deeper illusion of freedom than the rest of us. What makes you and I different is mainly the fact that people like me can't be bought and paid for like you and that we're trying to actually restore the true law and we do it for free and at great cost to ourselves.

I have to admit, I wouldn't want to be you when you actually wake up to the real and true crimes you've been committing all the while thinking you were doing a good job. Once you realize the very nature of your job is based in pure fraud and deception you might be suicidal like the former Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Guelph, Brent Eden. Look him up, he still lives in Guelph and his wife likely still manages the Pizza Hut there. Rather than speak up though, he stuck out his minimum three years in his role as deputy chief to get his $75,000/pa retirement package. Imagine paying a coward that much and how many people it takes to fleece to make sure he gets it. Is that why you became a cop? Seriously? You know, you can cry ignorance all day long and that you're just doing your job because you have a family to feed but in the end they hung Nazi's for saying the same things and I had a family to feed until cops like you destroyed it. That wasn't enough obviously with some of you helping yourself to countless thousands of dollars’ worth of my belongings alongside kidnapping me and my family and stealing my home, my car and truck and my tools to "just do my job".

One day, I promise you, you will look in the mirror sooner, rather than later, and realize what a pitiful specimen of a human you really are where I'm just your mirror. I remember smiling and laughing with you as a child and i remember being bullied too by future "constables". Even the very terms you use should tell you something. Con is a familiar term with you I'm sure so let's see what it means. Con as a prefix typically means "not" or "against as in "pro's and con's". Constable means "not stable". Department means depart-mind, ment is from Latin but then an education of any worth is required to know that. Regis from REGISTER means "to rule" so have a look at "regi-ment" now to see what's going on. Police "DIVISION" you seeing the trend yet? Every word used is to control your mind and once they do that, woe betide the average human you encounter.

The very system you serve as a dead fiction, false impersonator is the very one that enslaves you and the rest of us trying to wake you up. Only you can decide whether your real intent to be a cop was one of upholding laws because that is the opposite of what you're really doing. Do I expect all of you to get this? No, i only expect those with a semblance of honour within them to get it since the one who can sell out for money, already has a deal with the devil, the god they worship called money. No, those that suckle from the tits of the whore of Babylon that carry the mark of the beast/NAME are a lost cause and their fate awaits them and anyone else who fills the masters' coffers with the blood of their fellow human. I suppose it's about that time to decide who and what you really are; an honourable being or a filthy crook. It can't be any clearer or simpler than choose. much love, kate of gaia

p.s You know what the bitch of it is? You can’t even use the courts to deal with real crimes like this because to do so renders you a criminal because you can’t play in their courts without committing fraud by claiming a NAME you don’t own first. It was a catch 22 right up until the point of showing your master’s intent to deceive via non-disclosure fraud…now the tables are turned...So, rule of mark it is then….look it up…have a nice day!