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At What Point? by kate of gaia

Language: English. Source: Phoenician translations from source languages/sounds

All words/sigils, symbols, numbers etc. contained herein are of my interpretation based on pure sound/intent where assumption/presumption of any/all definitions/de-Phoenician’s are of my source/intent/law only. There are some receiving this that KNOW what this means.

While you're busy doing what you believe to be your "job", here's what you're aiding and abetting with your servitude to another "master"/CROWN/CHURCH/DEAD CORPORATE SLAVERY SYSTEM with you as the biggest slave of all. If you have a boss, you have a master: fact, pure and simple. The same programs that created countless murder regimes such as the Nazi's, YOU are doing exactly the same things the one's you claim as evil did before you. It's an easy program; can you be bought or more accurately, what is your soul worth?

It's a very easy system to control as long as one controls the illusional value of money and is comfortable with crimes against humanity as a whole. You don't own your paychecks, your paychecks own you and you are possessed by your possessions serving the dead material world. You either give your soul away through the programmed religions or you sell your soul to the whore of Babylon called COMMERCE though in most cases, your soul is owned on both counts.

So, in short, anything that the systems you worship are guilty of, so are you with your spiritual agreements and contracts of the mind by "going along to get along". All are guilty by and of one's choices first and the actions that confirm one's intent that follow in those mental contracts. Your ignorance and emotional defiance is not a defense from the truth and your beliefs are simply that; beliefs. This is very simple to illustrate for even the most ignorant and selfish amongst you that would do a job knowingly harming humanity as a whole as your day to day professions. Pro-fess, Latin for "for to make weary" and if you're a professional then you'll see what you're doing clearly: "for to make weary, all".

This list includes ALL professionals in ALL walks of life such as bankers, politicians, lawyers, judges, police, clergy, doctors, professors (seriously lol), teachers, militaries, and quite literally everyone we all get taught/taut to "believe" are there to help and guide us. You all get less than a fail in all counts of humane benevolence deluded into thinking that you are benefitting mankind. I'm not sure about you but anything that enables worldwide slavery for the lust and greed of a very few is sheer and utter insanity. The worst part is, there are countless millions that now know and now, so do you. Your first stop is to go to my website and read all my writings and point by point, in your mind and heart, rebut them if you can. The truth is, you cannot. Regardless of anyone's belief, truth does not require such a thing where one can simply choose to stand in it or deny it. Either way is a bumpy ride (catch 22) with the difference of one of those choices won't cost you your soul.

Any/all use of a LEGAL NAME, CROWN COPYRIGHTED is FRAUD, THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, FALSE PERSONATION etc. et al so anything you do in the day to day COMMERCE is a crime especially those aiding and abetting with INTENT to lure anyone into ignorant slavery by even asking for a LEGAL IDENTIFICATION. If you put on a uniform, claim a TITLE/OFFICE, you are adding to the FALSE PERSONATION doubled and another layer deeper in the matrix called system. The LEGAL NAME is the "Mark of the Beast" where COMMERCE is the "Whore of Babylon" you are a slave to, soul sold/souled. You can wrestle with this all you want but a fact is a fact and you don't have to go far to find someone, likely your bosses of a higher rank, to watch them squirm when confronted with this truth. We shut courts down all the time now with this truth.

If you serve the beast, and you do, you are guilty of any/all crimes committed on behalf of this system you are owned by and here's what you're agreeing with and I'll share in a way you'll understand:

You're OK with your children being slaves to follow in the steps of their slavery lusting parents. You're good with wars created by your masters so that you and your children can die in them with other parents and children from an "enemy" sold to you via all forms of media, schools, churches etc. You are just peachy with "I have a family to feed" while those you serve, steal, destroy, starve, enslave other families worldwide with you, the bought and paid fors use all manner of excuses to justify why that's "not my problem". You don't mind paying the interest on loans made on your behalf by your various governing corporate masters called "taxes" while they simply create more loans bathed in yours and your children's blood and the blood of humanity as a whole.

You don't mind standing by while innocent people get beaten, murdered, jailed by those claiming to be "peace officers" but are rather "policy enforcers" for the CROWN CORPORATION that runs this planet; All things REGISTERED are all things DEAD CROWN CORPORATION a.k.a The court system worldwide. In a nutshell, when one uses the LEGAL NAME/IDENTIFICATION one is claiming to be DEAD BY CONSENT so when people get murdered by those serving the system, they're not killing anyone that isn't already dead by consent which will explain why so many people get killed by cops and few, if any, get any real punishment for doing so.

The only time "punishment" gets exacted is when it suits the media/your masters to keep this insane illusion alive for people like you to feel good about yourself the same way a lottery keeps people buying tickets: hope. This is the same tactic courts use every day. If they can get someone to be the dead legal name then the dead CROWN corporation gains jurisdiction over their living state of being. Dead men tell no tales where a witness can. How long are you going to keep this nonsense going? How many children have to be slaughtered and enslaved before you think it's not a good idea? At what point will you wake up and stop serving the very thing that is killing you and all humanity? Are you OK with your kids being slaves where your choices are enforcing this? Is your rank and title more valuable than a child's life?

What part of "you're guilty with intent to commit harm daily" aren't you grasping? Where does the life of your child (which obviously doesn't matter anyway) become worth more than the lives of all the children bombed into oblivion with your aiding and abetting that to happen? It boggles my mind to see the truth so clearly but because of the programs running in people's minds, placed there by a system to reinforce the ideas of greed, lust, competition, fear, entitlement, caste mentalities, racial separations etc. over-ride any and all sense of human unity yet you continue, fully programmed. You see, you already had a canvas painted for you by those in your family, community and apparent race long before you uttered your first words so the beliefs you cling to so dearly are those of another where I chose to paint my own canvas devoid of such insanity.

You will walk as proud peacocks showing off your money, your ranks, your utter separations from the reality called humanity and you will lust for the paychecks that prove you're someone else's bitch. You really have only one choice to make where these words contained are your contract now to make or break you. I have no wish of harm on anyone where the golden rule is my law. You simply have the choice to stand in truth or deny it where I know the immutable laws that will come to pass and come to bear on all those now in all their choices. I don't deal in your fictional paper contracts where all contracts are signed, sealed and delivered with every thought we create. What goes around, comes around and the mirror of consciousness is reflecting immediately now, no more second chances kids.

By your actions, you are known because the intent and thought always comes first where the physical reality is consciousness’s mirror. Have you never wondered why a court must prove intent? When one knows the trickery of Phoenician law, one's intent can be steered very easily and you will be destroyed by and of this ignorance every time. Yup, a dictionary is the first book to reference but the last book you should ever use in that no one defines my reality for me but me. You are spellbound, where I am not but then, you should read my writings to grasp why. If you don't, then you have willfully chosen ignorance where it is now you against the entirety of the universe; good luck with that.

In closing, let me say this. You have a choice to make to stand on the side of truth without ignorance or be destroyed by it where that choice is now coming to pass. You won't have to wonder why things are going wrong for you because you chose to deny the truth. You won't have to wonder why you're asking the question "why me?" anymore either because YOU chose it and only when you choose to change your choices will your own damnation cease. I simply accept all things from a neutral observer position and that which you wish for is fully granted with unconditional love. Humanity that serves this external master are as lemmings to me, fully willing to jump to their doom without so much as asking why because all the other lemmings are doing it so it must be good.

I have much pity on those of you that will read this and ignore it to your own peril but then that's your choice, not mine. I only want to expose the traps you are in. This is a spiritual game for your soul, not a one lifetime party and destroy others gig. At what point will you choose life? At what point will you choose life for the children of today and those that follow? At what point will you finally have had enough? Don't worry, you'll have had enough very soon, sooner than you think. Your wake up calls will be getting louder and more severe where this little note will serve as the universe brushing you with a feather to awaken; the mountain comes next. Personally, I don’t care what you do since, after all, that is your choice, your mirror….happy reflecting what you put out as intent…

Mwahs and love, Katie.