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An Owed To Family by kate of gaia

We all have a common ground here, all that have walked this road called truth, in defiance of the lies that surround us, our families and humanity as a whole. This essay is only for those that have stepped into the truth and this is my own way of thanking you and to acknowledge the real sacrifices you, I and countless others have had to endure in the face of being literally hated or feared by the ones closest to us in our life game. This is about a choice but really, we had no choice and those that step into truth see this very quickly. Ours is a road of grind and bare it while the very ones we love, that we are trying to awaken, soon see you as the enemy to what they've always believed was "normal". In the grandest sense, normal is a carefully veiled reality of lies and deceptions with just enough "bliss" allowed to keep humanity under this very yoke of "normal" where normal is the very programming that keeps the masses in a state of Stockholm Sin-drome, defending the evil and the people that promote it chugging right along. If you want to see just how fast "normal" changes, just become aware of the legal fact that it's illegal to use any legal names or BE in CONTRACT with anyone AND anything legal at all making humanity the standing in fool dishonour criminal first, by this deception, and then raping and fleecing those that serve this dead world from princes to paupers, print-cess to popers, Londiniums and Romans, loaned-in-iums and row men for the slave galleys, trapped in the idea of who and what people think they are. It is ALWAYS assumed and presumed that ANY name you offer is LEGAL TENDER and it is up to YOU, me and everyone to remove the assumption and/or presumption that ANYONE can make that or any LEGAL claim about you, whether you're a legal namer or not. The feather brushes with the goonies are your thermometer. If they're still lurking about you, it's YOU that needs to see what THOUGHTS/CONTRACTS you're still Klingon to in Rom-u-law-n heir space because you're claiming to be an observer in the Neutral Zone but you're still packing vengeance.

For anyone that's walked this road for any length of time after discovering the ruse of ruses, legal name fraud, and how it's used to drain everyone of their creations and gets them jailed if they complain or stand up in the face of this ultimate lie deceiving humanity which includes, of course, your own ideas of friends and family and what they really are. By this point, we've long ago questioned our own sanity in the mirror of the insanity of this world and its evil disguised in wars of desolation and destruction, painted with the doing the right and patriotic thing for your particular company, corporation, country, flags etc. since they're all the same thing: they only exist in the legal/religio-psychosis "reality" trapped in the idea of something based on what another has convinced you of. If you went to school, lived in a flat earth corporate "city", "country" (Atlas, flat earth book reality filled with imaginary lines creating very real liens on your mind) you're "lending" your mind to another's creation where your very thoughts are the spiritual contracts of what you agree with and don't, in full or fool force, depending on which side of reality you stand. This is the separation of the legal dead whirled "verses" the living, do no, speak no, here no, see know evil laws of creation realities.

You've likely found yourself embroiled in your own compassion trying to get this truth to people but then you have to overcome their programming first but not until you've sorted your own out first. We've all shared the same commonality when it comes to friends and family, the ones that you expect you can count on most where they're the very ones that run the farthest and fastest as you begin to spread your own wings and step into the selfdetermined from the pan-determined dualities of two worlds, one of dead fictions legal unreality and one of life, true reality. When one thinks one is a legal name, regardless of any bits of paper illusion attachments like birth certificates, bonds, I.D. of any/all sorts, one IS the legal name by THOUGHT CONTRACT: if you THINK you are this or that then you ARE whatever you're LEAD to believe where truth is pure GOLD and certainty of KNOWING based on what we CHEWS to agree/contract/shrink with. Yes, you worry about your family and friends knowing what you know and what is being done to all of humanity yet they have spat on you, abandoned you, shunned you, jailed you, had you legally committed (can't do that without one's CONSENT to think you are the illusional LEGAL NAME). Keep in mind how the original contract (aka: birth certificate) was Set up and how contracts work in both the real AND LEGAL realms of thought. If your thought can be controlled, then YOU are fully controlled by the very ways you've been programmed to simply accept "normal" as normal and carry on/carrion about your day.

Yes, it's heart wrenching and braking but then one has to actually stop everything (braking) to take a wrench to all the loose nuts and bolts (physical), watts and volts (spiritual) to bring yourself back into your own full versus fool control. For those that have endured this "awakening" to the legal name fraud, you know how much you have had to withstand, regardless of the outrageous slings and arrows of out-rage-us fortune (four-tune = complete heart), and how many times you have had to pick yourself up from bottom slamming "why?". No, it doesn't make sense in the small pictures and dramas of our day to day but then one has finally seen the biggest picture that encompasses not only your friends and families, but that of every living thing in consciousness, all of humanity on the same plain of existence (X, life...eyes-isTe-ents i.e. seeing life with your own eyes, YOU, nothing sweeter than YOU, mind). Many of us have found ourselves walking this extremely lonely path but we KNOW it must be done because, in absolute truth, you owe that to family, ALL of the human family, not just the tiny idea of "family" you think in the ultimate box of separation.

Yes, I'd rather it be different yet I know and knew it had to be this way to achieve the level of clarity where one's focus can't be allowed to deviate from the task at hand. Even minor dis-tracked-ions are enough to pull you back into the "normal programming" chaos that this world truly is. Yes, this path has "cost" you spouses, children and, if you're doing it right, EVERYTHING that had you con-neck-dead to the dead world. The real "catch 22" is the compassion LURE that may have you thinking you can change them and/or "save" them. Even trying to do that beyond just sharing the legal name fraud truth will spin you out and thus, spin you in, in the standard ego-cent-trick "by de-sign" emotions. The only one you need to "save" is yourself. Once you have sorted yourself out, creation takes it from there where simply allowing all things for a reason to BE all things for a reason. I stopped asking why because that answer is clear: when one saves oneself from the matetricks, you LEAD by example where that LEAD has turned into alchemical GOLD. These are the ancient secrets of THOTH, where the alchemists were playing out this allegory anagogic mirror in the physical idea of turning lead into gold. For many of you, like myself, this shearing of the who-El/wool/woo-El was no easy task, questioning every move that defied your sense of what used to be normal and what actually is normal from the living pole position.

Your lives were literally turned upside down (allegory of the pole shift 180 degrees mason) where all things formerly normal are seen as the insane reality now AND you know why. War is one of the most insane acts any human can contract with yet humanity has been taught/taut/thought to believe that it's natural and normal to slaughter our fellow humanity because of a thought. People kill others for daring to not believe in what their idea of "god" is where the whole idea of god is simply truth. Replace the word god with truth and the pictures get a lot clearer at the speed of superluminous light. Your families were ripped apart, your children were stolen, your homes were desecrated by the permeation of this death contract called legal name reality and oh my, the saints have been bled wholesale but then you would never have seen the truth while still entangled in your previous "dream" of what you thought life was and what you know life is now. You have been beaten down, trodden on and, like myself, pretty much left for dead in a ditch by the very ones you were trying to protect and defend. That's a big pill and more than a tough one to swallow but then, you and I both know what we had to do without the benefit of the certainty of why. You just knew and know something is desperately wrong with this world and you took it upon yourself to look and dig deep into what was literally destroying life and this world.

Do your families and friends understand this? More importantly, do you? You, like I, made our choice because we couldn't defy our own hearts and our own good nature. I exposed the incredible lies and frauds from a city to world approach where I even got to spend 28 days in solitary confinement for exposing the truth about the frauds local cops, politicians, banks and media were part of: yup, jailed for doing the right thing and everything "normal" in my life was destroyed in a flash. And there were the ones closest to me that ran for the hills no matter what I was trying to show them and everyone else. There comes a point, and it can come quickly or it can be dragged out depending on how much you can be controlled by your own benevolent compassion where all the former hooks need to be pulled from your minds and hearts. What they don't understand is the level of love, compassion AND committment you have not only for them, but for all humanity and life as a whole. You will be tested every step of the way until you finally see this truth of letting go. Do not be fooled by physical con-X-shuns because that's what they are ( "with life shuns, i.e. one who opposes life/truth") where one need only see the benevolent, good intent spiritual or evil intent spiritual in the ACTIONS/ACT-SHUNS in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING equally, playing no favourites AND know fa-vou-rites/heart-vow-rights at the same time in perfect balance, undivided neutral observations. That takes a lot of practice but mostly patience and learning how to breathe, calm down and not let the former emotions of the literal ego programs control you anymore. This is where you'll find peace of mind and pieces of mined ore, your gold, only.

This is the road less travelled, it's a trail we each have to blaze on our own, and then, collectively, as we find others, like ourselves, that dared stand up to have a look over the maddening crowds and delusions of this beyond repair reality. Creation will be wiping this canvas clean of all those that failed to simply do the right things that stop the insanity of wanton murder and slavery of humanity's mind, body and soul. Soul is just another word for thought or consciousness or simply put, the real living you versus the physical dead version of the meatsticks and paper trix that makes anyone who is entrenched in that mindset, a 2D flat earth legal and dead character. Visual-eyes two books. One is a regular flat page with words and charaters print-dead on it like legal names, atlas maps (earth in a book with legal names like countries, borders etc), titles, history books etc. The characters in these books are 2 dimensional, divided realities in dual-I.D/Te and remain flat, legally dead, spiritually dead, that can only live if we SPEAK them into existenece. The legal name fraud reality is the register book of the dead Anu-Bi-s, heart of duality where, once fully removed, you literally pop up from the book of the dead, finally Abel to write your book of life. You CANNOT write your book of life whilst trapped in the dead legal name reality because, in absolute truth, you are still living a life in the ideas of another's contracts. In the most general terms, the dead legal reality of murder and slavery is the ACCEPT-DEAD normal and traps you as a page, an S-quire,(paper dead fiction powered by you to benefit evil) in the Book of the Dead Anubis, an ACT in evil's play, flat as the page you're living on by virtue of a free will consent to continue on this path of doom OR to erase that reality from your mind altogether.

Yes, we've all had to go out on a limb to defy this once seemingly "normal" and we dared to challenge the lies using the only tool you need: truth. Yes, the world around you suddenly started to collapse but then creation can't be creation without change. The change is the destruction of once long held ideas of what was right and wrong, true or false and this change must occur if you are to join those of us who have erased that very thought from our minds of being a legal literal anything. Once seen, and it only has to be realized, you literally pop out of the flat book as your own living character in flesh form not controlled by the physical lures any longer. Legal name is the flat dead book. Exposing this fraud delusion is the living pop up book where you are walking with natural order and then you see just how chaotic evil's idea of order out of chaos truly is. Your path is easy to check as well. For a living example, just ask any cop, lawyer and judge about the legal name fraud and just wait until you see how sudden the realities shift, theirs and yours. I always look for the "what changed because I did this or that" to see this destruction of previously accepted normal all of humanity goes along with.

People are constantly bitching about how bad things are in the world but they choose to do nothing about it. If they do choose to do something, it's always in the dead world's way of things needing guns, balmbs, false mass-tiers, law-yers, poly-tic-ions, kinks and Q-wienies etc. As soon as you hand them this key "IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE A LEGAL NAME" they will balk, ignore, spit at, attack etc. due to the level of their own cultural programmings regardless of where they are on this plane-net. Then there are the ones that also know there is something strangely wrong with this world but they just can't put their finger on it. Well, there it is. That's the one and only THING/THINK you need to see AND real-eyes. It's illegal to be a legal any-body, any-think. It's a leak-all trap to drain your source power from source itself. A gentle reminder? Creation is going to destroy all those that serve the dead world to enable the killing fields of insanity to continue and it's as simple as a choice. If you go along with any/all ideas that destroy life itself, you are as death itself in the mirror and why vampires can't see their own reflection allegory. Evil can look itself in the face and see nothing wrong because it's a literal physical body staring back that still looks normal. It's the spiritual reflections they ignore, especially when given this choice. They've trusted the whore of Babylon their whole lives and lost their ability to trust in creation itself. Truth is creation and when one walks purely in that, creation steps in and the mirror-culls begin now that you're looking at the right reflection and passed the physical illusion which are only clues to how to see this.

Actions are the enactments of thoughts where the words are nothing but a smokescreen. It's like someone who is always saying sorry for the same evil bullshit they do every day expecting acceptance and forgiveness every time. That's the same as the twice a year "Christ-stains" or the every Sunday to clear the slate for another week of doing the same evil things. I will accept only ONE apology expecting you to never do that again. If you do? Then you weren't sorry at all, just bullshitting for time until the next time, again, expecting that whoever one says sorry to to continue accepting these apologies for the gruesome lies they are. If you can't learn from continuous mistakes being done over and over then you're bound to evil's ways, unwilling to change your evil ways. It's a constant barrage of bullshit from these self-serving parasites on consciousness and they too, will be destroyed. Life cannot any longer tolerate death and those who serve the dead whore of Babylon lustfully. While many have a hard time stopping evil cold turkey that doesn't mean you can't baby step your way forward if that truly is your heart's intent to do so. It MUST be your intent to turn around and work at removing the things that bind you to evil acts. A prime example of this is the killing of any animal for food. You were told NOT to eat from the tree of life yet there humanity goes, slaughtering life in unprecedented fashion and devouring it on their B.A.R.-Be-Q's while being roasted on the spiritual B.A.R.-Be-Cues via legal name death of one's own consciousness reality. You can't be someone while thinking you're a some thing and the legal name is a WATT, not a WHO. It's time to put the lights out on this Lleu-safari'n junk-El by cutting off their only power supply. Everyone that thinks they're a legal name watt adds their watt of power to those they volt into office to allow another MAN to be their master. You cannot serve two masters, that's a duality reality.

You serve truth and the will of all life or you continue to dish out lies like everyone else in the dead legal fiction kampf and end up on the spit in the mirror of a cobra spitting it's lies and getting their mon-goose ( mother creation) cooked....they're the fools/fuels/view-El's on the B.A.R. fire giving evil all the power to destroy life where now it's used to destroy evil itself. How many tears have we cried on this grueling walk, shunned by those we thought loved us? How many more tears must we shed for those unwilling to see or are blind-dead by their own innocence? Those that lust for this world and profit from their evil acts are doomed. They trade-dead profits for prophets, and carry all the sins/signs of the evil they serve where any concept of repentence is nowhere even near their person-El radars. We've endured the total destruction of our lives and had all that we created stolen by these very parasites with no sign of any mending of their ways to correct their evil choices. They're too busy valuing their lives with stuff, money, whores, drunkenness, lust, greed, avarice, envy, jealousy where all seven deadly sins is their norm and to hell with the logic of the ten commandments. Christ-stains in the normal literal sense have no idea of what the mark of the beast that serves Babylon really is and it's right under their noses staring at them. The legal name IS the mark of the beast, the original sin. A legal name is a contract between the creators of the intellectual (thought) property (idea) and the body you're walking around in and everyone is 3rd party interloping on a fraudulent intent contract created by evil that serves the CROWN I.D-e/a ( e = 9 mirrored and a = 6 mirrored i.e.light & dark, y'in yaw-n) regardless of who they are aka civil/legal servants of any/all kinds. If you wear the legal title/uniform, you are a servant of Satan's realm war-shipping the commerce of the whore of Babylon's harlot called Moon-eye....moon worshippers where the nursery rhyme says clearly that the cow (Ko, child, W, double you) must jump OVER the moon, not into it anogogic allegroy.

Everything in your reality is a clue to all of this once you've removed the literal monkey chatter nonsense of "day to day" literal living an illusion thoughts of who and what you truly are. This essay is just another attempt at explaining this clearly, this one simple truth that will keep you shroud-dead in Plateau's Cave chasing shadow puppets on the way-El/wall/W-awl....Yes, we've walked through the hurricane making our way to the "I" in the centaur of it all where the true spirit climbs out of the w-horse split and divine-dead against itself into one idea of self, the true self. Only when you follow your heart to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do regardless of opinions to the contrary will one find this path where sitting on the wall turns you into Humpty Dumpty and you know how that ends up. It was all the kings whore-se's and all the kinks mean that pushed you off the wall to try and make sure you'll never piece yourself back together ever again yet humanity still sees them as the "programmed good guys" where they're just wolves in wolves clothing, to hell with the lamb's wool EAR-WHIGS. I used Crazy glue after these court jesting jokers stampeded through my reality raping and pillaging my every creation and destroying or stealing everything accordingly. They serve Satan aka evil so, really, what did you expect from the IS-Ra-EL criminals anyway? This is what evil and criminals do. The real catch 22 is that humanity thinks they can use the man made courts and the delusional ideas of what justice really is to somehow fix their woes when in reality, it's these courts and literal reality bullshit that has them owned, locked, stalked and B.A.R.-rolled.

This is insanely simple and thus why the masses can't see it and fight you every step of the way as you rock their sinking boats. They have become FOOL-e dependent on the whore's system and lust in their keeping up with the Jones's and just can't see how they're ever going to be able to survive without it. That's because they're trapped in the physical reality only with an illusion of living life as they march day after day to their dead end jobs with 99% of their creations being devoured by evil to empower the continuation of this nightmare most call "normal". The only thing normal that I can see is schizophrenic psychopathy where the zombie legal namers "mass-stirs" lead the zombie legal name "slayve's and they're all quite chuff about not caring about anything but their own selfish needs and wants. Evil types just wear the habit of wanting more than they deserve and get violent to one degree or another when you impede their ability to simply just help themselves to everyone else's creations. The real kicker is that each and everyone of us brings this upon ourselves until we realize this truth like so many friends and family couldn't. You owe it to yourself to stand in truth and keep standing there even when everyone you know and cared about leaves you to rot in a ditch somewhere. It's because I owed this to ALL my family in humanity, the ones that see this truth and help us get the word out to destroy this fraud for eternity. How many nights sleep have we lost? How many countless hours do we spend in an effort to get this message to humanity? For some, like myself, this is my only job, my only purpose and to be there to help wherever creation directs me. Truth, like me, must be fully accessible in this hand-eye-capped legal mad hatter whirled of con-fuse-eye-on and betrayals.

What you don't owe anyone is an explanation of why you're walking this path since you already know why, where it is up to THEM to see why or not. Sometimes it works out that these demon whores intervened at such a terrifying level to others in your family that has simply made reparations in this here and now improbable at best, impossible at worst so you MUST let it go. You know why you're standing and it's for you, them and all of humanity the moment you chose to sharpen your truth blade and then become the honer/honour for others to sharpen theirs. It's one thing to dabble in conjecture and misplaced opinions based on third party information, it is something else entirely when you experience the truth first hand. The mere THOUGHT of asking or demanding a dead fiction fraud I.D. is the crime before the enactment because the programs of what they do next is script-dead for them. Here's the scrambler for that program. It is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH that no-one in the legal reality enactments can touch you until you CONFIRM, in one way or another, any possible assumption and/or presumption that you're anything legal at all or are WILLING to follow orders, demands, suggestions, do anything they ask etc. no matter how sweet the words these poisonous parasitic vampires spit out to coerce, trick, force etc.into doing ANYTHING they ask. I don't hear dead people any more. If you're still thinking legal? You're dead as a doornail to me where I see more use in a door nail than wasting time de-baiting anyone's opinion about a known legal fact, proven beyond reproach with countless examples of people that changed their worlds rather abruptly as well. We all have something in common, we're not dead legal I.D.-and-titties of the Babyloan-y-awn whore.

Family, friends, or anyone who wants to dispute these known facts with an illiterate believers opinion based on a "what you picked up regarding law/legal on your travels" can't argue legal facts, lawyers, cops and judges can't so what makes them think they can? Insanity of the programmed mined mind. I've lost count on the number of cops, judges and lawyers that I've shut up with this TRUTH and THEY know it. The real question is not whether they know it or not (oh and they do), it's more a question of satisfying YOUR doubts where the truth is concerned. Just remember, you cannot serve two masters nor those who serve the dead world masters. This is where we all have to simply cut it all clean and let the cards fall where they may, as creation intended and already knows. I don't question truth, only the liars who hide from it, distort it with word spells, and fulfill their every lust with lies and deceptions. Your road has been arduous, flying in the face of insanity most still call normal and have been trodden down to your very core/couer but yet there you are, standing. Do you really need to ask yourself why anymore? You, like me, know you don't and never had the choice to do otherwise no matter what your rage was, no matter how bad or hard it got because you remembered that someone has it worse than you AND better than you as well so it was pointless to complain anymore. We turned that whine back into the living waters of life and truth instead. Sure, we bitched a lot on the way but then there were a lot of fish-hooks and pinocchio heart strings pulling us in a myriad of directions that we had to pull out, one by one. Some of those hooks were trout flies while others, harpoons, set deep with reversed teeth and it hurt like hell to have to pull those out too but you had to. If you hadn't, you would never have saved yourself first, and those you love that are truly innocent in no sense, are saved as well even though they won't know that until they know that.....and they will. On that day? You will be their greatest hero and you owed it to them to be the hero they needed, even if they couldn't understand why and see that. It was only important that YOU knew why and that it is YOU that have placed a delicate hook in them to pull them home. I'd call that a pleasant surprise for them and a rude awakening for the truly evil. Of course you owed it to your family but don't forget you're family first, so be the first bourne of heaven and let the reindeer follow as they may.

Creation has this....let go....the truth has already set us free...if but one shall awaken in deed......