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True Grit by emma swan

We can measure our lives with many barometers but we rarely, if ever, truly see the nature of the storms within and without where we can "feel" the pressures and releases yet not understand the language written on the face of any of these dials. It is the same as never noticing a heart beating in your chest until now, since I've mentioned it, or in a typical state of delusion rage and terror reacting to a world you simply do not understand. Alas, you claim to understand how the world works based on programmed for a reason schools, from public to Ivy League buffoonery, in a system you are happy to be a slave to. You can speak of far right or far left thinking all you like but there is a vast walk between those contrasting realities and so easy to spot.

Just ask an atypical bible-belt patriotic 'Murican" if Muslim's are evil and don't be surprised at the extremely limited response of "yes, my pastor/TV told me so". And hell, even the pastors can prove it and all they have to do is use the Gog/Magog wild card/insert where needed to make someone evil and voila, easy as a "Boil-in-a-Bag Grits" with TV dinner to match. I can feel the "grits traditionalists" rolling in their graves right now, grinding and gnashing their teeth. Many simply cannot see beyond the literal world dance of illusion, trapped in time and history, never able to be anywhere in their minds except where the programs running allow them.

While it may be easy to see the programs that are shown as "habits" in everyday life, one must also see the compartments they are kept in various "lifetimes" lived simultaneously at once. You ask "How so?" and I say very easy and start listing off all your separate lifetimes and timelines you're currently in with me just being one of those timelines, their job another, their spouse another, their hobby another etc. These are all individual realities running in line with all your current experiences at once and people claim they can't juggle? Each reality will send you in a different direction in the same way that the kids' school is a different address from the bowling alley or the racquet club and we piece all of these realities into one tapestry and call it our life experience or something to that effect.

Now, if you can create boxed realities like careers, sports, music, schools, churches, courts, hobbies, marriage, playing house etc., it is quite easy to keep anyone distracted and locked in these compartments for lifetimes without them ever noticing, as long as they are kept just happy enough during their murder to keep them from realizing it until it's too late. As long as you can keep them circling in the same box (squaring the circle) and smiling (bread and circuses), one can control an entire planet with very few tools but THEY MUST CONSENT, tis nature's law summed up in caveat emptor, or buyer/bi-er beware/wear.

Let's get hypothetical literal for a bit to illustrate how ridiculously simple this "consent" is to weasel out of you to the point you build an entire life on it yet that life?....never belonged to you once. Now I want you to get the feeling/notions around this ruse or you'll never see it. As an example, let's say you're looking for a particular car to buy and just before you pay for it, I walk in and tell you I just got you that car for your birthday and hand you the keys. That seems like a pretty good experience to me in that you get the car you were willing to pay for without having to pay for it; cool beans. Now you can go and get food, see the world a bit, connect with others, go to work etc. This is a literal allegory so stay with me here.

The important piece of the puzzle though is that the car is ALL yours and that YOU'RE happy. Indeed it IS all yours because you consented/contracted that it IS all yours in your MIND and HEART reality and being the one that gave you the car, it was a gift, no strings attached from me, glad to help etc. This is what friends do, real and true friends, however, you KNOW me and you know the gift to be pure. what about strangers bearing gifts? Would you be so quick to accept a debt, disguised as a gift from a perfect stranger, sight unseen, just sign here? The truth is, humanity does this all day, every day and they don't even know it. That's the trouble with the compartmented mind because EVERY compartment in this boxed reality uses the same trick to keep all the compartments chugging along with each individually feeding on you in that particular timeline/lifetime reality splinter, only to go home and have each other doing the same thing to each other in this parasitic frenzy of a dance humanity calls "normal".

This trick is so good that if you don't see it, you're literally dead on arrival or at least dead from the point of the LEGAL NAME being registered and YOU consenting/contracting to be that dead thing. I affectionately call that by its most accurate term a.k.a. the mark of the beast mentality or "mob mentality" for short where one cannot access Babylon a.k.a. "The Whore" without it. Something like that may resonate with a bible-belt type that actually has any idea of what their supposed "savior" Jesus taught because this guy said the same things I'm writing right here, right now but then programming’s make that hard to see. Your worldly masters were very thorough in their indoctrinations.

The matrix and the maze that unfolds once you see this is beyond awe inspiring in its magnitude of duping humanity but it did. The fractal connections of this one poisonous ruse, one bite of the poisoned apple be it from Eve or the Eve-L Queen, you'll eventually, if you truly seek freedom, have to shoot the apple off your inner sun's head. Anyone claiming "teacher of truth" status that still uses a legal name is only teaching from a limited physical reality because they don't even know who they're NOT yet. Yes, many truths will be there but will always and only be visible up to a certain/curtained level of where someone can actually see from. You will never see beyond the matrix while you're still caught within illusion's net. That's a simple fact, nothing more, nothing less.

I have turned away many "gifts" in my life due to the fact that I knew the one giving was only looking for a way to place me in their debt. You know the types, the ones that give you something and every time they need something they liked to remind you of that ONE time debt of friendship you accepted? I never allowed people like this to ever gift me anything because it would never be that and the system worked the same ruse.

Here's the system buddy talking: "Remember the time I gave you that legal name to access my world and all the fun and money you've had?" "Hell, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have that miserable job, getting chased by my dogs, getting raped by my money folks and all that fun?" "Your Mom and Dad thought it was such a good idea, they gave me your name, actually gifted me money too!" "But don't worry, I just attached your soul and an unpayable debt/death bond to it and gifted it back to you on a really nice new piece of paper, wrapped it in a nice envelope with a window even so you didn't have to guess what your gift was!" "You owe me".......Starting to get the real picture and the "gift" yet? And thanks to you and all of humanity that plays with this, Babylon thrives and consumes ALL because of YOU!

This is where the wheat and chaff separate, and to be fair, this is a huge pill with a monstrous reality shift. Regardless, where the truth is concerned, it must be done, for your sake and all of humanity's. I cannot even begin to outline the magnitude of how important this is to you. too often I find so many decent people teaching so close to what they really need to know while another is baiting them back into a conflicted reality. I know of many supposed "teachers" out there that have a high profile, know what I know about the name yet they continue to keep their masses locked in a literal matrix. If you're not exposing the legal name fraud AFTER you see it, know, hear it and look for yourself, then what are you really teaching, what are your true intentions and who the fuck are you?

This is why this is THE line in the sand for me, this is THE Rubicon of Rubicon's cube baby. How many know this truth yet, because of their angst or hatred of me, refuse to stand in the supposed truth they claim to share? These are all traits of liars and cowards to me where only and only ever, where actions are shown by them. The real bitch about the truth is that when it's staring you in the face, it's staring you in the face. The only real challenge is can you look back or do you constantly look away? The only one you're looking away from is yourself and it's especially hard if one has a lot of things within to sort out and the absolute willingness to do just that; sort it out or sordid out, either works.

I'm just an everyday human that chose to not look away, to not shirk from my own responsibilities and get my shit sorted out and really, that's all I did and during that process within, lots of neat things got figured out alongside that can benefit ALL of us, not just little ol' me. And seriously, no self-confessed southerner would ever stoop as low as to eat grits boiled in a bag kids, you make that shit from scratch or don't bother. Apparently humanity is OK with the boiled frogs in a bag too. This is the Trojan Horse of Trojan Horses kiddies and we all know what happened there right? Never trust Greeks bearing gifts remember? They'll ask you to do impossible shit like squaring a circle or something and that'll keep intellectuals busy for eons. The ari-ah of a circle cannot be defined or finite, but a box does nice to corner you. Hell, you can corner an oyster with one grain of sand and it’ll spend years turning that grit into a pearl, same thing applies with truth where we now and simply have the short cut to Granny’s house. It’s up to you which road you take but it’s the same destination as truth where humanity has grown cozy with lies.

There is one simple fact as to why most self-professed and confessed Christians will not be “saved” until they get over their idol worship in all its forms starting with themselves, literally. They will never even get there until they understand and stop using the mark of the beast all of humanity is already bagged and tagged with and it’s called the LEGAL NAME false idol. It is upon this false idol that all other forms of false idols are built called merchant empires, wars of conquest and every imaginable thing in that reality of the dead world. This one truth shows all ten “commandments”, the ten horns of the four horse-men or whors-semen depending on your seeing like a Phoenix or not and shows all of them broken in one sin called the legal name fraud. This one rules all the rings of Saturn and quite frankly, they should just admit to their Satan worship via their consenting to be a named demon with the false idol legal name as their mark. Indeed, the number of man is 666, pure carbon meatstick, devoid of soul with a mob mentality.

When one thinks with the mob, one is of the mob mentality and my oh my, they do have many and varied religious mobs out there, lots to grovel in. The only thing this system was afraid of was a free thinker, one who sought only truth and benevolence for all, and there are many of us now yet still, we are the remnant few. Alas, it only takes one to make a difference every time anyway so that is my mission every time. Do not go gently into that dark night my friends, go, with a blazing truth torch in hand and rout out these Frankenstein’s monsters with such fervor as to stir heaven herself. It is never night where you stand when you stand in the eternal light of truth, the light from within. Do not continue to entwine yourself into these futile matters of “men and beasts, one and the same” for they live in the realms of the long dead and long gone.

Do not shy from the madness of this world when their dead come knocking, because they’ll find no body home in the mirror of their own delusional reality staring back inasmuch as the legal name attached to their soul made visible. Intellectuals cannot debate their own folly with me since it is their own folly they are encased within where squaring their circle is rather easy and one that will remain unwound until they see this simple truth as I wind them up. I can place a bottomless pit in front of every wagon they’re trying to circle until they run in fear of losing their illusional wagons or until the last one falls and they see beyond the walls of Jericho for the first time. Either one works for me where my only question now is “who are YOU?”

Contained within this truth is the mirror of having to stop every filthy reality you crave, full self-responsibility, the removal of vengeance and all other deadly sins that permeate your delusional existence and that begins and ends with the original sin neatly tucked into the Pandora’s Box called legal name; yes, THAT profound. Go ahead and open it again if you dare after closing it once and for all and ALL of Pandora’s Box of evil returns. One need only observe so-called “humanity” to see it all synonymous/sin-ominous with pure socio-pathic psychotic insanity. Every “psychiatrist” that uses a legal name (ahem), is, by their own definitions, psychotic schizophrenic in that the victim isn’t even cognizant of their affliction. Sounds pretty close to me but then you only have to get close with truth nukes.

No, very few have had the true grit to see this game through because the ones that did, had countless grains of sand to turn into pearls and weren’t afraid to walk the beaches of life where grit is the order of the day. No, we make grits the old fashioned way from scratch because when you do that, you really have a polished recipe for perfect grits every time and you can’t boil the flavour back in, only out where I don’t care how perfect the seal on that bag is, every seal can be broken, just like the one on the legal name fraud thrust upon the innocents of humanity. This is where we got real gritty, down and dirty where only truth does the shining of these shoes. This little nugget of truth is connected to the original mine and that pearl? That one belongs to heaven itself so learn to grit your teeth now because truth is one helluva ride but it sure beats the alternative version of teeth gritting, grinding and gnashing right? Don’t worry, those of you without real teeth? Teeth will be provided for whatever direction you choose; Heaven or Hell?,

emma swan