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The Dealers Choice by emma swan

People often ponder over the supposed "hand they've been dealt" as if it was someone or something else doing the "dealing" here. Somehow they imagine "bad luck" as a result of this erroneously, dealt by another's hand in their game where the truth is, you do all the dealing and shuffling here. Unfortunately, in a sleepened state, all you have to deal up are the minor arcana where the major arcana cards were hidden from view; heaven itself deals those once you sit back and simply play the game where the illusion of ruling it to "win" has you trapped in a circular, Luciferian delusion of grandeur.

And really, how does one go about explaining the sheer simplicity of this where so many are entombed in a false, non-magical reality? This world has spent countless hours programming all of you to the point of disbelief in yourself, your reality but mostly, your imaginations have been clamped down like any parked car parked too long in their "danger zones" of legal line, flat earth paper-sea programs. In their world, you play Euchre with the limitation of a 9 as the highest numbered card, regardless of suit led, you lose. That's how they play; by removing any potential of a "lone hand" in their reality IF you use THEIR cards.

Perhaps you should be dealing your own cards from your own table since there's is nothing more than a 3-card Monty loser's paradise. And yet you will argue with yourself and others around you to find some sort of reason and logic in a game that has no rhyme, let alone rational reason. You only learned to play cards with a 52 card deck which is only the total of the minor arkana cards with a couple of fool's/joker's thrown in as wild cards but that is only the first card of the major arkana playing against itself, fool on fool, joker on joker and it's all wild/whiled/wyle'd/why-L'd from there....when you begin to play with a whole deck including the 22 cards of the major you won't be the one playing that everyone says is the "they're not playing with a full deck are they?" type of insane being anymore.

where "not playing with a full deck" insinuates/in sin u eats one is verifiably insane. that is the basis upon which humanity operates and has operated on all along. Nor is it your place to "save" anyone. The garden of eden is the allegorical planting grounds for those with a little bit of the garden still retained in their hearts. Those are the fertile soils and the truth magic beans take route/root instantly where the dead fields of Canaan cannot grow such a thing. They are barren of child within and already dead so there's no point in whipping a dead horus/dead christ child after all. While many appear to be a gift, you have found time and again they were nothing more than a trojan horse virus in the truth reality creating a tangled web and matrix of lies. They have told the lie so often, they no longer can conceive of anything that is true and will fight vehemently to show you their heart within, blackened as to coal.

Only when you step back from this card table of doom where a winning hand is not possible, will you allow for the real dealer to step in with the master number of cards being 22. Only creation itself knows how to play this game against Lucifer inasmuch as their heaven’s cards to begin with. This is where their Trump Tower falls in euchre and their royal flush made up of 3 in the set with two fool’s to play that hand, and all they need is another fool to play unwittingly. No, the true royal flush is a naturally dealt hand, complete in every way, no fool’s needed knowing the fool’s were conquered within long ago. All one has to do is step back, breathe and let creation deal your fate/heart of the truth in consciousness a perfect hand every time. Do not let the illusions of experiences that may be uncomfortable, creation just wants to know if you’re truly serious about your faith or simply another faker to the point of doubt finally taking over and sends them back to hell.

This is the cold, hard truth in a beyond harsh reality of insidious evil that permeates every filthy corner of this physical soul harvesting ground. Soon, there will be no souls left to harvest where death will finally have to confront its own creation, without life, devoid of soul, with no survivors to ever tell that hideous story over and over, ever again. The true quality of mercy is in its own mirror of merciless in that knowing evil is forever merciless so therefore must be true unconditional love. I have no concerns over anyone's "feelings" here as it regards to this insomuch as the whole idea of what feelings truly are have been subverted to the basest of levels of sadistic lust over and in all things physical. That earth passes away now and they with it.

The only answer ever needed in the infinite searching was one of trusting faith alone in the faith of truth and that ONLY truth can and will set you free, once and for all. This "Christmas" is an entirely different reality where those of you that chose the only choice there was, truth, are the allegorical "baby Jesus" as portrayed in the anogogic story of the Christ walk and this "Christmas" is YOUR birthday, your child is born again as was promised aeons ago. This is not one cartoon characters birthday as was so profusely programmed into humanity, this is YOUR birthday, finally.......yes, it's going to be a different christmas this year, this will be your SECOND coming christmas....Tonight a star is ......YOU....born....true story....I love....OK.....the last words Kate ever uttered to you...she KNEW and she now knows that YOU do too...true story...your deal now…which deck on which ship are you choosing?..Emma Swan

p.s This year, it'll be heavenly gifts you receive...your just desserts, the just desert finally crossed