Kate of Gaia

Who is Kate of Gaia?

Kate of Gaia is freelance investigative journalist, reporter and broadcaster who is well-known for her understanding of international laws, phonics, legal English, and the history of our current systems of governance and finance. Kate is a revolutionary who is dedicated to a freer society in which individuals can reclaim their power; Kate, like many others, has dedicated considerable effort to exposing the deceptions and harms perpetrated on humanity.

Tink Again…

…cos at the KaTeGate all I.D. is BAR’d.

Original artwork by one who loves to create art and has given us this beautiful expression of how they see ‘Tink At Heaven’s Gate’.   Thank you!


Tink At Heaven’s Gate

There stands little Tink,  a-guarding Heaven’s Gate,

The guitar-playing blonde, the thigh-high wearing, Kate.

No one with I.D. gets past her, cos her Daddy told her, “No!”

So when she asks her question, to Hell the I.D.Entities do go.


 (by RhoSe – inspired by this wonderful artwork.)